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Our Cradle Community

In gratitude for the generosity of our supporters and partners, we invite you to meet the other members of our Cradle community who help drive our work forward.

We strive to be complete and accurate in recognizing the generosity of our Cradle community. We regret any omissions or errors. Please contact our development team at cradlefoundation@cradle.org with any corrections.

The list below comprises the individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations who donated to The Cradle during our 2022 fiscal year (October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022).

 *Individual has passed since time of gift  ** Bequest/estate designation

AANA team in memory of Michael Hayes

The Abt family

Susan and Bill Achenbach in honor of Allen Witte

Adam and Laura Ackerburg

Connie Adam

Lucas Adams

Hall Adams Jr.**

Mark Affelt and Cheryl Carlson

Ann and Larry Agins 

The John and Diane Agoranos Charitable Fund in memory of John F. Sullivan

The Ahrens family in honor of AnnMarie Ahrens

James Albert

Donald and Melanie Albrecht

Bruce, Staci and Ann Aldrich in memory of Jeanne Barends

Steven Aleckson in honor of David and Susan Spires

Renita Alexander

Jeffrey Alfano

Marjorie Allabastro in honor of Connor and Jack

Crystal Allen

Scott and Charlotte Allen

Jason and Kristi Allgood

Albert Louis Allred

Allan and Emily Allweiss in honor of Joel Solomon

Linah Alsberry

Janet Altenhoff


John and Ann Amboian

American Academy of Pediatrics in honor of Michael Hayes

Arrie Ammons, Jr.

Cindy Andersen in memory of Gary L. Andersen

Alan and Mary Helen Anderson in honor of Jerry Bear

Barbara Anderson in memory of Lorene Buckner

James and Kristen Anderson

Pam Anderson

Pippa Anderson

Stephen and Nancy Anderson

Violet Anderson in honor of Karen Whitacre

Rosanna and Paul Andras in honor of Frederick and Franklin Andras

Karen Andreae

Wellington Andrees

William and Kristin Andrews

Chelsea Angeletti

Anonymous (74)

Anonymous in honor of Jane Mary Finn Tighe

Anonymous in honor of Jason Friedman

Anonymous in honor of Jim Connelly

Anonymous in honor of Karen Whitacre

Anonymous in honor of Kevin Grant

Anonymous in honor of Leah Libresco Sargeant

Anonymous in honor of Morgan Weston Price III 

Anonymous in honor of Robert Theobald

Anonymous in honor of Yen-Shou Stack

Anonymous in memory of Don and Joyce Haigh

Anonymous in memory of Falicia C. Slavik

Anonymous in memory of James Patrick McMahon

Anonymous in memory of Joe Leger

Anonymous in memory of John Stager and his birth mother, Edna

Anonymous in memory of Steve and Shel Solomon

Gregory Appleton

Tom and Georgia Aralis

Erin Archer in honor of Zariah Serrano

Claire Archibald

Aristotle Foundation (Telly Savalas Family Memorial Fund) in memory of T. Christopher Boardman and Telly Savalas

Marty and Avery Arlen in honor of Michael and Lisa Samuels and in memory of Harriet Goldberg

DeShawn Arms

Clark and Mary Arneson

Angela Marie Arnold

James and Veronica Arnold in honor of Molly Hussar

Nina Arora-Rowland

Jill Ash

Joanne Ash

Megan Ashley

Jason and Kelly Asper

John Ast

Jim Astrove

Leia Atas in memory of Phyllis Ponder

Nancy Aten in memory of Julia Aten

Russ and Mary Augello

Larry and Janie Austermiller

Laura Auwerda and Betty Tsamis Auwerda in honor of their son, Max

Richard and Dollie Auwerda

Lance Avants in honor of Sebastian Avants Hagan

Cameron Avery and Lynn Donaldson

Chris and Laura Avery in honor of Anne and Cam Avery

Karine Backer in honor of Kaleb Backer

Joanne Bader

James Baer

Linda Bailey

Alan Bain in memory of Roma and Sidney Bain

Dennis, Rachel and Leigh Baker

Elizabeth Baker

Lisa Bakker

Alishja Ballard

Michael and Jean Banasiak

Jaime Bance

Craig and Jane Baner

Raffy Banks

Diane Bansley

The Bardo family in honor of Martha Crannell

Kevin Barker in memory of Diane Z. Sehy

The Barker-Tyndalls

David and Karen Barnes

Shirley Barnes

Don Barringer

William Barringer

Bruce Barrington in memory of Kathleen Barrington

Donald Barrington in memory of Kathie Barrington

Bob and Virginia Bartlett

Christina Basile

Michelle and Michael Bassett in honor of Mackenzie and Mason

Louise Bastron in memory of Malcolm Bastron

Susan and Richard Batchelder

Michael and Gail Battaglia in honor of Carol Smallwood

Keri Bauer in memory of Diane Sehy

Philip Bauer in honor of Dominique Sophia Bauer

Harry and Carol Bauler

Jacqueline Baumann

Baxter International

Kit Bazley in honor of Joel Solomon

Stewart and Claire Beach in memory of William J. Meyer

Nancy J. Beal

LaTasha Beard

Stacy Beardsley

Raquel Bech and Larry Martin in honor of Jeanne Enright

William Becich in memory of Delores Becich

Jennifer Becker

Ken and Joan Becker

Bill and Kathy Beckert

David Beckstrom

Catherine Bedrick

Kathryn and Royce Bedward

Christine and Michael Beeftink

Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl Foundation

Francis Beidler Foundation

Francis Beidler III and Prudence R. Beidler Foundation

Sandra and Peter Bekas

Melissa Bell and family

Ronald and Dessie Bendler in honor of Jennifer Rogers

Suzie and Ron Bendler

The Bengtson family in memory of Allan Gunn

Amy Bennett

Beverly Bennett

Elliot and Amanda Bennett

Janis Bente

Rod Berg

Mary Jo Bergmann

Tom, Sandy and Zander Beris in honor of Emma Nicholls 

Julie Berlin

Andrew Berman

Katie Berman

William C. Berman

Mark and Mary Bernhard in memory of William J. Meyer

Carol Berry

Matthew Bertke in honor of Katie Gattone

Brian Beswick

Bethany Baptist Church of Christ

The Bethels

Dawn Betz

Chitra Bhatia

Tina Biancofiori

Kathy and Jerry Biederman

Elizabeth Bieri

Noreen and Brian Bigelow

Kenneth Bingham

Craig and Mary Bisping

Kurt Bitter in honor of Braeden and Elisa Schaefer

John Blackburn in memory of Thomas Barber

Christine Blaine

Emily Blair

James and Margaret Blair

John Blane

The Blatt family

Joan M. Bleck in honor of Susan C. Carter

Bill and Sandy Blethen in memory of Falicia Slavik

James V. Bliss

Felicia and Robert Bloom

Heidi Bloom

Chuck and Helen Blouir

Justin and Jodi Blouir

Matthew and Anna Blouir

Meghan and Christopher Blouir in honor or Corry Connelly

Dmitry Boardman in memory of T. Christopher Boardman

Penelope Savalas Boardman in memory of T. Christopher Boardman

David Bochenek

Anne Bode and John Buhay

James and Barbara Bode

Suzanne Boeren

Bonita Boersma in memory of Barbara Ottenhoff

Rick Bold in honor of Emilie Bold Hall

Christopher and Irma Boldt

Munirah Bolis

William and Kathleen Bonner

Lorine J. and Alan D. Booth Foundation

Karen Bornstein

Julie Seese Boroff in honor of Edward and Kathryn Seese

Diane Bortoli

Jon B. Boss in memory of Barbara June “Bonnie” Boss

The Bostons

Kenneth and Barbara Bowen

Gabriele E. Bowers in memory of Gus E. Bowers

Rachel Bowers

Marianne Boyak

Karen Boyaris and Jim Smith

Kate Boyens in memory of Daylin Maentanis

Ken and Sue Boyer in honor of Emily Susan Boyer

Katie Boyle

Robert Bracken in memory of Robert and Margaret Bracken

Katherine Bradley-Black

Alexandra Brady

Marnie Brahar in honor of Heather Dumas

Ronald and Michele Brandenburg

Eric Branstrom in honor or Fawn Branstrom

Kaitie Branton

Emily Brasfield

Julia Brasfield

Henry and Mary Braun

Bruce and Carole Braverman

Eugene Breger in honor of Joel and Jessie Solomon

Marilyn and Philip Breiding

Jan and Rachel Breivald

Jeanine Brennan

John and Jean Brennan Family Foundation in honor of Jeanne and Bill Enright and family

Jill Brickman in honor of The Parker family

Robert and Gail Brickman

Bridewell-Henning Foundation

Lee Britton

Maggie Bronson

Irene and Anton Brotsos in memory of Renee Maggos

James Brotsos in memory of Renee Maggos

Margaret Broussard

Chris and Anne Brown in memory of James McMahon

J’ai and Frank Brown

Jeff Brown and Jake Nuber

Joel and Tina Brown

Laura Brown in memory of Jim McMahon

Linda Brown

Maggie Brown

Matthew Brown in memory of Renee Maggos

Sarah Brown

Stephen and Catherine Brown in honor of Evan Brown-Nuber

Michael Browning

Arlyn Firkins Bruccoli

Elizabeth Buchanan

Sue and Bob Buck in memory of Jean Flory

Celeste and Jim Buckingham

Christie Buckingham

Nicholas Buckingham

David Buckley Sr.

