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Cradle Holiday Gift Program

About the Program

In 2020 and 2021 our amazing Cradle donors rallied and adapted to a new way of supporting birth families through the use of gift cards, rather than shopping for holiday gifts that were delivered in-person.  While we had every intention of returning to the in-person gift model, the last two years have given us the opportunity to see how the gift card model gave birth parents a sense of pride, ownership, and empowerment shopping for their children’s gifts on their own.  Because of this, we have made the decision to stick with the gift card model as a way of supporting birth families during the holiday season. 


We are so appreciative of every dollar donated and hope you’ll consider contributing to the online fund to collect donations so that we can purchase e-gift cards, which is a more secure way to deliver to the families. Our goal this year is to collect enough in the fund to provide each child with a $100 Target GiftCard, which covers basic needs like socks and underwear, a coat, snow boots, and a couple of books, toys, or crafts.


Program Impact

 Last year with the support of generous donors, The Cradle was able to provide Target gift cards to more than 120 children from Cradle birth families during our Holiday Gift Program! These gift cards were used to purchase outerwear, snow boots, clothes, toys, arts and craft supplies, books, diapers, personal hygiene products and more. These items were priceless to the kids and their families! 

Make a Donation

We can’t tell you how much your continued support of the Holiday Gift Program means to these children from Cradle birth families and their parents and guardians.  Thank you for again stepping up in this alternate way to provide holiday cheer to these children! 

To make your online donation, please click the button below.

The deadline to submit donations is Monday, November 14, 2022.