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Reflections on Adoption

“How has Lydia changed my life? There are so many answers to that, although there is one thing that stands out more than anything, and that is the joy she fills my heart with… We knew immediately that Lydia was meant to be together with us, and we still believe that today…She fills our hearts with the love we had desired to fill for so many years. I look at her in awe and wonder how we got to be so lucky.

When we first returned from China, everybody told us how lucky she was to have found her new home with us, when really, we are the lucky ones… I love being her mommy. I love the fact that I have a daughter to love and nurture and guide through life with the hopes of her discovering her potential and most importantly believing in herself. I strongly believe that if she grows up with a positive image of herself, then she has the courage and strength to overcome any obstacles that may come her way… My life has changed in so many positive ways with the addition of Lydia, and for that I am grateful.
I am still in awe when I watch her sleep, or play, and wonder what life would be like if our lives didn’t cross…I have so many hopes and dreams for her future, and I hope that I can try to bring out the best in her, as she has done for me.”
– Clare, Lydia’s Mom

“In the weeks and days leading up to Lydia’s arrival, person after person reminded me that my life was about to change. Nodding in agreement, I was fully confident that I knew how my life was going to change and that I was prepared for the change…I was ready…The night before we picked her up, I sat in our hotel room trying to mentally picture what the next day would be like. I could feel the first twinges of doubt… Was I really ready?

All feelings of doubt vanished the minute she was placed in my hands… Right then, I knew she was my daughter…In the short time we’ve had her, I’ve noticed subtle changes in my life… I was prepared for the big changes such as the house suddenly seeming so small with all of her stuff or the need to allow extra time for everything while getting her ready. But the changes within me caught me by surprise… Before Lydia arrived, I imagined my life with her; now, I can’t imagine my life without her.”
– Mark, Lydia’s Dad

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