Albert Budney and Rev. Karen Vickers Budney

Darlene Buenzow

Dave Buikema

Deb Bullwinkel in memory of Martha Bullwinkel and Nancy Armentrout

Wylie Bunker

Deneen Burich

Michael Burk

Arlene Burke

Ann Burnstine in memory of Dr. Richard Burnstine

Jean Burnstine and Tim Kisley in memory of Dr. Richard Burnstine

Liz Burnstine in memory of Dr. Richard Burnstine

Charles and Jane Burr

Nsenga Burton

Shirley and John Bury

Doris J. Busuito

Butkiewicz Family Foundation

Kimball J. Butler

Jack and Ann Butts

Benita Byrd

M.L. Byrd in honor of Noah Allen

Paul and Barbara Byrd

Karen Byrnes

Fred Cabrera

John and Sarabess Cahill**

John J. Cahill, Inc.

James Caldwell

Caligagan family

Denise Caligagan

Sharon S. Campbell

Henry Canestrini

Vince and Christine Cappelli in honor of Todd Cappelli

Joe Cappo in memory of John F. Sullivan


Jackson Carol

Steve and Ginger Carr

Carrigan Charitable Trust

Susan C. Carter in honor of Nina Louise Alice Carter and Miles John Tristan Carter

Margaret Cartier

Margaret C. Carver

Scott and Janice Casagrande

Mark Cassin

Andrew H. Caster

Carol and Franklin Catalfamo in honor of Sofia Francesca Kotarski

Letrece Catchings

Nicole and Brian Catral

April Cesaretti

The Chamberlin family in memory of Kristen Elkins

Susan Chamberlin in honor of Herri, Chip and Calliope Elkins

Susan Chapman in honor of Amy Jasmon

Sherri Charleston

Paige, Dan, Carol and Gina Charlesworth in memory of Dietmar Grohlich

Stanley Chatman

Brian and Erika Check in memory of Daylin Maentanis

John and Ruth Cherry

Joe Cherry

Lisa M. Chessare in memory of William J. Meyer

Frank Cheswick

Frances Cheyne Trust

Angela Chimino

Bruce and Barbara Chrisman in memory of Audrey Karnuth and in honor of Brenden and Brady Chrisman

Jim and Helen Christakos in memory of Renee Maggos

Peter T. Christiansen


Keith Cienkus

Rita Ciesielski

Kathy Anne and William Cissna

Claar/Skey family

Susan Clark

Dick and Mary Clark

Kari and Will Clarke

John Claster

Riley and Brady Claster

The Clesen family

Greg and Julianne Cleven in memory of Debbie and Mike Scholl

Leslie and Peter Clifford

The Close family in honor of Maisie and Jeremiah

Jeannette C. Cogsdill

Judy and Lance Cohen

Julie Cohen

Rhonda Cohen

Ronald Cohen

Stu and Vivian Cohn in honor of Joel Solomon

Christina Cole

Marriann and Grady Cole in honor of Jim and Therese Fauerbach

Dick Coleman in honor of Jerry Bear

Florence Coleman

Joan Colleta

Laura Lynn Collins

Daniel Colt

Marie Colturi

Constance D. Conley

Corinne A. Connan

Kevin Connelley and Toni DiDonato

The Connelly family

Keith and Rita Connolly

Timothy Connolly and Ann McCrystal

John and Michaelene Conrad in memory of Timothy Briggs

Camille Conrick in memory of Deborah DeVincent

Harriet and Henry Conroe in honor of Kathy Perysian and Mary Hassan

Paul Corona

John and Denise Cortesi

Karen and Jim Cote

COUNTRY Financial

Joseph Coupet

Danielle Courrier

Kim Court

Linda Courtiss

The John & Patricia Couzins Foundation

John and Patricia Couzins

Tom and Karen Cowley

Susan Craighead

The Crannell family in honor of the four Cradle adoptees in our family

Patricia Crannell in honor of Chuck and Tracy

Francesco Cristiano

Mary Crois

Crow Family Charitable Fund

Kevin T. and Tasha L. Crow in honor of Bob, Julie, Jack and Grace Miller

Janet Borge Crowle

Jack Martin and Colleen Crowley

Crown Philanthropies

Elizabeth Crown

Steven Cucchiaro

Steve and Libby Cummings

Jane and Neil Cummins in honor of Alexander and Jack Cummins

Sharon Cunningham*

Robert Curley

Betty Curvey

Carie Cycholl

Daniel and Jana Cyphers in memory of Dan and Joan Cyphers

Molly Dagit

Ellen Dahl

Cynthia Damon in honor of Heather Kelley

Julie Daniels

Martha Dannels

Mindy Dapin

Melissa David

Catherine and Gerry Davidson

Benjamin Davidson in honor of the Patrick-Marcella family

Dana and Ben Davidson

Julia Davies

Frank Davis

Glenn Davis

Peggy Davis

Scot Davis

Scott and Denise Davis

Kathy Dawson

Malikah Day

Marlene Day

Elmer and Mary De La Cruz

Marcy De Tella

Sheri DeBord in memory of Donna and John Oehler

Brendan Deely in honor of Heather Kelley

Jennifer Degener in honor of Steve Erickson

Barrie Dekker

Del Koch, Ken Clingen and Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC in memory of William J. Meyer 

Joseph Gonzalez on behalf of Pamela Jones Del Vecchio**

Stephanie Kyser DeLong in memory of Grace and Franklin Kyser

Dr. Peter W. Demuth and Karen Ann Przypyszny

Andrew Denlow

Virginia DePaul, M.D.

Dependable Plumbing in memory of William J. Meyer

David and Maura DePrisco in honor of Heather and Bill Kelley

Giridhar Devulapally and Athena Tapales in honor of Jennifer Rogers

Tommie and Kazimiera Dewese

Andre and Rita DeWolf

Mary Jo Deysach and Francis Lynch

Benjamin and Kim Dickey

Marcia and John DiDonato

Valerie and Eric Dierlam

Shannan Diggs

Edward A. Dik & Evelyn M. Dik Foundation

Dina M. DiLaura

Mary Jane Dillon

Lynette Dimaggio

John* and Polly Dix in honor of Megan and John Kelly

Samuel and Janis C. Dix in memory of Jim Pasternock

Lynn Dixon

Katy Dobbins-Bucklad in honor of Zariah Serrano

Thomas Dobry

Leslie Dolejs

Stephanie Domain in memory of Michael Hayes

Leo Domzalski and Nancy O’Brien

Andrea Donahoe in memory of Daylin Nohemi Maentanis

Holly Donaldson in honor of Mary Link

Kate Donaldson and Ryan Whitacre

Tom Donegan

Brian and Chris Donovan

Damon and Cynthia Doucet

Jacqueline Douell in memory of William J. Meyer

Kenneth Douglas Foundation

Jim and Mary Cele Doyle in honor of Fr. Ken Simpson

Kay H. Doyle

Terra Driscoll

George Sloan and Dougal D’Souza

Milton Duehr

Michelle and Steve Dufault

Maureen Duffy in memory of Karen Staib Duffy

Tom Duffy in memory of Karen Staib Duffy

Rose Dugan

Sindy Duha

Heather and Izzy Dumas

Barbara H. Duncan in memory of Joyce and Donald Haigh

Jacqueline J. Dupon

Daniel and Mary Durant in memory of David Schuelke

Rob Durant

Gerald and Diana Dutka

Cynthia Dvorak

Daniel Dwyer

Drs. Harvey Echols and Millicent Knight in honor of Matthew Echols

Nicholas and Greta Eckerle

Edison Park Turkey Trot

Kate Edwards

Sylvia Edwards

Craig and Karen Effertz in memory of Charlene Heinemann

The Effinger family in memory of Jeanne Barends

Norma Egmon

Cassie Ehrenberg and David Cohen

Joseph K. and Inez Eichenbaum

Jane Eichman

George M. Eisenberg Foundation for Charities

Ryan Eisenmann

Harriette Elisco in honor of Dr. Rachel Handler

David and Laura Elkins in memory of Kristen M. Elkins

Carolyn Elliott

Steve Elliott

Leah Ellis

Sean T. Ellis

Melanie Ellison

Drs. Pedro Garcia and Dennis Emano in honor of Consuelo Emano-Garcia

Joseph Emerson

Alan and Sondra Engel

Nina W. Engelhart Trust

Diane Enright

Jeanne and Bill Enright

Clement Erbmann

Stanley C. Erck

Leanne and Todd Erickson

Tonny and Stephanie Eugene

Reese and Linda Evans

Toby Eveland and Brian Johnson in honor of their daughter, Joey

Dr. Mark Faasse

Randall Fabian

Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.) 

