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Adoption-Competent Counseling

The Cradle is here to serve anyone touched by adoption. We offer both in-person and telehealth sessions. To make an appointment, please call 1-847-475-5800. You may also request counseling through our online form.

Our therapists offer adoption expertise and can work with all members of birth or adoptive families at any stage of life. The issues you are facing may not seem related to adoption, but an adoption competent therapist will be able to help you think about your concerns in a way that takes the adoption experience into account. Whether you are interested in short-term help or ongoing therapeutic support, our experienced therapists provide specific guidance to promote effective communication and improve interpersonal relationships.

We can help you:

  • Recognize if challenges are adoption related or a typical life stage
  • Develop more effective ways of managing challenging behaviors
  • Help you and/or your child understand their adoption story
  • Build adoptee self-esteem
  • Process grief and loss
  • Navigate an open adoption relationship between family members
  • Help you and your child manage learning challenges at school

Meet Our Therapists

Fees and Insurance


  • Initial Session: $165
  • Ongoing Sessions: $154


Clients are responsible for contacting their insurance companies and understanding their insurance benefits. Charges for services not covered by insurance (e.g., co-payments, deductibles, uncovered and ineligible services, and all charges for services provided over the maximum allowable benefit for the year) are the clients’ responsibility.

Clients who change insurance companies while in therapy at The Cradle must immediately notify their therapist. A change in insurance while in therapy may mean that The Cradle can no longer submitting claims on behalf of the client.

Covered Plans

  • The Cradle’s Center for Lifelong Adoption Support is a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Illinois Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). We will submit claims for clients who have BCBS PPO for their insurance. Secondary insurance claims are submitted by the client.

Note: Before your first session, please check with your insurance provider about coverage for mental health services. Even if you carry BCBS PPO, your mental health benefits may be outsourced to another provider (e.g., United Behavioral Health, Value Options, etc.). Outsourced providers are considered out-of-network, meaning you will have to submit on your own for insurance reimbursement.

Other Insurance Or No Insurance Coverage

For all other insurance carriers or for clients without insurance, we require payment in full. The Cradle will bill the credit card that is on file, unless you choose to pay by cash or check at the time of the session. For clients submitting claims for out of network reimbursement, The Cradle will provide the documentation necessary to include with your claim.