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The Best Decision We’ve Ever Made
Meet Laura – A Mom through adoption

In some ways, we have a typical story and in some ways we don’t. I knew when I was a teenager that my chances of having a child were very slim. My husband and I were high school sweethearts, and we had discussed even when we were 17 that if we couldn’t have children biologically, we would adopt them.

When we were finally licensed, and matched with a birthmother through The Cradle, we found out that Delaney, our daughter, had been born on my husband’s birthday – so we looked at it as fate. When we met with Kim, Delaney’s birthmother, she looked at my husband and I and said – “I’m going to tell my Cradle counselor that she’s yours.”

The adoption process was easy for us because we were prepared. But realistically, I don’t think that anybody is ever going to choose to go through a process like this where you’re having background checks, getting finger printed, dealing with social workers, if you don’t truly have a desire to parent and love a child through adoption.

We wanted to become parents so badly. When we finally brought Delaney home, a child could not have been welcomed into a more loving space.


“I have always been keen on open adoption”

I would say having an open adoption was by far the best decision we ever made. When Delaney was young, it was a growing relationship. We were strangers. We started with cards and letters. Over the years, we’d visit more and more often. Now, with the internet and texting, and with Delaney getting a bit older, we are probably in contact through Facebook at least once a week.

It’s just nice to know that someone else is thinking about and caring about what’s going on in our house. I can’t imagine it any other way. And in terms of health, staying in contact has also been very important. Delaney has had some health issues come up, and it has been important to know biological information about her birth family.


“Kim forms another branch to our family”

We don’t judge any of the decisions that Kim makes, and any actions she takes. Just like she doesn’t judge the decisions or actions we take. Instead, we have real respect and admiration for each other. We respect and admire Kim for making the decision she did to provide for Delaney the way she did. And she respects and admires us for choosing to parent Delaney in a loving, open environment, and maintaining a relationship with her. On the day we adopted Delaney, our Adoption Day, I always write a little something – basically thanking Kim. In the end, the choices both of us made were for Delaney’s well being. We both want for her to be able to look in the mirror and say, “I know where I come from.”


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