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Meet Scott & Emily

Scott & Emily

Fun Facts

Emily’s Fun Facts:

  • Emily has loved Snoopy and the Peanuts comics since she was little. Her grandpa, “Grampy,” on her mom’s side introduced her to them.
  • Emily buys herself muffins (any, and all kinds) for her birthday breakfast every year.
  • Emily is a Swiftie!
  • Emily volunteered weekly at a local organization all throughout high school and college, helping kids through traumas such as divorce or domestic violence.
  • Emily collects pins: pin back and safety pin buttons, lapel pins, brooches, etc. from vacations and meaningful events. Each one has a story!
  • Emily would love to visit Ireland someday.
  • Emily loves to go to the local farmer’s market.

Scott’s Fun Facts:

  • Scott’s favorite movies are the Blues Brothers, Back to the Future, and The Time Machine (1960).
  • Scott loves woodworking as a hobby.
  • Scott is a paper money & coin collector. He mostly collects American and Italian currency.
  • Scott loves to learn about American History, specially about the Revolutionary War.
  • Scott also enjoys video games in his free time, primarily Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, all while listening to his favorite band, Rush.
  • Scott recently started a new hobby brewing beer and making mead.


We are Scott, Emily and Parker (the cute pup)!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and our journey to get here. We know you are on quite the journey yourself. We can only imagine how you feel and what difficult choices you are making. We wish you peace in your decisions. And whatever option you choose, choose the best one for you and your child. Should you choose adoption with our family, we would look forward to meeting you and being the best possible parents we can be.


How We Met

We “met” online on a dating site in 2013. On Scott’s online profile, he talked all about his love of coin collecting with his grandpa from when he was a young child. He also talked about board games and cards, the Chicago Cubs and spending time with his family. In our first conversation, we discovered that our birthdays are actually one day apart! After talking for several weeks, we finally met up in person for our first date at a local Starbucks for a coffee. This was a safe choice for a quick getaway if it wasn’t going well! We ended up staying for half the day. We met up another two times the next week and after the third date, I knew I was going to marry Scott. We had bonded over many important qualities you’d look for in a partner, such as raising kids and family values, but also fun things like road trips, learning about history and our love of tacos, of course. We got engaged in December 2015. Scott proposed in a gazebo, under twinkling Christmas lights overlooking a lake, after an evening walk. So romantic! We got married in the summer of 2017, with Max as our ring bearer (our first dog together who unfortunately passed away in September 2021) and bought our house in December 2020. Since then, we have made some home repairs, built a new deck, adopted Parker (October 2021) and created a nursery.

Immediately after our wedding, we had planned on having kids. I (Emily) have lupus and so prior to trying to start a family, I went to my doctors to make sure it was safe to start trying, and it was! Unfortunately, within a few weeks of becoming pregnant, my body’s immune response attacked the baby, and I had a miscarriage. My body continued to attack itself until I was hospitalized. I have been on new medication since 2018 and am completely healthy and stable, but my doctor’s do not recommend pregnancy, as it wouldn’t be safe for myself or a baby. This was a painful process and realization, but we knew we still wanted a baby to complete our family.

This is our journey to how we got here. Now, along with family & friends, we are so excited in the hopes of adopting!

All About Scott

Scott is a human resources professional with a background in criminal justice as well. He enjoys a good bonfire with friends or Sunday dinners with family. He is a creative person and enjoys building new things in his woodworking area in the garage such as cutting boards and decorative American flags. He likes to wind down with video games or some of his favorite TV shows and movies.

Scott is going to be a great dad! He is silly and playful. He is always running around the house playing with Parker. He is excited to learn new things. He is currently taking a numismatic certification program, learning all about how to grade the condition of coins in order to assign a value to them. He started making his own mead as well! He is going to the parent that teaches our child new ideas and will be constantly creating new projects to do together.

All About Emily

Emily is a food safety and quality assurance manager for a large frozen dessert company. She has previous education in biology, chemistry and operations management. She likes going to new restaurants with friends or the Morton Arboretum for a day of outdoor exploration. She also enjoys dinners at her Mom’s or a day of garage sales and thrift stores with her Dad. In her downtime, she takes Parker on long walks, exercises or watches some guilty pleasure reality TV like The Bachelor.

Emily is loving, kind and patient – all great qualities of a great mom! She will be the more organized and structured parent, but in a good way! She fits in time for everyone – coworkers, friends, family, etc. She is actually called the “mom” in her friend group. Emily is the energy and the glue that keeps everyone together.


If you decide that adoption is for you, and you choose us, we will be open to different levels of openness with you. Whether that is emails, letters, pictures, social media, calls or visits, we can work together on a level of comfort that feels right. We also will respect your wishes if you choose otherwise regarding openness. If none of these options feel good, we can update The Cradle so information is available when you are ready. What we ultimately want is for our child to know about their unique story and to feel comfortable and confident in their skin so they can thrive.

Thank you for your consideration! We would be honored to be a part of your journey!

Scott & Emily

Scott & Emily Family Photos

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