The Cradle Associates

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The Cradle Associates Board serves as ambassadors to The Cradle through various fundraising events, adoption community engagement efforts, and adoption education opportunities.

Many Cradle Associates have a close personal connection to adoption, as adoptive parents, adults who were adopted as children, or adults who have a sibling who was adopted. But the group welcomes anyone who is committed to The Cradle’s mission of finding a loving home for all children and babies referred to our care, and providing compassionate and unbiased support for women and birth families facing an unplanned pregnancy.

History and Mission

The Cradle Associates was formed in 2001 as a means of drawing on the energy and enthusiasm of young professionals who are affiliated with The Cradle or who are otherwise interested in adoption. The Associates Board supports The Cradle’s mission by promoting adoption outreach, awareness and education, and through fundraising efforts.

The Cradle Associates sponsor events focused on both adult and family fun. Current and past events include:

  • A Night at Lagunitas - Located at Chicago’s most unique brewery, the evening includes live music, delicious food, and incredible raffle prizes.
  • Annual Open House - A family-friendly opportunity to come back to The Cradle, tour the nursery, make connections with other families, and participate in various crafts and activities.
  • Holiday Gift Drive - A long standing tradition of providing holiday gifts for families who have placed a child for adoption, but still parent other children in the home.
  • And many more!

To learn more about how you can get involved with The Cradle Associates, please contact Rachel J. Solomon at

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