What happens after placement?

Making the Adoption Decision

After the baby is born, your Cradle counselor will meet with you as you revisit your decisions and formalize your plans.

By Illinois law, you must wait at least 72 hours after the baby is born to sign the legal documents that make the adoption permanent. Different states have different laws and your counselor can help you understand the laws in your state.

No matter what wait time the law specifies, you may take as much time as you need before signing the adoption documents. If you are in Illinois, you are welcome to use The Cradle nursery until you’re sure about your decision. Our nurturing staff of nurses, infant aides and cuddlers will take good care of the baby and you may visit as often as you like. If you do not live in Illinois, The Cradle has carefully selected temporary care alternatives for your baby. Email a counselor to learn more about your options.

At any time up until you sign the official legal documents, you may change your mind and decide to parent. We will fully support you in that decision. Once you sign the legal documents, however, your parental rights are terminated and your decision is final. So please take your time and feel confident about your decision before moving ahead to sign the legal adoption paperwork.

Different states have different requirements.  We can help you understand your state's adoption laws.

Finding support when you need it.

You may feel sadness or a sense of loss once your adoption decision is final. That’s totally normal, even expected. We will help you cope with your loss and we hope you will feel free to continue to meet with your Cradle counselor. Another source of support some women appreciate is to connect with other women who have chosen adoption. We can help you there, too.

It doesn't matter how long ago your placement was, our door is always open to you. Contact a counselor at helpline@cradle.org.