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A Letter to Hopeful Adoptive Parents

To Our Prospective Adoptive Parents,

Just as each adoption experience is unique, so are the paths that lead hopeful parents to consider adoption in the first place. No matter the journey that led you here, your local adoption agency The Cradle welcomes you.

Building a family through adoption can be beautiful, complex and hard. Adoption is not a moment. It is lifelong, shaping everyone touched by it.

Understanding these complexities and placing the child’s well-being at the center of every adoption, our experienced counselors will be with you every step of the way. Your Cradle Counselor will serve as your guide throughout your home study, educational workshops, and placement. Our commitment to you is lifelong—we want your child and your family to thrive.

Here are a few things you should know about us:

  • The Cradle is non-sectarian, which means we work with clients from all religious affiliations as well as races and ethnicities.
  • Many of our staff have worked at The Cradle for more than 20 years and have personal adoption stories of their own. Of our 22 board members, 16 have a personal connection to adoption.
  • The Cradle has been in operation since 1923. We have facilitated more than 16,000 domestic, international and agency assisted adoptions.
  • We have a reputation for ethical adoption practices and undergo regular scrutiny and regulation from the states in which we operate (Illinois, for adoptive parent services).
  • The Cradle is the only adoption agency in the country with an on-site nursery, a safe, neutral place for infants to stay while their parents take the time they need to decide if adoption will be the plan for this child.
  • The Cradle was at the forefront of African American infant adoption and LGBTQ+ placements. We also work with single parents who want to adopt.
    We support our clients throughout their lives—not just during pregnancy or during an adoption. We offer counseling services, adoption-related education, and post adoption support for birth families, adoptive families and adopted individuals.
  • The Cradle has long been an advocate for open adoption. An open adoption is one in which the birth and adoptive families have shared identifying information and can include direct ongoing contact. You will receive extensive education on how it works.

The first step to work with us is to attend an informational meeting. Click here to schedule a free, 20-minute call with a Cradle Counselor. We’re here when you’re ready.


Jason Friedman, President and CEO (and a Cradle adoptive dad of son Miles)

Contact the Cradle

We’re available 24/7. All of your information is confidential

To speak to someone now, call our 24-hour hotline: (800) 272-3534 or text us at (312) 800-1559 (answered 8:30am-8pm).

If you’d like us to contact you, please use the form .

If you are looking to adopt a child, please schedule a call with an Adoptive Parent Counselor.

If you are an adopted person looking for information, please schedule an informational consultation with our post adoption department.