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Published August 2007

Lupe was a frightened and overwhelmed nineteen-year-old in an abusive relationship, trying to care for her toddler daughter and infant son. Fearing for her life, she took her children and fled from the home they shared with her boyfriend. They ended up in a shelter, exhausted, alone and with no money.

While watching TV one weekend at the shelter, Lupe saw an ad for The Cradle and decided to call. Arletta, one of The Cradle’s counselors, met Lupe first thing Monday morning at a McDonald’s to talk about her options. When Arletta first saw the scared young woman, her heart went out to her and a strong bond formed between the two. “Artletta went beyond being my counselor,” Lupe said. “She was always so supportive and inspired me to go on.” That day she brought Anthony to The Cradle Nursery, where he was lovingly welcomed.

Lupe is grateful to Arletta for informing her about her legal rights and educating her about open adoption, but also just for supporting her as she tried to decide what to do. Together they reviewed profiles of waiting families. Lupe ultimately decided on Sharon and Greg.

They met and instantly hit it off. She was glad that they had two older adopted children, also Cradle babies, who would be older siblings to Anthony. And while placing her son was the hardest decision she had ever made, Lupe felt secure that Anthony would be okay.

Since that day in September, the connection between the two families has only deepened. Over the years, Sharon has delighted in watching how far Lupe has come and how proactive she has been in changing her life. Lupe has taken courses at Truman College and spoken in area high schools about teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and adoption. Sharon and Greg have taken Anthony to see Lupe and her family, including her parents and brothers. They, in turn, have come to visit Sharon, Greg, and their kids.

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