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As soon as I realized I was pregnant, I looked into adoption. I had my first child when I was 17 years old. I got married and pretty soon I was a young mother of four boys! My marriage didn’t last, though. So I become a single mom to four. A lot of work, but I was up for it.

While a student at a local community college, I took a job at a gas station working second shift. Unfortunately, one night someone was waiting for me in the parking lot when I left work. I became pregant as a result of that assault.

Abortion just wasn’t right for me. When I thought about the baby growing inside of me, I really wanted the best for them. And I liked the idea that I would be giving someone else a chance to be parents.

It was important to me that the people I picked for my daughter not be parents already – I wanted a “new family.” Another thing that was important to me was that my adoption be an open adoption. My older boys actually helped me pick out the family from the profiles the agency gave me.

I met with the parents I chose just as I was going into my third trimester and we kept in touch throughout the rest of my pregnancy. The soon to be dad used to be a football coach, so I knew my other sons would love him. And they do. All my boys get along really well with the baby’s adoptive family. We get together now at least once a year — usually a summer party for all the kids.

And I continue to be involved in support groups and ongoing events with other birthparents as well. The On Your Feet Foundation in particular has been the best for me as a way to meet others who were in my shoes and really understand the experience.

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