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A birth mother recalls how she decided to share her adoption decision on Facebook.

Video Transcript

Slide: Rebecca “came out” with her adoption story on her Facebook page.

Rebecca: I did kind of “come out” three weeks ago on social media and I wrote this big long paragraph and I put a couple of pictures of while I was pregnant, like my big ol’ belly and pictures of Logan growing up. And I said, “Look this is who I am, this is my son. This wasn’t my parents’ choice. It wasn’t my brother’s choice. It was my choice. So if you want to have any questions, comments, concerns, you bring it up to me, not to my parents.”

Because that was the biggest reason, I think, my parents wanted me to keep it a secret was that they were afraid of what people would say. I felt like I gave myself a year to kind of get up the courage. Because I’d go, “Okay, I’m coming out today.” And then I’d go, “Oh, no, never mind.” And then, “Okay, I’m coming out today!” . . . “No no no, never mind.”

So then I decided to do it this year on birth mother’s day, the Saturday before mother’s day and I said, “Okay, today is a day for women that don’t get recognition usually. This is a day for women who are stronger on the outside than you would ever think of. And this is birth mother’s day and this is my day.” And then I kind of described, five sentence of my story and I just said, “This is it and if you have a problem then talk to me because I don’t really care. I will stand up to you and say, “I don’t care and this was my choice and I’m happy.”