LGBTQ+ Adoption

Adoption and LGBTQ+ Identifying Families

The Cradle is a non-sectarian, nonprofit, licensed child welfare agency. Since opening in 1923, The Cradle has facilitated over 16,000 domestic and international adoptions and has been at the forefront of open adoption, African American infant adoption and placements with LGBTQIA+ identifying families.

The Cradle proudly supports a diverse and inclusive community in which every person has the right to be their authentic selves. We are committed to providing services and resources to all families and to affirm and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ singles and couples are welcome in our domestic and agency assisted programs. (Note: At the time of registration couples need to be married.)

International adoption requirements vary. Each country sets their own regulations regarding who is eligible to adopt from their country. Most countries are not open to same-sex couples but on occasion there might be some countries that are open to LGBT+ individuals and families.

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Centennial Celebration

The Cradle is 100 years old in 2023! You can get involved with our Centennial Celebration by sharing your story to be part of Faces of The Cradle, attending an event, or making a donation.


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