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Home Study

At the Cradle you must complete a home study to participate in any of our adoption programs. A home study is the legal document which outlines the background, lifestyle, home setting and medical history of an adoptive family. The home study ensures adoptive parents meet state and local requirements for adopting a child and are educated to make the best decision to build and strengthen their family through adoption. Your counselor will work closely with you throughout your preparation process.

What is a Home Study?

The home study assessment consists of a series of interviews with your counselor, including a home visit, paperwork, and a series of educational classes that will prepare you to welcome a child into your family through adoption. Specific components include:

  • Fingerprints
  • Criminal background check
  • State child abuse and neglect
  • Clearance
  • Medical history
  • CPR Certification
  • Required education
  • A series of interviews with an adoption counselor
  • Written autobiography
  • Character references
  • Review of finances
  • Home visit


As a part of your home study, The Cradle offers training to prepare you for an open adoption. Open adoption, including contact, is a component of most domestic adoptions and, in some states, may be legally binding. Your placing agency will share information on their requirements regarding open adoption. The more you learn about open adoption, the more you will understand its benefits for all members of the adoption circle.

Once you attend our free Adoption Information Meeting, and submit your registration form with registration fee, a Cradle Counselor will work with you to begin the home study assessment. At the time of registration, you do not need to have identified which program you would like to pursue because your counselor can help you determine the best program fit for your family.