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Mary’s Adoption Story

Meet Mary Mallon Nyman, a Cradle Adoption Class of 1935 looks back on her life and read about her love of literary arts. From teaching to publishing her own poems and raising a family, she reflects on the impact adoption has had on her life. Born in Chicago on July 26, 1935, Mary Mallon Nyman […]

Warren’s Open Adoption Story: A Father and Son Both Adopted From The Cradle

Learn how a Cradle adoptee and his wife chose to build their family through adoption, and how connecting with their son’s birth parents changed his feelings about the open adoption process.  “I’ve always wanted to adopt a child, since day one,” says Warren Fellingham III. “I think it’s one of the best things you can […]

Jane’s Adoption Story

Jane’s parents talked about her adoption story from a young age. Learn how their memories of The Cradle’s adoption process instilled an appreciation for the importance of communication that later shaped Jane’s life and career.  Evelyn and Donald Shaw were living in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, in the mid-1960s when they began the process of adopting […]

Father Ken’s Adoption Story

“The Cradle has always been a real source of grace in my life,” says Rev. Kenneth C. Simpson, pastor at St. Clement Church in Chicago’s Lincoln Park community. “Father Ken” was placed through The Cradle in 1952 after being born prematurely and spending time in The Cradle Nursery. “It seems simple to say, but my […]

Coming Home: Jerry’s Adoption Reunion Story

Hear Jerry’s emotional birth mother reunion story and how, after nearly three decades, they made an instant and emotional connection. When Jerry Janes walked through the doors of The Cradle in May 1994 — for the first time since his adoption placement 27 years earlier — he instantly felt a sense of recognition. “The pine […]

Scott’s Adoption Story: Cradle Baby to Rock Drummer

Scott Carneghi, a remarkable rock drummer, credits his musical odyssey to Cradle. Explore his passion for music, the invaluable support from family and mentors, and his meteoric rise in the music world, serving as a testament to the significance of early musical education and nurturing environments for young talents.  At The Cradle, no two adoption […]