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Meet Stephen & Kevin

Stephen & Kevin

Fun Facts

Stephen’s Fun Facts:

  • Can solve a Rubik’s cube
  • Majored in journalism and Spanish, but somehow has ended up working in software engineering
  • Spent a year in Chile volunteering with a nonprofit that worked with children at social risk
  • His 2023 Spotify wrapped reported 63,125 minutes of listening (about 43 days)
  • Will never say “no” to dessert
  • Plays the piano (strictly amateur level!)
  • Has run four marathons


Kevin’s Fun Facts:

  • Anytime he is near a body of water, chances are he’s going to touch the water
  • He can identify any car just from the headlights
  • He knew he was going to work in film and television at the age of 8
  • He can usually recreate a dish just by reading the recipe or tasting it once
  • Loves watching cooking videos on YouTube
  • Went on a solo camping trip this past year


We are Stephen and Kevin. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.

From very early on in our relationship, we have both always spoke about wanting children. Both of us knew that we could never date someone who did not want to have kids. We both have so much love to give.

We know that you are on the cusp of making a very difficult decision and we are very grateful that you are considering us. We know your decision, whatever it may be, is rooted in love and what is best for the child. If we are the right fit for you, we promise your child will always know what a beautiful and courageous decision it really is. We will also follow your lead with respect to the level of openness in the adoption that you prefer.

Our Story

Like many couples these days, the beginning of our story is a fairly mundane one. We both swiped right on Tinder and met in August 2017. At the time, we decided to just be friends. Friends who spent nearly all of their time together.

A year later, we were officially a couple — to the surprise of absolutely no one. In October 2021, Kevin planned a picnic by the lake and brought pumpkins for us to carve. When we revealed our pumpkins, Stephen’s was a traditional jack-o-lantern (very spooky!), but Kevin’s said, “Marry Me?”

Stephen said yes and we were married on Sept. 17, 2022.

Kevin’s Words on Stephen

Stephen is very kind, nurturing and loving. Our humor goes hand-in-hand. The first time I met him, he made a joke that I would have made. I thought, “Wow! That sounds like one of my dumb jokes! I like him already.” He’s always in a goofy mood and will go along with any of my dumb jokes.

One of the things I love most about Stephen is just how much he loves. Truly, I’ve never seen someone love their pet as much as Stephen loves our dog, Archie! That can also be said for his friends and family. He’s always going out of his way to make sure people are happy, having a good time, etc. He wants people to know that they are loved. It’s how I know he’ll be a great father. He will stop at nothing to make sure our child knows just how loved they are.

Stephen’s Words on Kevin

Kevin is wonderfully kind, fun to be around and incredibly balanced. He is always joking around, dancing and making funny faces. He is great with his nieces and nephews, likely because Kevin’s own inner child is so close to the surface. Earlier this year, he actually had a dream that he had to save Christmas. I swear. Kevin is great in the good times, but he is also dependable for the bad times. He is calm in an emergency and comforting when I’m upset. Plus, he always picks me up at the airport! A good man!

Kevin is a bit of a homebody, which has rubbed off on me somewhat, but still, he’s usually getting persuaded by me to go out and have an adventure. In our wedding vows, he sweetly admitted that this is a good thing! I love him and I know he will make an excellent father.

Our Families

We have a three year old dog named Archie who is a bundle of love and great with kids. Stephen’s parents live in Arizona, while Kevin’s parents are in Chicagoland, so holidays are often spent with Kevin’s side of the family. On Kevin’s side, we have six young nieces and nephews. Archie is often the center of attention at these gatherings and never tires of running around with the children.

We are both very close with our families. Both of us have two brothers — Kevin is the middle child in his family and Stephen is the youngest in his.

Stephen & Kevin

Stephen & Kevin Family Photos

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