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Terry Hersperger: A 1946 Cradle Baby

Cradle adoptee Terry is an avid supporter of The Cradle, saying that being adopted has given him an extraordinary perspective on parenting his own children.  

Terry counts July 12, 1946, as one of the luckiest days of his life. Only two months old at the time, Terry was adopted from The Cradle by Herman and Genevieve Hersperger. Three years later, his baby sister, Carren, was also adopted from The Cradle. He says, “I always felt special because my parents told us every night that we were chosen from The Cradle.” 

Though both parents are now deceased, Terry says he loved his mom and dad dearly and is forever grateful for the wonderful life they gave him. He and his wife, Joan, have two children of their own. Son Stephen is a surgeon and daughter Janelle is an executive in commercial banking. “Being adopted gave me an extraordinary perspective on parenting my own children,” Terry says. “I had great role models in my adoptive parents.” 

Supporting The Cradle

Herman and Genevieve were so grateful to The Cradle that they made a bequest in their will. Terry has done the same and stays in touch with Cradle staff regularly. “I was always proud to be a Cradle Baby and will do anything I can to support The Cradle and other adoptive families. I hope people will make donations on [events like] Giving Tuesday and I am happy to be one of the matching donors!” 

For 100 years and counting, The Cradle has built nurturing families and provided lifelong support to people whose lives have been touched by adoption. Faces of The Cradle is a celebration of their stories. Meet more of the people who make what we do possible and all the more meaningful.

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