Is Adoption Right For Me?

There are many reasons why you may be considering adoption or thinking about adoption choices.

Perhaps you are not ready to be a mother or you don’t have the resources to parent. Or maybe you believe that the baby would have a better life in the home of an adoptive family. Realize that these are common concerns and among many of the reasons why some women choose adoption.

They may be considering adoption because of personal circumstances:

  • They want to complete their education or other life goals.
  • They don’t have the financial ability to parent.
  • They feel they are not yet mature enough to raise a child.
  • They don’t have any or enough support from the father, friends or family to raise a child at this time.

Or they may be considering adoption because they are not currently in a position to offer the child the life they really want for them:

  • They want two parents for a child.
  • They want a family that's ready to have a child, both financially and emotionally.

No matter what the situation is, we are here to offer you support and guidance when you need it.

Why I Chose Adoption for my Daughter

Video Transcript

Slide: How did you come to choose adoption for your daughter?

Renee: I actually considered keeping my baby and raising her, and I had three teenage children at home so that was kind of a thought too. I guess I started coming out of my euphoric feeling of 'I am woman hear me roar,' and I realized that there may be some other options. It was a Sunday evening really late at night and I called the 800 number on the website and I spoke to someone who was so… there was just something about them. It was just a person but the connection just seemed really strong.

Then the next day I got a call from someone at The Cradle and the conversation was really warm. It was who ended up being my counselor, her name is Lea. Lea turned out to be the connection I needed. I think one of my biggest concerns was how would I view myself as a mother. Like I did this. I have three incredible children, why couldn’t I do that again?

Through the strength that I felt that I got from my counselor, I was much stronger than I thought I would be. And I think that’s what it took was the recognition that when you decide something is right then it’s just right. It was just probably the comfort in knowing that whatever I might decide to do it’s going to be what’s right for me, not for other people’s opinions or thoughts.

So Lea helped me to not push forward with any process that she knew in her professional career that I, as a birth mom, needed to go through.