See the Impact

Your support of The Cradle changes lives.

Everyday at The Cradle, lives are changed. A man becomes “Daddy.” A woman meets her child for the first time. A sick baby is tenderly cared for in our Nursery. A frightened and vulnerable pregnant woman learns that she is not alone, and that adoption is a loving option for her baby.

None of this vital work would be possible without support from generous Cradle donors. Revenue from adoption fees covers only half of The Cradle's expenses. Gifts from Cradle donors are essential to provide the high quality care Cradle babies, families and birth parents deserve. To connect with The Cradle through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter click on the icons at the bottom of this page.
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Here are just a few stories of lives changed forever with the help of people just like you. 

Baby Anabelle was born with a serious neurological condition that will impact the rest of her life. Her young birthmom was not able to give her the life and support she will need, so she turned to The Cradle. Thanks to you... Anabelle is now home with a loving family, but she is also loved and cherished by her birthfamily.
Read Anabelle's story


Amber and Jeremy always dreamed of becoming parents. After years of unsuccessful infertility treatments and a long and emotional adoption journey, they had started to think maybe it wasn't meant to be. Then they heard about baby Charlotte.
Read their story.


Dan thought being a single man meant he had to give up his dream of becoming a father. Then one day, he heard a radio talk show on which Cradle President Julie Tye was speaking. That moment in his car, halfway across the country, led to a decision that changed his life. Read Dan's story.


Miranda had a plan. She was going to go to college, even graduate school. Three words - "You are pregnant" - changed her life forever. Thanks to The Cradle, she found a way to achieve her dreams.  Read more