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For Fathers

Unplanned Pregnancy?

Call our 24-hour toll-free number to speak to a Cradle counselor:

800-CRADLE4 (800-272-3534)

Text CRADLE to 66746

Or, fill out our online form  and we’ll email you back.

Your information will be kept confidential.

If you have learned that you are going to become a father, or that your baby is already born, you might be wondering what to do. You may be scared, angry, or confused.

If you and/or your baby’s mother are considering adoption, you have the right and the responsibility to take part in planning for the future of your child. We want you to learn about your options so that you can make an informed decision about the future of your child. We’re here to answer your questions. Contact us at 800-CRADLE4 (800-272-3534) or via email at helpline@cradle.org.

Learn about how adoption works.

No. Your Cradle Counselor or case worker can meet you where you are comfortable such as a coffee shop, a library, or a restaurant. If you prefer to come into our offices, we can meet you in Evanston, IL; Hyde Park in Chicago, IL; or Merrillville, IN.

Nothing. The Cradle’s decision-making counseling services are free.

Meeting the adoptive family is something that’s highly encouraged if that’s something you’re comfortable with. Although agreements about ongoing contact are not legally binding in the state of Illinois, adoptive families at The Cradle are committed to maintaining a relationship with their child’s birth family. Depending on your wishes, you and the birth mother can receive updates and have visits with the adoptive family together or separately.

No. Cradle Counselors are available to meet with you separately throughout the entire process. However, if you and the mother prefer to meet with a counselor at the same time, that option is available too.

To ensure a legally secure adoption, it is best if you’re able to meet with a Cradle Counselor. Meetings can be made to fit your schedule. If attending a meeting is truly not possible, please speak directly with your counselor about other options.

Your counselor will talk with you about your thoughts on any potential plan and will give you information about your legal rights and responsibilities. Additionally, you may wish to seek legal counsel.

If a parenting plan is made, your counselor will support the decision, talk with you about the plan and help connect you to community resources if needed.

Contact the Cradle

We’re available 24/7. All of your information is confidential

To speak to someone now, call our 24-hour hotline: (800) 272-3534 or text us at (312) 800-1559 (answered 8:30am-8pm).

If you’d like us to contact you, please use the form .

If you are looking to adopt a child, please schedule a call with an Adoptive Parent Counselor.

If you are an adopted person looking for information, please schedule an informational consultation with our post adoption department.