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    February 11,2019
    Your child always wants the same thing for lunch: Half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with orange slices and some carrot sticks. As it approaches noon you head to the pantry to pull out the ingredients, but something's amiss. You can't find the jar of peanut butter anywhere. Then you remember: You used the last of it yesterday.
    October 05,2018
    As most parents who have adopted know, the process of adopting a child is long and often challenging. But, we don’t always get to see what it’s like from a different perspective: the birth parents. We spoke to expectant parent counselors at The Cradle to learn what it is like for those who make the selfless, difficult choice to place their children.
    August 26,2018
    Among the boxes of Kleenex, the 10-cent spiral notebooks and multicolored dry-erase markers, among the smell of brand-new denim and the return of the PB&J, is the well-known stress (coupled with relief) that comes with the start of a new school year. For families formed through adoption, this stress is especially complicated.
    August 17,2018
    Join The Cradle, you must! Don't ride (Han) solo! Team up with CLAS for this year's CAFFA-sponsored Walk for Adoption Chicago! Register for our team and spend time with other Cradle families and counselors while supporting adoption.
    June 08,2018
    The Cradle often sits down to speak with birth parents about their adoption journeys. We hear about the hope, the sadness, the fears and all the complex emotions involved with placing a child for adoption. They tell us of difficult choices and difficult moments, but also of the love they have for their children and their children's adoptive parents.
    June 06,2018
    A few months ago, the Our Children program, Raising Black Children Across Racial Lines brought together transracial adoptees and adoptive parents. Together, they discussed the unique issues brought about when white parents raise children of color. Some recurrent themes stood out ...
    May 22,2018
    The Cradle's Center for Lifelong Adoption Support has unveiled an exciting new therapy space. Filled with all the toys, books and games your child could imagine, as well as a puppet theatre and giant chalkboard, the non-directive play therapy room is officially open for Cradle counseling sessions.
    May 18,2018
    Last year, The Cradle hosted a roundtable as part of the Our Children initiative. Called Raising Black Girls, the roundtable addressed the complex issues involved in parenting a Black girl in today's society.
    May 01,2018
    There is no fixed definition for "normal" behavior. It varies by person, time, place and situation. Challenges may crop up for your family that therapists in The Cradle’s Center for Lifelong Adoption Support (CLAS) can help you work through.
    February 05,2018
    The Adoptive Family Weekend is full and we will not be taking anymore registrations. If you would like to be informed about next year's event please email us at and request to be put on our mailing list. Thank you!
    October 04,2017
    This year's Wild West themed Walk for Adoption was one for the books! With over 400 participants, ranging from infants to grandparents, the 2017 Walk was the biggest yet. Our Cradle Crew was also the largest we have ever seen with around 130 team members!
    August 22,2017
    If you’re an adult adoptee, 18 years or older, and looking for a way to connect with the adoption community please consider helping out at The Cradle’s Adoptive Family Weekend. The weekend is over Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2-4, up at the YMCA Minikani in Hubertus, Wisconsin (20 mins north of Milwaukee).
    August 08,2017
    This year’s Sayers Summer Soiree on July 20 was a blast! From the silliness of the heads-or-tails game, to the surprise of extra raffle prizes, the night was full of fun, excitement and laughter. It was also full of excellent food and drink, including delicious hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer, a pizza and burger bar, and decadent desserts.
    July 11,2017
    Homeland visits can be a great way to help your child understand their roots. They can provide important information for them to craft identities around, and are experiences they will carry with them throughout their lifetime. Cradle adoption therapist Mandy Jones has some recommendations for families who are considering planning one of these trips.
    July 11,2017
    Cradle adoption therapist Mandy Jones has a lot going on. In addition to her counseling practice at The Cradle and her work with families as a certified Theraplay® therapist, this past winter she ventured all the way to Vietnam with The Ties Program.
    March 29,2017
    Sometimes, the best teachers are the ones who have been through it themselves. It can be comforting to read about people dealing with similar issues, so we scoured the internet for blogs about adoption on a variety of topics and perspectives. Take a peek!Do you have a blog you'd like us to share? Let us know!