James and Donna Fackenthal

Joe Fahrberger

Fred and Mary Lou Fahrberger

Larry and Connie Fairchild in honor of Matthew J. Fairchild

Nancy Fairchild

Joann W. Fairweather

Jessica Faisant

Jen, Ryan and Alanna Faist

William Faricy

Jeremy and Gill Farmer in recognition of Gill’s knitting group

Rick and Mary Farone

Ava W. Farwell Trust

Jim and Therese Fauerbach

The James and Therese Fauerbach Charitable Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

Stephanie Feher Krol

Dave Feichter

Rosemary Feit

Warren L. Fellingham Jr.

Judith C. Fellingham in memory of Jean Flory

Fellowes Brands

Fenton Education Association in memory of Daylin Maentanis 

Karen and Ronald Fenwick

Robert and Joann Fichter

Stephanie Figlioli

Frederick Findlay

Marjorie Findlay and Geoffrey Freeman

Kenneth Findley

Heather Fine

Martin and Susan Fine

Anne Marie Finley

Maureen and Tom Fiocchi

Victoria Fiordalis

Donald and Catherine Fischer

Kathleen and Larry Fischer in memory of Dietmar Grohlich

The Fisher family

Jeanne Fisher in memory of Ed Fisher

Mitchell B. Fisher and Kimberly C. Wolowiec-Fisher

Vivian and Richard Fjeldheim

Jeanne Bremner Flanagan in memory of John and Ruth Bremner

Lynette Flannery

Dan Flatley

James and Maureen Flatley in honor of Dan Flatley

Brian Fletcher

Kathleen Flynn in memory of Dave Goodrich

Mark Flynn

Focus Consulting Group in memory of David Goodrich

Robert D. Fogarty

Barbara and Michael Fonda

Tony and Sharon Fong in memory of Arthur L. Jung

Mark Forzley

Chantal and Jim Foster

Diana Foster

Daniel and Susan Fox

Andrea Charest and Michael Foy in honor of their daughters

Lea Frailey

Betty and Robert Frank

Chuck and Debbie Frank

Tom and Sharon Frank in honor of Logan and Sophia

Martin Franke in memory of Betty Ann Shaneyfelt

John J. Frautschi Family Foundation

Kody Frederick

Cathy and John Freechack

Freeman Family Fund

Jennifer Freeman

Nancy Freeman in memory of William J. Meyer

Robert and Diane Freer in honor of Ashley and Anastasia Kurut

Melissa Freisinger Matranga

Bon and Holly French

Dennis Freund

Judy Friedes-Craig

Nina and Mitchell Friedman

Dr. Cassandra and Martin Friedman in honor of our grandchildren

Ronald L. Friedrich

Karen Fronk

Amy Frushour Kelly

Dori Fujii

Shizuko F. Fulk*

Marilyn Fuller

Tamara and Jerry Fusselman

Stuart Gaines

Deborah Gallios

Michael B. Gallivan

Christopher Gange

Jessica Garascia and Brett Bottorff

Corliss Garner

Dolores J. Garner

Tina Tinkham Garrison

Gaszak family in honor of James Patrick McMahon

Sarah Gattone and Grace Gaynor

Joanne Gaudette

Danielle Gault in honor of Heather Kelley

John and Karleen Gault in honor of Heather Kelley

Joel Gaynor

Dominique Geer and John Perissi

Jeff Geigler

Gary Gemberling in memory of Kathleen Gemberling

Jim and Diane Geocaris

The Gerardi family in honor of Andrea Herchenbach

David Germann

Joseph Germano in memory of Edward and Lilla Germano

John and Suzanne Gernandt in honor of Devin Kirk and Chad Idol

Puamuh and Michele Thoele Ghogomu

Sally Gibbs

Jackie and Cory Gibson

Nicole Gibson-Donohoe

Molly Gilbreth

Gordon and Beverly Gill in memory of Charlene Heinemann

Kerry Gillenwater

Genie Miller Gillespie

Gillespie Law

Chris and Mike Gilly in honor of Uncle Jerry

Wendy Gilly in honor of Jerry Bear

Marc Ginsburg

Bridget Ginty


LaShawn Givers

Katherine C. Gjaja

Chris Gladish

James and Patricia Glass

Pat Gleason

Linda S. Glew

Aileen Gnatz

Don and Lynn Goffman in honor of Joel Solomon

Ellen Goldsmith

Anndrea Golightly and Tobias Jayne

Rafael and Christine Gonzales

Barbara Goodrich in memory of David Edward Goodrich

Donna Joukema Goodwin and Thomas Goodwin

Ross Goodwin in memory of Frances Davis

Chris and Scott Gordon

Peter Goring and Cynthia Martinez-Barclay

Marykathryn Gorman

Charlotte Gorney

Paul and Sheila Gorney

Karen and Beth Gorz

Olivia G. Gow

Mary Ann and Roger Grabowski in memory of Allan Gunn

Amanda Grady

Kathy Gramling in honor of Heather Kelley

Jacqueline Granat in memory of Dr. John Sullivan

Grant Sherwood

Valerie Green in memory of Renee Maggos

The Greene family

Jeff and Donita Greene

Rob and Linda Grierson

Jennifer S. Griffin

Caroline Grimes in honor of Jenny Walsh

Maureen Grinnell

Jennie Grobe

Albertine Grooms in honor of Jason and Brandis Friedman

Eston and Sandra Gross

Nicholas Grossi

William and Nancy Grossklag

Jim and Karen Grzyb

Marilyn Guetlich*

Stephen and Kathleen Guillard

Judd and Melissa Guldberg

Gregory and Helen Gullo

Allan* and Jane Gunn

Mary C. Gushee in honor of Laura Gushee Monahan

Rosemary Gustafson

Anita Gutof

Charles and Julie Haapala

Patricia Habak

Paula and Michael Haber in honor of Maya Dove Schallman

Villamor and Luzviminda Habon

John Hackett

Elliot Haffarnan

Matthew Haffernan and Elliot Haffarnan-Buck

Linda Hageman in memory of Ruth Johnston

Marilyn Hager

Martin and Karen Halacy

David G. Hall

Richard and Rita Hall

Theodore Hamer

Samantha Hamidan

Barbara Hamilton

Tamara Hamlish

Matthew Hammer in honor of Brayden and Levi Hammer

Jane Hampson and Florin Berca

Hollie Hannan in memory of Pam Faussett

Gregory and Susan Hansen

William Hanson

Warren Hanssen in honor of Jerry Bear

David Haracz and Mary Dolan

Dayna Hardin in honor of Jerry Bear

Stephen Scott and Dawn Harding

Justin Hare and Jessica Ash

Thomas and Sandra Harm

Bruce and Barbara Harmel in memory of James M. Pasternock

Angela Harmon and Denise Goforth

Jennifer Harper

Jack Harris

Joe Harris and Jennifer Gran

John Harris in memory of Elaine Harris

Donna Harris

Marilyn Harris in honor of Nancy Kranberg

Walter and Paula Harris

John and Nancy Harrold in memory of Ann Schroeder

Molly Hartle in memory of Richard H. Hartle

Craig Hartman in memory of Phyllis Hartman

Loria and John Hartman in honor of Kim and Noah Simonton

William and Kathleen Hartman

Joseph and Susan Hartnett

Bill and Lynn Harvey in memory of Dieter Grohlich

William and Sanja Harvey

John P. Hasler

Patricia and John Hauser

Susan Hauswirth in honor of Heather Kelley

Gail and Nicholas Haviland

Meghan C. Hawkins

