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Birth mother and adopted person
Birth mother Bonnie Bartel put her daughter Wendy up for adoption when she was very young; thirty years later the two have reunited.
Casey chose adoption for her daughter
Casey, a birth mom, discusses why she chose open adoption, her relationship with her daughter's adoptive parents, and advice for talking to birth
Jessica explains her adoption decision.
Cradle birth mother Jessica discusses why she chose open adoption for her child and her experience with the Cradle.
Miranda discuss how three little words- "You are pregnant," changed her life, and why she chose adoption for her son.
Birth mother Lisa shares her story with adoption, being judged for her decision, and the views of adoption in the African American community.
Cradle birth mother Megan tells us why she choose adoption for her child and discuss her journey with adoption at the Cradle.
Birth mother Michelle talks about making the choice to put her child for adoption, finding the right family, and the support of the Cradle.
Author, speaker, child care professional, and birthmother Patricia Dischler speaks about what is in a birth mother's mind before, during, and aft
25 years after making an adoption plan for her child- and birth mother is reunited with her daughter. The two share their reunion story