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Post Adoption Support

The Cradle offers guidance and support to anyone touched by adoption, whether the adoption was facilitated by The Cradle or not. We can help you learn about available services, manage expectations, explore possible outcomes, navigate the process and experience of learning new information or making a connection, and provide support in relationship development.

Get Started

Schedule a phone consultation with a post adoption social worker. 


Informational Consultationfor anyone touched by adoption to learn about the types of information and services that may be available.

In-Depth Consultation provides guidance and support about the types of information and services that may be available based on your specific situation and explores expectations, motivations and possible outcomes.

Search and Connection Consultation for anyone searching and anyone found through a search, including DNA. It can take place before or after a search, a person has been found or a connection has been made. Guidance and support are provided to explore and manage expectations, motivations, possible outcomes, relationship development and incorporating new information and people into their lives.

Navigating Relationships Consultation provides guidance and support for navigating new, existing, or challenging relationships, changes in level or type of contact, communication strategies, and difficult conversations.

If you are seeking therapy or are unsure which of these options are right for you, please contact The Cradle’s Helpline at helpline@cradle.org.

Background Information

The amount of information available varies depending on the era in which the adoption took place. For Cradle adoptions, a Background Report can be requested by an adult adopted person, adult descendants of a deceased adopted person, a spouse of a deceased adopted person with a minor child, adoptive parents, birth parents, adult siblings of a deceased birth parent and adult birth siblings of a person that was adopted where the common birth parent is deceased.

Registry, Search and Connection

For Cradle adoptions, we offer opportunities for adopted people, birth parents and eligible relatives to authorize the release of identifying information to others involved in the adoption, make connections, or reconnect if you were in contact and have lost touch.

Original Birth Certificate

Illinois-born adult adopted people (21 or older), their surviving descendants and birth parents may be eligible to request a non-certified copy of the Original Birth Certificate from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records. For other states, contact the state’s adoption department.

Other Illinois Resources