Jamie Hayden in memory of Robert and Nancy Hayden

Mary Ann Hays in memory of Adeline Moen

Sara Hays and John Mitchell in honor of Ryan Whitacre

Mary Healy

Nicole Heath

Ed Hebson and Rufus Gonzales

Lisa Hebson

Jeremy, Amber and Charlotte Heintz

Thomas and Kathleen Susan Heintz in honor of Charlotte Susan Heintz

Cindy Helmers in honor of the Saluja family

Carol Helsdon

Kate Henderson

Joyce Heneberry in honor of Jason and Brandis Friedman

Carol Henn

Caleb Henry

Barbara Henry

Trish Ehlers Henry in memory of Su Parker

Georgene Herbst

Herchenbach family

Andrea and Edward Herchenbach in honor of Leah Herchenbach

Leah Marie Herchenbach in honor of Andrea Herchenbach 

Sarah Herchenbach in honor of Andi Herchenbach

Staci Herchenbach in honor of her mom and sister

Craig Hermanson

Coley Herrin in memory of William J. Meyer

The Hersted family in memory of William J. Meyer

Kevin and Mary Heuvelmans

Charles and Ramona Hewitt

Terry Hianik in honor of the Bertke family

John T. Hickey Jr. and Candis B. Hickey Philanthropy Fund

Caloway and Michelle Hickman

Rhonda Hicks

Adrienne Hiegel

Terri Hilt

Joan Hinsdale in honor of Julia Rivera

Jon and Lisette Hirsch

Johanna Hoak in honor of Rachel Solomon

Trudy Hobfoll in honor of Karyn Hobfoll

Thomas and Nancy Hofer

Ann Hoffman

Jonnie Hoffman in memory of Helen and Glenn Miller

Colin Hogan

Dennis and Jo Ann Hogan in honor of Zariah Serrano

J&M Hogan Fund

John and Marguerite Hogan

Nancy Biondi and David Holland

Teresa Hollnagel in honor of Keon Xavier Selner

Chip and Cindy Holman in memory of Julie Holman

Sue Holt and Jeff Braun in memory of Jean Flory

Fred and Sandra Holubow

Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church Ladies Group

Autumn Homes

Vanessa Van Hoorn

Horwitz/Izaguirre family in honor of Joel Solomon

Michael* and Jan Hourihane

HPS Chicago

Amy L. Hubbard and Geoffrey J. Kehoe

Martha and Randell Huckaby

Eric Huefner

David J. Huesman

Joel Huggins

John Huggins

Sherry Hughes

Mary Ellen Hull

David and Carol Hunecke

Howard Hurwitz in honor of Jerry Bear

Jane Hussar

Justin Hutchings

Tonya Hutchinson

Karen Booth Hutchison

William and Linda Hyde in honor of The Eichman family

Paula Hyman

Chad Idol and Devin Kirk

Janice C. Impey

Marcia Inbody and Peter Schwindt

ReNita Inmon

Mr. and Mrs. Melville Ireland Jr.

Robert Irons

Kevin Irvine and Karen Tamley

Elizabeth Isdale

Arlene Jackson

Brooke Jackson

Stephanie and Leslie Jacobson

Dr. Harry Jaffe

Ann and Bob James in honor of Barbara and James Roseman

Robert B. James Jr.

James J. Jelen

Robert T. Jenkins in memory of Carol A. Jenkins

Ashley Jenne

Jenner & Block in honor of Jessica Garascia

Colleen and Steve Jennings

Nancy and Peter* Jeton

Joseph and Mary Jimenez

Johnson family in memory of Connie Johnson

Cynthia Johnson

Edward H. Johnson

Kim Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Marianne Johnson

Michael Johnson and Catherine Seibel

Monica and Marleigh Johnson in honor of Andrea Herchenbach

Rayfield Johnson Jr.

Rayfield Johnson Sr.

Robert L. Johnson in memory of Connie Johnson

Robert Johnson in honor of Heather Kelley

Sarah Johnson in honor of Priscilla Thomas

Gerald F. Johnston

James and Mary Johnston in memory of David Goodrich

Marta Johnston

Ned and Jill Johnston

Elsa Jones

Catherine Jones

Darren Jones

Jeannette Jones in honor of the Herchenbach-Silver family

Josetta Jones

Michael A. Jones

Yve Jones

George and Sophia Jonson

Lauren and Loukas Jonson

Anthony Joy

The women of JTS in memory of Diane Sehy

Charles Judy

Grandma and Grandpa K in honor of Elizabeth Grace Kramer

Mary Jo Kacvinsky

The Kaczmarek family

William and Margaret Kaepplinger

Carolyn Kaiser

Val Kalen in memory of Donna G. Oehler

Carolyn Kambich in memory of Falicia Slavik

Edwin Kampe

The Kaplan family

Marcia R. Kaplan

Demetrios Karabatsos in memory of Phyllis Ponder

Karger Fund in honor of Jerry Bear

Nancy and Butch Karger in honor of Jerry Bear

Richard F. Karger and Christine F. Karger Charitable Fund

Richard and Christine Karger

Carrie Ann Karich in memory of Daylin Maentanis

Frank and Lisa Karkazis in memory of Renee Maggos

Aaron and Jeanette Katz 

Damaris Kearns

Keaty family

Patty and Ashley Keenan in honor of Nina Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser donor-advised fund of The Chicago Community Foundation

Michael and Rosalind Keiser

Beth Keister in memory of Jean Flory

Robert Kellam

Margarita Kellen

Mary Kay Kellerman in memory of David Goodrich

Heather Kelley

William Kelley in honor of Heather Kelley

Jean Kelly

Michael Kelly in memory of Joan Kelly

Susan Kelly in memory of Karen Staib Duffy

Terry Kelly

Robert B. Kennedy

Maureen Kent

Phoebe and James Kent

Anedra Kerr

Priscilla Kersten in honor of The Lassar family

Nancy and Alan Kessler in honor of Joel Solomon

Katelyn Kevin

Shaheena Khan

Cindy Kienzle in memory of John and Donna Oehler

Tom and Lisa Kieso in memory of William J. Meyer

The Kiker family

The Kimbell family

Peggy and Bob Kimble in honor of Joel Solomon

Elizabeth Kincaid

Donald Kindwald in honor of Richard and Elaine

Che King

Nancy and Jeff Kipnis

Christine Kivland

Rick and Carol Kjelstad

Maureen and Kim Klatt

Tammy Klaus

Colleen Klehr in memory of Lillian Baker

Casey Klemens in honor of Andrea Herchenbach

Mary and John Klos

Jamie Kochert in memory of Robert Bracken

Kristie Kohl in honor of Julia Brasfield

Kostoula Kolettis in memory of Renee Maggos

Anne Kopke

Delores Koretos in honor of Donna Macahan

Benjamin Kornfeld

Wayne and Ann Koskey

The Kowalewski family in memory of Sharon Cunningham

Jen Kowalski Drescher

Donald and Ruth Koziol

The Kozlowski family


Eugene R. and Sharon Kraklow

David and Jennifer Kramer in honor of Elizabeth G. Kramer

Jamie Kranberg in honor of Nancy Kranberg

Edward and Pam Krantz in memory of James Michael Pasternock

The Krasberg-Mason Foundation

Helen Kreidermacher

Robert D. Kreisman

Tom and Beth Kreutziger

Mark and Joan Krikau

Shane Krim

Jonathan Kruesi and Andrew Beattie

Carl Krumhardt, Jr.

