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Gift through IRA helping The Cradle help other children in need of families

Joe O’Brien has done very well in life, and he credits his parents and The Cradle for his good fortune.

“My adoptive parents, Joseph L. and Donna M. O’Brien, entered my life and it became one of the greatest events that ever happened to me,” said the 1930 Cradle adoptee. “They loved me and saw to my development during the most difficult Depression years. They gave me a wonderful childhood and guidance that became the foundation for the rest of my life.

“Because of their unselfishness, I now have my own wonderful family,” he added. “I have been married to my wife Marge for 62 years. Together, we have five children, three girls and two boys, who are our greatest accomplishment. In addition, we have 14 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.  I am truly blessed to have a family with so much love.”

To show his appreciation for his parents and The Cradle, Mr. O’Brien recently contributed $100,000 to support our programs. He made the gift through a transfer out of his IRA account, a charitable gift option offered to those 70.5 years of age and over.

In 1975, Mr. O’Brien established O’Brien Steel Service, headquartered in Peoria, IL. The company remains family owned and operated, and has acquired other Midwest companies in the last several years. Mr. O’Brien takes pride in the exceptional quality and service his company provides. He appreciates that The Cradle does the same.

“It is my hope that The Cradle will continue to be as kind and helpful to other babies as they were to me.”

For information about how you can donate to The Cradle from your IRA, donor advised fund or appreciated stocks, contact Simone Wheeler at (847) 733-3204  or swheeler@cradle.org.

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