Community Partnerships

The Cradle has relationships with more than 200 hospitals across Illinois and Indiana, providing adoption-related support and training (with CEs) to health care professionals. The Cradle also partners with local community and youth centers, adoption professionals, social service organizations, sororities, fraternities and schools to raise awareness of adoption-related services. Click here to learn about presentation and in-service options.

We collaborate with North Suburban Pediatrics, On Your Feet Foundation and Safe Families for Children and maintain membership in the National Council for Adoption.

Ways to Show Community Support

  • Wear a White Ribbon: Promote child adoption awareness each November (Adoption Awareness Month) by wearing a white ribbon.
  • Become a Cradle Company: The Cradle Companies List recognizes organizations offering competitive benefits to adoptive parents, including maternal and paternal leave, financial assistance, and other resources.
  • Attend an Event: The Cradle participates in a variety of community events throughout the year. Click here to view our calendar.

Centennial Celebration

The Cradle is 100 years old in 2023! You can get involved with our Centennial Celebration by sharing your story to be part of Faces of The Cradle, attending an event, learning more about our history or making a donation.


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