Elizabeth and Stephen Krupkin

Philip Krupp

Carol Kruse

Jacquelyn Kruse in memory of Jim Pasternock

Carol Stoker

Travis and Michelle Kubly

Arthur Kuchta

Nikki Kueker in memory of Karen Staib Duffy

Gary Kufner

Tom Kuhn, Katy Daum and Chuck Kuhn in memory of Jeanne Barends

James E. Kupferschmidt

Susan Kurowski

Kurty in memory of Dolores Jean Ernsting

Carolyn Kuyper

Lydia and Gregory Kuzmenchuk

David and Patricia Kwarta

Kelli Kwiatkowski in honor of Henry Kwiatkowski

The Kye family

Catherine La Fleur

Carl Lacko in honor of Charlene Heinemann

Matt and Cynthia LaCourt

The LaDuke family

Jerry M. Lagrou in memory of Falicia C. Slavik

Ronald and Eileen Lane

Leslie Lane-Palmer

Kelly Langan

Bill and Char Langeland in honor of Rich and Dollie Auwerda

A & K Langohr in honor of Cher and Nick Paustian

Lanigan family

Catherine Lanigan

Dan and Jill Lanigan

Mary Kay Lanigan

Maureen Lanigan-Pitula

Andrew and Havalynn Lanum

Sharon and Thomas Laper

Larry and Martha Brown Larkin

Marcene Larkin in honor of Tom Larkin

Elizabeth Hunding-Larmon in honor of her birth son, Zach

Elizabeth Larson in memory of Jean Flory

Andre and Allen Larson

Karen and Kevin Larson

Kathleen and Kenneth Larson

Mark Larson

Margaret Lassar

Shirley Lata

Jeff and Leslie Laughlin in honor of Heather Kelley

Lincoln Lauhon and Maureen Bolon

Allison Lausas in honor of Heather Kelley

The LaVoie family in memory of Daylin Nohemi Maentanis

William J. Lawlor III

Lisa and Michael Lawyer in honor of Jerry Bear

Lorenda Layne

Samuel and Elizabeth Lazio in honor of Zia Augustina O’Neill-Lazio

Brien and Lauri Leahy

Mike and Kath LeBeau

Jon Leberknight

Beth LeClair in honor of her mom and dad

Lee Family Foundation

Dawn and Robert Lee

James and Sharon Lenn

Lynn and Pete Lennart in honor of Jerry Bear

Bill and Barb Lenz in memory of William J. Meyer

Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe, LLP

Richard and Linda Letherman

Candy Letterly

Libby Letterly

Suzanne Levaggi

Amy Levin

Barbara Levy

Larry and Carol Levy

Nancy Lewis in honor of Brian Lewis and in memory of Winfield Lewis

Stephen and Joyce Lewis

Matt and Sam Leyba

Gerrie Liaw

Celianne Libber and Ike Serotta in honor of Joel Solomon

Aniik Libby in honor of Tony Foster

Marvin and Kay Lichtman Foundation

Albert and Katherine Licup

The Liebl family

The A. Thomas Lies Family Foundation in memory of William J. Meyer

Judith Lilleston

Paul and Marilyn Lin 

Jean Lin

Melia Linardos in memory of Renee Maggos

Lind Family Charitable Fund

Thomas J. Lind and Kathy Lind

Lindley Family Charitable Foundation

Robert and Susan Lindsay in honor of Molly Kudlacz

Mary Link

Ellen and Rosy Lippman

Lipschultz, Levin & Gray in memory of Mary Anne Cappo

Liz Page Associates

Ronald Llanes and Hilda Valdivia in honor of their son, Rafael Llanes

Annette LoCascio in memory of Elegie LoCascio

Joseph LoCascio

Loeb Enterprises II LLC

Jessie Logan

David Lohff

Ellen Lohff

Lojo Foundation

Sarah Lombardi

Reba London

Charm London

Matthew Long

Tammy and David Lorber in honor of Maya Dove Schallman

The Love family

Anthony and Natasha Brown Love in honor of Avery Lynn Love

Charles Love

Regine G. Love

Thomas B. Lovejoy

Bruce and Karen Lovelace in honor of Noah Simonton

Challis Lowe

Annette and Ron Lubcke

John, Doug and Aidan Luce

Therese Luce in memory of Dr. John W. Luce

Michael and Joyce Lueth

Anne Lund

Allen G. Lundsberg in honor of Jerry Bear

Anthony and Beth Lupo

Glen Lusby Interiors

Bill and Susan Lutz

Charles and Patricia Lynch

Amanda Lynn

Erika Lynn

Harold M. Lyons

Virginia C. Lyons

Maas Foundation

MacArthur Foundation

MacDonald Charitable Fund

Kathy MacDonald

Tom Macfadden in memory of Jean Flory

Amy Mackenzie-Sanders in memory of Ethyl Anderson

Jeffrey Mackevich in honor of Joel Solomon

Joan W. Mackie

Larry and Rebecca Macy

Mary Jo Maddux in memory of David Goodrich

Shanah and Jeffrey Madoff in memory of Allan Gunn

Eileen Madrigal in memory of James P. McMahon

Patricia J. Madsen

Madura Family Charitable Fund

Chris, Stephanie and Nico Maentanis in memory of Daylin Maentanis

Dean and Michelle Maggos in memory of Renee Maggos

Branden Maglio

M.E. Maguire in honor of the Herchenbach-Silver family

Lori Magura in honor of Ian Hjerpy

Jill and John Maher

Lorraine Maiorello

Ria Majeske

Christine and Brian Major

Andrea and Alexandra Maka

Michelle and Ronald Malek

Andrea and William Malfese in memory of Daylin Nohemi Maentanis

Stephen Malone and Gina Totten

Carl Maniscalo in memory of Josephine Maniscalo

Corrie Manning

Manone Family Foundation in honor of Jerry Bear

Caleb Marcella, Gail Patrick and Jeff Marcella

Ken and Jean Marchini in honor of Rori Hintze

Kris Marcum

Toni Marie

Ed Markel

Andrea Markowicz in honor of Nina Friedman

Ivan Marks

Kenneth Marks

Margaret Jeka Marrs

Marcia Marshall and family

Pam and Jerry Marshall in memory of Kevin Kellen

Sheila Marshall

Beverly Martin In honor of Karen Whitacre

Jim Martin and Linda Deany

Mary Emma Fisher Trust

Richard and Shirley Marzullo

David E. Mason**

Susan and Mark Matejka

Sydney Matejka

George Matkov and Nancy Churchill

Maryvonne Mauprivez-Mack

Sam Mauro

Andrea and Brad May in honor of Joel Solomon

Brad May

Yael Mayer

Michael Mazzarella in honor of Taylor Mazzarella

McAuliffe Family Fund

Bonnie McCann in memory of Gene McCann

Hester and Andrew McCarthy in honor of Joel and Jessie Solomon

Kay McCarthy

William and Corinne McClintic

Amy McClory

Hoy and Patti McConnell

Bob and Marsha McCormick in memory of Allan Gunn

Terry McCormick in memory of Peter D. Campbell

The McCrorys in honor of William J. Meyer

Beth and Michael McCullough

Matthew McDermott 

Maureen and William McDermott

Sheila Mary McDonnell

John and Therese McDonough

John T. McEnroe

Patricia McGarr

Frank and Mary McGeath

Daniel McGinly in honor of Kim Williams

Linda McGovern in honor of Robert Bracken

William and Carolyn McGuckin

The McInerney family

Marjorie McKee in memory of Michael Barry Hayes

James McKinney in honor of Jeanne Enright

Scott McKown

Joan and J. Neil McLoughlin

Jennifer McMahon

James McMillan in honor of Jeanne Enright

Michael and Patricia McNamara

Gerald and Donna McNew

Patricia and David McNicholas in memory of John Dix

Paula A. McNicholas in honor of John Dix

James and Cheryl McPartlin in memory of Lorene Buckner

Allison McQueen

Barbara McQuillan

Kathleen McShane in honor of Arletta Barbel

Sandra McShane

Katie McSherry Moran

Leoni and Bill McVey

MDRT Foundation

David and Susan Meadows

Bob Mecklenburg

Melissa Mecklenburg

George Medellin

Rene and Maria Medina

Sherrie Medina

Anne Melvin in memory of Jeanne Stoddart Barends

Jenny Merdinger in honor of Corry Connelly and Nijole Yutkowitz

Marilyn Merz

Arlene Mesnard and Kenneth Mysliwiec in memory of Ann and Jim Mesnard

Elizabeth Meuer in memory of James Patrick McMahon

The Meyer family

Louis Meyer Family Foundation

Carol Meyer and friends in memory of William J. Meyer

Lenard and Charlotte Meyer

Karen Meyer-Ponzi

Mary Ann Meyers

Lauren Michelon in memory of Bill Meyer

Lorraine Michelson in memory of William J. Meyer

The Miller family

Amy and Daniel Miller

William B. Miller

Cindy and Andy Miller in honor of Maya Dove Schallman

Gregory and Colleen Miller

Howard and Sandy Miller in memory of Dietmar Grohlich

Katherine H. and William B. Miller Charitable Trust

Lynn and Elliot Miller in memory of Jean Flory

Drs. Ralph and Nancy Miller

Tiffany Miller

James and Mary Beth Milliken

Christeen Mindick and John Kainer in memory of Jim Pasternock

Sharon Miraglia in memory of Peggy Schlapper

Mario and Emily Mitchell in memory of Nick La Civita

Mark and Tawa Mitchell

Suzanne Mizgata

Carmella Molaro

Allan and Rita Moller

Lynn Montgomery

Andrea Moore

Anne H.T. Moore

Audry Moore

Michael Moore in memory of Robert and Pearl Seberg

Jala Moore

Kristian Moore and T.J. Hardaway

