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Published August 2013
By The Cradle Staff

We had been married five years and had been through a few years of frustrating infertility treatment without success. We had always discussed no matter we wanted to parent together and sought out our adoption options. We had two sets of friends who had recently used The Cradle to create their families and after researching other organizations we knew The Cradle was for us.

After our first community meeting about the cradle in April 2011 we knew we wanted to move forward, not 100% sure what that would look like but we knew in the end we would be parents. We took adoption 101 in May 2011, we walked away knowing we needed to complete our homework and again not sure of “waiting for the call” would feel like. This is where our story is not typical; from May 2011 to May 2012 we had completed all the class work, home study and all things needed for our adoption, and brought Aiden home on May 2, 2012. Let’s go back a little, it took a little over seven months to complete applications, write profiles, attend classes and become CPR certified.

After being on the list less than 2 months we got a call that someone wanted to view our profile and we were so excited but I was cautiously optimistic. Within a weeks’ time, we got the call and said “you have been chosen”, still cautiously optimistic we meet the birthmother for our first meeting and it was like the “oddest first date every”, we had a lot in common and asked why she had chosen us, her response “you two are very active, like to travel, have a large supportive family and we are Sox fans.” One meeting later and we discussed names for the baby and what happens next.

Aiden’s due date was April 18, 2012, he was born on April 17, 2012, no calls or text from the birthmom. We got a call on, April 20 that Aiden was here and the birth mom wanted to parent him. She has a “change of heart” Trumane and I prayed that she would make a great mom and that both of their lives would be good, nothing prepares you for that moment when a birth parent changes their mind.

Trumane and I spent a week just praying for them and trying to figure out what our next step in the process would be, just when we had talked about being put back on the list, we get a call that the birth mom brought Aiden to the Cradle and wanted to know if we would still be his parents. May 2, 2012 is the day we call family day or also known as “Gothca day” it’s the day we became a family. The day Aiden was placed in our home and heart by his birth mom.

The birth mom and us agreed to photos every three months, we have received a few calls and thanks you for the photos. When I send the photos I make sure to write a letter to share what Aiden has been up to, I keep a copies of the letters for Aiden to read when he is older.

A year flies when you have a newborn, who is now a toddler and walking, talking and trying to ride our family dog, Ms. Charlie. The past year has been amazing and we are loving every moment of it.

Asia & Trumane

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