Presentations and
In-Service Trainings

The Cradle offers a wide range of web-based and in-person presentations and in-service trainings to health care and social workers, adoption professionals, schools, corporations and other community partners. To request our participation in an event or resource fair or to request a presentation or in-service training, please use our Contact Us form.

School Presentations

Presentations to schools are available at no charge and can be a great addition to a high school health, child development, life skills, or marriage and family class. We recommend this presentation:

To request this presentation, please use our Contact Us form.

Professional In-Service Trainings and Presentations

The Cradle provides education and outreach to clinic and hospital professionals who work with expectant parents, to encourage referrals of women are interested in learning more about the option of adoption. The following professional in-service trainings are available at a cost of $15 per attendee. We can work with groups of all sizes. CEUs are available for social workers and CEs for nurses. To request an in-service training, please use our Contact Us form.

  • Adoption Today and the Physician’s Role: This presentation is designed for physicians’ grand rounds. The presentation focuses on understanding the dynamics of unplanned pregnancy decisions, adoption resources today, and the physician’s role in the process.
  • Cultural Competence in Supporting Clients Considering Adoption: Navigating the professional relationship with a patient considering adoption can be intimidating. Learn how to best support and advocate for expectant parents considering the option of adoption while ensuring a respectful, thoughtful and positive interaction.
  • Debunking the Myths, Knowing the Facts: The topic of adoption is often surrounded by questions and misunderstandings. Who makes decisions for a baby in the hospital? How long does a mother have to change her mind about placing a child? What’s the difference between safe haven and adoption? Why would someone choose open adoption? Learn the facts and become a better advocate for your patients.
  • Ethical Considerations in Adoption: This course covers social workers’ ethical considerations in infant adoption, focusing specifically on the treatment of expectant parents considering an adoption plan for their baby. Key principles of social work and child welfare are explored and then applied to real life scenarios. 
  • Grief and Loss in Adoption: This in-service training is designed to identify the emotional process birth mothers experience when considering an adoption plan. Discussions include what to expect, language to use, and how to be an advocate for your patient.
  • Legal Issues in Adoption: This comprehensive presentation outlines birth parent (both mother and father) rights and Adoption Law in Illinois. Participants will also learn how working with a reputable agency can protect adoptive parents, birth parents and children.
  • Nursing Interventions: Explore typical scenarios surrounding a patient who is considering adoption. This presentation will discuss the role of the nurse, including key interventions within the documented plan of care: social work referral, communication, legal rights, emotional components and support strategies for new parents considering adoption.
  • Safe Haven: Are You Ready to Respond? When a mother presents at your hospital with the intention of relinquishing her newborn, how should you respond? Learn how the Illinois Safe Haven Act works, what you must have in place and how to best support mothers intending to make safe and permanent plans for their babies.
  • What Patients Considering Adoption Need to Know: Learn the demographics of birth parents;  how they feel about their pregnancies; why they consider the option of adoption; what they are looking for from professionals; and how best to support them before, during and after their hospital experience. Recommendations for practice within the hospital setting will be reviewed; case examples and videos of birth parents reflecting on their experiences will be utilized.

Our downloadable Professionals’ Guide to Adoption and Illinois Adoption Law is great supplement to our in-service training webinars.

Centennial Celebration

The Cradle is 100 years old in 2023! You can get involved with our Centennial Celebration by sharing your story to be part of Faces of The Cradle, attending an event, or making a donation.


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