Mark and Suzi Moran

Katie and Sean Moran in honor of Jean Lin and Tom Morehead

Tracy and Josh More in memory of Donna G. Oehler

Christina Morehead

Julia Morehead

Tina Morehead

John Morel in memory of William Meyer

Belinda Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

Sari Mintz

Brian and Barbara Morrow

Gracia and Jim Morton in honor of their granddaughter, Riley Jean

Mickey and Sharon Morton in honor of Harold Morton

Terry B. Mosher

Christian Mosley

Amy Mosser and James Vance in honor of Emily Giana Vance

Bela Mote

Cameron Muir in memory of Kathleen C. Bertke

The Mulcrone family

The Muldrow-Schleis family

Patricia Muldrow

Michele A. Mulhall

Ann Mullholland

Agnes and David Murdoch

John Murphy

Melissa Murphy

Sharon Murphy

B.J. Murray

Ella Murray

Frances R. Murray

Linea Murray

David Muschler and Ann Becker in honor of Joel Solomon

Kate and Jim Mutchnik

Lynn Howe Myers & Jerry Myers Foundation

Lynn H. Myers

Marie Myszkowski


Bernadine Nawara

Janice C. Nazar

Derek Neathery and Kara Driscoll

John Neff

Erica and Barry Nelson in honor of Jeanne and Bill Enright

Suzanne W. Nelson in memory of John F. Sullivan

Sharon Neste in honor of Susan Carter

Jon and Julie Neustadt

Paul J. and Mary S. Neustadt in honor of of our daughters, Maggy and Elizabeth

Newberry and Price families in memory of Sharon L. Cunningham

Emma Newsham

Margo, Joel and Oliver Schwartz-Newton

Karen S. Nice in memory of Peggy Schlapper

David and Kristy Nicholls

Alana Nicole

The Niemi family

Caryn Nightengale

Joseph and Mary Nimrod

Mark and Mary Nishan

James and Rhonda Nissen

Marty Nixon and Norman Mechanical Inc. in memory of William J. Meyer

Dolores Nobles-Knight

Christian and Pamela Nokkentved

Drs. Sean and Emily Nolan in memory of James McMahon

Sharyn Nolan in memory of Jim McMahon

Eloise Day Noland

Kathryn Noone

Richard S. Nopar

Roger & Ruth Nordby Family Fund of the South Dakota Community Foundation

Terri Norman

Denver and Patricia Norman

North Suburban Pediatrics

Betsy and Scott Lassar in honor of Meg Lassar, Jason Maslanka and Owen

Dennis and Nancy Novak

Catherine and James Nowacki

Mary Nunchuck and Donald Scheef in memory of Renee Maggos

The Nybergs in honor of Amy and Trudy

Mary O’Brien Slota

Frances H. O’Brien

Peter O’Brien and Cheryl Lulias

Timothy and Margie O’Connor

Stephen and Kelly O’Connor

Michael Odar

Ken and Brenda Odom

Remi Oduba

Makoto Ogura

Frank O. O’Hallaron

Janet and John Ohaver in memory of Sharon Cunningham

Colleen O’Leary

The Olsen family in memory of William Meyer

Kati Olsen

The Olson family

Victoria Olson

Deborah O’Malley

Ann and Harry Oppenheimer in honor of Joel Solomon

The Options Clearing Corporation

Orange Theory Fitness

Karen L. Orth in memory of Barbara Ottenhoff

Dennis and Assunta Osgood

Michael and Melissa Oskielunas

Ernest and Barbara Oskin

Robert and Sharon Wilke Otrembiak in honor of Bethany Bekas

Carl and Patricia Overhuls

Park Owens in honor of Heather Kelley

Charles Padelford

Jennifer and Bradford Page

Jane Page

John and Kristine Palmer

Keith Paluska in memory of Carole Paluska

The Pampinella Family Charitable Foundation

Frank and Marianne Papp

James Parent in honor of Herchenbach

The Pareti family

Lucy Park

Ed Parker

The Edward C. and Edith B. Parker Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

Kim Parker

Keith and Cindy Parker

Lynn Parker Turnbull

Gerry Pas in memory of Allan Gunn

Louis and Arlene Pasierb

Carol Passalaqua

Kirsten Passalino

Julia Paster

Susan Pasternock in memory of James Pasternock

Raheel Patel in honor of Heather Kelley

Lynn Patinkin

Timothy Patten

Ronan and Lori Patterson in honor of Kimberly Paral Patterson

Tonise Paul in memory of Dr. John Sullivan

Paulk Family Charitable Fund

Shirley and Charles M. Paulk, Jr.

Ana Pavlovic in honor of Zariah Serrano

Sally G. Paynter

Michael Pechette

Linda and Tom Pedroza

Pegasus Foundation

Jim Peggs and Peg Talburtt

Mary Ann Pekarek in honor of Mary Connelly

Jill Peligan

Michael Pellechia

Jan and Neil Pellman

Marc Pellman in honor of Annabelle and Liam

Donna Pelsi in memory of Deborah DeVincent

Lindsay Percival

Susan Perkins

Allison Perlowski in honor of Reece

James Perrin

Mary Anne Perrine in honor of Elliot and Amanda Bennett

Cynthia Pestel

Bogdan Pesut

Peterson Family Foundation

Michael Peterson in honor of Heather Kelley

Bruce and Lynne Peterson

Cynthia Peterson

Darlene Peterson

Katherine Peterson

Leonard and Gill Peterson in memory of Peggy Schlapper

Melanie and Dan Peterson

Charlotte and Dave Pfefer in memory of Sharon Cunningham

Zachary Pfeiffer

Patricia M. Phelan

The Christopher and Fermina Phillips Charitable Fund in honor of Jala and Phoenix Moore

Beata Welsh and David Phillips

Laura Phillips in memory of Charlene Heinemann

Marla Philpot

Yvonne Piazzi in memory of Peggy Schlapper

Patricia and Dennis Pieper

Dr. Darlene Pierre-Louis

Neal and Frieda Pilson in memory of John Whitney

Sam and Linda Pirrello 

Marques Pitre in honor of Jala Moore

Janice Pittman in memory of William J. Meyer

Robert and Gail Pless in honor of Joe Enright

Kevin Plunkett

Don and Martha Pollak

Susan and Michael Pomykalski

Poreba family in memory of Daylin Nohemi Maentanis

Lucy and Richard Port in honor of Maya

Dawn Hudspeth Porter

Ed and Marge Posega

Bernadine Postlewaite

Pam Postlewaite

Bill and Fran Potter

Natalie Potts

Barb Powers

Mayre Press

Kaitlin Price

Kevin and Myra Price and family

Leslie Price

Joy and Melvin Pritchard

Robert and Judith Prosser

Barbara and Fred Provus in memory of Maria Rubly

Jess Pruess

Patricia Pruitt

PuffCuff, LLC in honor of Greisen R.A. Lash

Susan and Steven Puffpaff

Karen and Samuel Purves

Allison Quackenbush

Lawrence Radler

Radzinski family in memory of Daylin Maentanis 

Deanna Rae

Amy and Joe Ragnanese in memory of Daylin Maentanis

Richard and Ruri Kei Ralston

Collette Rand

Elizabeth E. Rands* in memory of William C. Rands III

William C. Rands III**

Jason and Lauren Rapisand

Jason Rasmussen and Patrick Zylka

Kim Rasmussen

Thomas C. Ratchford

Susan Ratzer


John Ray

Peg and Herb Redding in memory of Sharon Cunningham

April Reed

Kim Hesterman Reed

Reedy Simons Family Philanthropic Fund

Coleen Reedy

Timothy J. Regan

Jim and Rita Regis

Caitlin, Marshall and Sharon Reichert in memory of Kathleen C. Bertke

The Reichert Foundation

Candida Miranda

Kevin and Renee Reilly

Kathy Rey

Jason and Patricia Reynolds in honor of Cassie and Joseph Reynolds

Laura Reynolds

Rhode Island Family Campers Association (RIFCA) in memory of John Howard Whitney

The Toni and Don Richards Charitable Fund

Sue Richardson in honor of Lucille Sworst

Irene Rico in honor of Heather Kelley

Risch family in honor of Andrea Herchenbach

Mercedes Ritchey in honor of Heather Kelley

Erik and Jeannine Rittenhouse

Julie and Felipe Rivera

John Robbins

Emilie Wood Robinson

Nichole Robinson

Sheila Robinson in honor of Jala Moore

The Robinson family

Joan and Chris Rockey

Zita Rocky

Megan Roe

Lynn and Corny Roemaat

Caleb, Megan and Brian Roether in honor of Stuart E. White

Michelle Rogers

Tom and Mary Rogers

Howard Roin

Donna Rolf

Kristine Rollwagen in memory of Thomas Barber

Joan E. Romer

Robert and Valerie Rosenberg

Anita Rosenblum

Benjamin J. Rosenthal Foundation

Norman and Danit Rosenthal

Susan Rosenthal

Nancy and Hal Roseth in honor of Maya Dove Schallman

Dan and Patti Rosinski in memory of Ann Theresa Topalovic

Phyllis and Bruce Rosnes

Kenyatta Williams Ross

The Roth family in honor of Rosemary and Phil White

Jeri and Joel Rothman in honor of Joel Solomon

Joan Routledge in memory of Peggy Schlapper

Todd Rowden in honor of Heather Kelley

Robb and Elizabeth Rowe

Carol Rowells in memory of Jean Flory

Lawrence H. Rubly

Judy and David Rubovits

Arlie Sachs Rubovits Memorial Fund of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago 

