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Published May 2012

There is a time that each individual is faced with a hard decision. How you decide when making a choice is what helps one build character. One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make was my choice on adoption.

My plan in life had been set in stone since I was nine years old: complete grammar, get a high school diploma, then go to college and graduate with a Masters Degree. That was the plan. I never thought that three words had the ability to change my life forever.

“You are pregnant.” A million questions ran through my head, but one question that summed them up was, “What am I going to do now?” My plan had then turned to dust. I was lost and terrified because I did not know how to be a mother. What was my new plan?

As my due date got closer, school became harder; my family became more distant also. Not to mention I had no job; no one in my house hold did. To add to my luck, the father wanted nothing to do with me or his child. When one looks at the situation, they would see a typical teenager who did not make wise decisions. Believe it or not they would be right, but what separates me from the average teenager is that I learned from my irresponsible actions.

Three months passed by, three months I got to have my son as a part of my life. On May 26th, 2011 I made the decision to put my life, my love, my son, into the arms of another. I made that decision not because I did not want the responsibility of a child, or that I was scared, not even the fact that I wanted to finish school. I made that decision because knowing how much he meant to me told me that he deserved a better life than the one I could provide. It took a lot of strength, tears, and thought in making that decision.

It was not the pregnancy, nor the struggle that made me unique. It is my compassion for others and concern for their well being that makes me different from the rest. Through this experience I decided on going to college to be a social worker, to help people who are scared confused with no one to turn to. It takes three words to change a life and it only takes one person to try to change the world.

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