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Published July 2008
By The Cradle Staff

Rona and Koral have the perfect dating story. They saw one another across a crowded room at the Alpha Ball at Northwestern University. After college they were married. The couple both had a desire to adopt and talked a lot about adoption even before they married.

As the couple attended an information session at the Cradle and learned about open adoption Korol admits that he “didn’t like the idea much to begin with.” But after hearing from families both at that meeting and from subsequent meetings, his concerns and anxieties were alleviated.

Rona recalls meeting the birthmom of their son for the first time. Rona says “that moment at the doorway was both the scariest part but also very exciting.” Rona goes on to say that “they couldn’t have scripted a better experience.” During this meeting one of the things discussed were names. Rona and Koral, along with the birthmom, decided on a middle name.

Meeting their new son Julian was extremely special. The moment they first laid eyes on him was exactly the same as when they met their newborn biological daughter. “I know this feeling is hard to fathom, but it’s true! It’s the same!” explains Rona.

The couple talks about adopting Julian as the fulfillment of something they have wanted to do for a very long time. He is a “perfect fit for our family,” adds Rona. He already has a GREAT relationship with his older sister and has also helped them to increase their circle of friends. Some of the prospective adoptive parents they met while preparing to adopt Julian are still good friends of theirs today.

Rona and Koral have always been advocates for adoption. Having Julian gives them something tangible to show the world. It says, “We did it and it turned out fine.” The couple concludes that this has been an “all around blessing.”

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