Steve and Sue Ruch in memory of Jean Flory

Toyia Rudd

The Rudins in honor of Joe Enright

George and Mary Ruebenson

Trick Runions

Rhoda Runzheimer

The Ruschy family

Ruskin Foundation

Rust-Oleum in honor of The Duha family

The Rutan-Levy family

The Ruthman family in memory of Michael Hayes

Julie Ruxton

Judy Ryan in memory of Falicia Slavik

Patrick Ryan in honor of John Luce

Richard and Rekha Sabel

Besset and Jennifer Sabourin in honor of Elena Sabourin

Jane Sackrison in honor of Susan DeMaris

Chettha and Maureen Saetia

John and Danette Sagat in memory of James Patrick McMahon

Edward and Marianne Salisbury

Peggy Samuelson in honor of Taylor Samuelson

Sanborn Dahling Fund

Nancy Sanborn and Richard Dahling

John W. Sanders

Tim Sanders in memory of Ethyl Anderson

Martin Sandoval

Kathleen Santangelo

John Sapp

Sargent Family Foundation

Gabriele Saure in honor of Heather Kelley

Candace Savalas

Marilynn Savalas

Dean and Arlene Scane

Braeden, Elisa and Palmer Schaefer

Carolyn and Jack Schaefer

Charles Schaefer**

Ed and Katherine Schaefer

Marianne Schapiro in memory of John Fitzpatrick Sullivan

Melissa Schaupp

Joan Z. Scheel

Henry W. Scherer in memory of James Pasternock

Peggy Schlapper*

Michael and Anne Schleich

Jennifer and Michelle Schleppi, Leah Graham, Ryan Lippe and Jacob Speights in memory of Jeanne Stoddart Barends

Triona Schmelter in honor of Heather Kelley

Robert and Janell Schoellhorn in honor of Kaycee Schoellhorn

Michale Scholefield

Anne-Marie Scholer

Sarah Scholl in memory of Deborah and Michael Scholl

Carleen Schreder

Jessica Schreiber in memory of Char Heinemann

Judith Schuelke

Peggy and Robert Schueneman

Jerry Schulman and Mary Falat-Schulman in memory of Michael Walter Schulman

Julie Schuster in memory of Jean Flory

Rick and Mary Schuster in honor of Joel Solomon

Don and Susan Schwartz in honor of Joel Solomon

Steph Schwartz and Lee Warren in honor of Joel Solomon

Wally and Debbie Schwartz in memory of William J. Meyer

Tom Schwoegler

Michael Scolaro

Mark and Jane Scott

Ann M. Searles in honor of Penelope Boardman

Edith Sears

Francis P. Sears, III and Suzanne Sears

Johanne Seeds in memory of Sandy Johnson

Greg Sego and Nick Gehl

Kristin Sellinger

The Selner family in honor of Keon Xavier Selner

Lisa Selner in honor of Keon Xavier Selner

Carol Semrad

Kathleen Senffner

Margaret Sents in honor of Mary Sents

Barbara and Robert Senzig in honor of Geraldine Gaffney

Lawrence and Arlette Seppi

Judy and Tom Serafin

Mary and Bernard Sergesketter

Rabbi Ike Serotta and Ceilanne Libber

The Serrano family in honor of Zariah’s first family

Kathy and Ed Sessions in honor of Elizabeth Kramer

Helen Webb Settle

Sharbel Shamoon

Elaine M. Sharer

Tanya Sharman

Kim and John Shattuck in memory of Jean Ullman Ernsting

Evelyn Shaw

Jane Shaw

Benjamin Shaw in memory of Peggy J. Schlapper

Steve Shepherd

The Sheppel family

Denis and Patricia Shine

Amy Shortal

Sari Shuman

Judith and Thomas Siano

Lerone Sidberry

Corky and Bill Siegfriedt

David Sigel

Denise Silas in honor of Jala and Phoenix Moore

Sarah Silva

Gary Silver in honor of the Herchenbach-Silver family

Michael Silver and Michael Vozzella in honor of the Herchenbach-Silver family

Martin B. Silverman

Simms-Whittle family

Arthur and Donna Simon

Kimberly Simonton

Annie and Cindi Sinnott

The Siragusa Family Foundation

Diane Skrobot Hagler

Ellen Bernstein Slan and Dennis Slan

Charles and Joanne Sleezer in memory of William J. Meyer

Julie and Dave Slezak in memory of Dietmar Grohlich

Cynthia Sloan

Suzanne T. Smart

Sandra Smedinghoff

Mark and Janet Smejkal in memory of John Smejkal and in honor of Lillian Smejkal

Adrian Smith

Candice Smith

Elaine Smith in honor of Graison Smith

Gary H. Smith

Kelly and Kyle Smith

Kim Smith

Lisa Smith

Margaret Smith

Nancy and Terry Smith

Robert T. Smith

John Snyder in memory of Happy and Bill Rands

Victoria and Richard Snyder in memory of Jean Flory

Eric Soderholm

Ann and Bob Soderstrom

Joel and Jessie Solomon

Ladd Solomon

Mary Jane Solomon

Ellen Somberg and Kathy O’Donnell in honor of Carly Somberg

The Sorensen Family Fund in honor of Alyssa Sorensen

Adriana Sormani

Robert C. Spang

Rebecca Spence

Thomas and Judith Spencer

Carol Sperco

Julie Spiller

The Spires family

Spool Marketing and Communications

Maureen and Greg Sprich in memory of Renee Maggos

Michelle Spruit

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Anthony Stallone

The Stancampiano family in honor of Baylie

Tanya Stanish

Cakes Stanley

Carl and Barbara Stanley Charitable Trust

Phil Stanley

Greg and Janice Stanmar

Stacy Shein Stapleton

Anne P. Stark

Monica Stasek

Catherine Stebbins in memory of William D. Sutherland

John and Lisa Steele in memory of William J. Meyer

Michael Steele

Roger Steimel in honor of Emma Nicholls

Maribeth Stein in memory of Phyllis Ponder

Donald and Arlene Steinhagen

Steven and Laura Lynn Stelter

Paula Stendel

Rhonda Stenzinger

Polly and Tom Stilp

Holly and Richard Stover in memory of John Whitney

Debra Strandhagen

Loreen Strasser in honor of Jeanne Enright

Karen Stroble

Charise Studesville

Teresa Stultz

Lindsay Sudol in honor of Heather Kelley

Michael Sullivan

Jill and Timothy Sullivan

Maurice Sullivan in memory of John F. Sullivan and Mary Anne Cappo

Nancy E. Sullivan in memory of Timothy Sullivan

Jennifer Sutherland

Gregory Sutton

Judith Sutton in honor of Annie and James Sutton

Lorna Sutton

Susan J. Swanson

Peggy and Jim Swartchild in honor of Joel Solomon

Julie Swedarsky

Dave and Linda Swengel

Gerald A. Swick

Mark and Mary Swiderski

Lucille Sworst

Jerome and Alicia Szeszol

John and Beth Tabacsko in honor of Kay and Ellie

Bryan Tam

Tam in honor of Joel Solomon

Rose Tan in memory of Dietmar Grohlich

Whitney Tancred

Pam Tancredi

John B. Tarpey Jr.

Grayson, Grady and Grant Taylor in honor of Jim, Mary, Corry and Jimmy Connelly

Anne Ross Taylor and Mark Taylor

Bob and Lisa Taylor in honor of Jim Connelly

Brian Taylor

Robert Taylor in honor of Jim Connelly

Susan and Tom Temple

Barbara Templeman

Susan Templeton

Barbara H. Terepin in memory of Richard Terepin

John Theobald in honor of Mary Theobald

Dale Thomas

Kathleen Thomas

Phyllis Scholl Thomas and Alan Curtis

Darren and Sherece Thompson

Susan and Herbert Douglas Thornley

Mieke Thorson

The Thursday Evening Club of Pittsfield, MA in memory of John H. Whitney

Jack Thurston

T.T. and Brian Tigges in memory of Jim McMahon

Frank P. Tighe Jr. in memory of Jane Mary Finn Tighe

David Timonen

Kathy Tisdahl in honor of Penelope Savalas Boardman

Carolyn Marie Tocks

John, Carolyn, Matt and Sarah Tocks

Michael and Julia Toepfer in honor of Julian Haley Toepfer

Christine and Peter Haley Toepfer

Nancy Tomb in honor of The Markowitz family

Lisa Townsend

William D. Trainor, M.D.

Bettye Traylor

Phyllis Treff

Melissa Jenco Trice in memory of Michael Hayes

John and Mary Tris 

Karen Troogstad in memory of Jim McMahon

Michael and Christine Samonds

James and Betty Tsiolis in memory of Renee Maggos

Laurina Tucker

Kim and Joe Tullo

Susan and John Turben

Julie Tye in honor of Joel Solomon

Ethel Tyus

The Uhlenhop family

S.P. Ullman

Michael and Debbie Urman

Marc and Erica Urquhart

Frank and Patricia Uxa

John Van Horn

Sarah Van Steenburg

John and Eleanor Howard Vance

John and Barb Vande Werken in memory of Barbara Ottenhoff

Daniel Vangen

Molly and David Jarmusz in honor of Carol VanRemortel

Jan Vartzikos

Sarah Farmer Vasen on behalf of J. Stephen Vasen**

Ashvin Veligandla

Tom and Sharon Venchus

Cindy Verhoek Insurance Agency

Joseph Verrillo

Vesely Family Fund

Michael and Karen Vetri

Kathleen Villano

Heather and Ross Vittore in memory of Dolores Jean Ernsting

Virginia Voedisch

Dolores VanderHaar

Vortex Foundation

Carol Vroom in honor of Corry and Jim Connelly

Richard Vukson in memory of Sabra Patterson

Carol Waddell in memory of Stuart and Douglas Waddell

Patricia and Norm Wagner in honor of Marcantonio, Joseph, Caterina, Luca and Luna

Danielle Wagner

Karen Winquist Waligorski

Keisha Walker

Janet Smith Walker

John and Donna Walker in memory of Renee Maggos

Linda and Allan Walker

Rod and Maggie Walker

Trish and Harold Wallace in honor of Will and Heather Kelley

Katie and John Wallor

Steve and Mary Walrath

John P. Walsh in honor of Heather Kelley

Kally Walsh in honor of Heather Kelley

Nancy Walrath Walsworth

Deborah and Gary Irwin Walt in memory of Dr. Richard C. Burnstine

Hilary Ward

Sue B. Ward

Willa B. Ward

Linda K. Warren

Jaclyn Warrick in honor of Mary and Mike Phenner

Janet Wasilewski

Water Street Healthcare Partners

Bill and June Watson in memory of Donna Oehler

Welsey and Myra Watson in honor of Lydia Watson

Sandra and Anthony Wawczak in memory of Lisa Wawczak

Gregory Wayne

Joseph Wear

Allison Weatherly in memory of Daylin Maentanis 

Margaret and Michael Weaver

Jack and Marie Weber

Lynne and David B. Weinberg in honor of Joel Solomon

Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation

Denny and Mary Jo Weisert

John and Ellen Welk in memory of Jim Pasternock

Kieren Welsh-Phillips

Donna Werner

Carol and Lou Westol in honor of Jerry Bear

Westview Elementary School in memory of Daylin Maentanis

Michele Wetzel Hillman

Simone O. Wheeler, C.F.R.E.

Stephen and Bridget Whisdosh

Karen and Gerald Whitacre

Stuart and Suzanne White

Carolynn White in memory of Bob and Kevin White

Duncan and Kelley White

Gordon White in honor of Stuart and Suzie White

Philip and Rosemary White

W.P. & H.B. White Foundation

Drew Whitehead

Paula Wienkoop in memory of Glenn Wienkoop

Jason Wilcox in honor of Matthew Wilcox

Robert and Jayne Wilcox

Mary Wilheit

Timothy Wilhelm

George S. Wilkins

Faye Williams

Elizabeth Williams in honor of Andrea Herchenbach

Jeffrey Williams in honor of Aljur Williams

Marlon Williamson

Edna M. Wilson in memory of Kenneth M. Wilson

India Wilson

Marcia and Mark Wilson

Owen and Mary Wilson

Veronica Wilson

Sharon Wilson-Taylor and Dwight Taylor

Skip and Kathy Windsor in memory of John H. Whitney

Margaret and William Winters

William and Donna Wittert

Mark and Diane Wnek

Arthur Wnuk

Chau Woeste

Richard, Joan, Ben and Josh Wolff in honor of Joel Solomon

Robert and Wendy Wolff in memory of Ann and Arnie Wolff

Norman Wolowicki

John Wonak

The Rev. Robert L. Woodbury in honor of Joanna Claire Woodbury

Karen Woodbury in honor of Joanna Woodbury

Gretchen Woodruff

Allison and Rob Woods

David and Maureen Wozniak

Margaret and John Wright Jr.

Kirk and Mary Wulf

Dr. Lewin* and Lillie Wyatt

Lillie Wyatt in memory of Dr. Lewin Wyatt Jr.

Mary Wyman

Cara, Neva and Santosh Yajnik

Julia Yaklich in memory of John and Doris Baggesen

Tracy Yannias in memory of Renee Maggos

Christina Yeh

Jaime Yeh in honor of Heather Kelley

Gregory Yore and Nicole Karbowski

Dallas Young Jr.

Derrick Young

George A. Young Jr.

Myla Young

Nijole Yutkowitz

Sylvia Zaldivar

The Zambianchi family

Jill Zaretsky in honor of Anne Bode

Theresa and Vincent Zaworski

David and Christine Zebrack

Gary and Marybeth Zielinski

Bridget and Alec Zocher

Kurt Zoller

Casandra Zufelt

Annette Roder-Zulawski and David Zulawski

Mary Zupansic

Healthcare Partners

Many hospitals, health departments, medical clinics and community social service organizations have collaborated with The Cradle to support patients/clients who have considered adoption or have placed a child for adoption. We are grateful for their partnership.

Education and Engagement Partners

The Cradle is so grateful for the friends who help us provide high-quality, engaging community education programs.

Christy Beighe-Byrne

Miracle Beighe-Byrne

Ian Brock

Michael Brock

Cosette Eisenhauer

Jhorna Hochstedler

Kelly Fair

JD Glienna

Dr. Brooke Jackson

Jahkil Jackson

Elizabeth Jacobs

Amanda McKinstry

DeAnna McLeary-Sherman

Iisha Scott

Ivey Smith

Na-Tae’ Thompson 

Ryan Whitacre

Abbott Labs


Andersen Tax



Bank of America

Best Buy

BMO Financial Group

Comcast NBC Universal

CSAA Insurance Exchange





Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program




Johnson Controls

JPMC Foundation

KPMG Gives c/o Bergen County’s United Way



Motorola Solutions


PNC Foundation


Raytheon Technologies

Takeda Pharmaceuticals


United Way of Greater Los Angeles

United Way of Lake County

Wipfli Foundation, Inc


Cards for Causes

CharityChoice Charity Gift Certificates


Thank you to the nearly 500 friends and families who joined us to celebrate 99 years of adoption stories during the virtual live stream of our documentary Stories from the Red Couch on February 26, 2022!

Watch the Film

Produced By

Cinema Relics

Featured Cradle Families

Bode family

Coupet family

Dumas family

Keblusek family

Kihoi family

Lassar-Maslanka family

Love family

Markowitz family

Sabourin family

Featured Speakers

Dan Lanigan, producer, and family

Brandis Friedman, WTTW Chicago Tonight

Event Co-Chairs

Corry Connelly

Penelope Savalas Boardman


The Connelly family

Penelope Savalas Boardman

Aristotle Foundation (Telly Savalas Family Memorial Fund)

Kimberly Simonton

Nancy Sanborn and Richard Dahling

John, Doug and Aidan Luce


Water Street Healthcare Partners


Mary Ann Hays

HPS Chicago


Jerry and Kathy Biederman

The Bode family

J’ai and Frank Brown

Tom and Mary Rogers

Alexandra Brady

Michelle and Travis Kubly

Julia Paster

Natasha Brown Love

Liz Page Associates

Bridget and Alec Zocher

Chuck and Helen Blouir

Robert and Lisa Taylor

Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe

Meg Lassar and Jason Maslanka

Jeff and Susan Jacobs

Matthew and Mandy McDermott

Donald and Jane Barringer

Don and Martha Pollak

Priscilla Kersten

Stephen and Bridget Whisdosh

Watch Party Hosts

The Bode family

Kimberly Simonton and John Luce

Jane and Neil Cummins

Promotional & Technical Support


J. Sherman Studio

Liz Page Associates

The Cradle Legacy Society includes those who have made a commitment to the future of The Cradle and to support individuals and families touched by adoption. Legacy Society members can include The Cradle in their estate plan through a bequest in a will or living trust, a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement plan or other arrangement. The Cradle Legacy Society also includes friends of The Cradle whose memory inspired support of our programs in lieu of flowers at the time of their passing.

Margaret M. Adams

Hall Adams Jr.

W.R. Adams Jr.

Judith Albers

Larry and Jane Austermiller

Constance and James Balaguer

Mary Elizabeth Berry

Penelope Salavas Boardman

John J. Cahill II

Robert P. Carpenter

Cynthia A. Cummings

Paula Dix

Judith Eissler

Richard D. Ford

Andrew M. Franklin

Shizuko Fulk

John D. Gabor

Mary Ann Hays

Ralph E. Heim

Chip Holman

Ronald J. Jaszczak

Pamela Jones Del Vecchio

Dennis H. Kelly

Robert B. Kennedy

Daylin Nohemi Maentanis

Diane Mall

Arlene Mesnard

Richard F. Mills

Sidney C. Mott

Jon C. and Julie Neustadt

Edith B. Parker

Charles Paulk

Michael E. Phenner

Elizabeth Rands

William Rands

Kevin P. Reilly

Colleen and Charles Remsberg

Mary and Thomas Rogers

Charles Schaefer

Suzanne and James Schlindwein

Katherine Schoellhorn

Sevill Schofield, Jr. and Virginia Schofield

Dave Schuelke

Donald and Marilyn Shaikewitz

Kimberly Simonton

Falicia C. Slavik

Ellie Sullivan

Stephen Vasen

Karin Fidrych West

Dr. Lewin J. Wyatt Jr.

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