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Fun Facts

  1. I co-founded a salsa dance group called Azúcar in college (named after Celia Cruz) over 20 years ago, and the group is still active today. I also still dance salsa here in Chicago!
  2. My guilty pleasure TV series is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I lived there a couple of years and I miss it sometimes.
  3. I refuse to eat BBQ in Chicago. I’m from Dallas, so that’s like someone from Chicago eating deep dish in Dallas. You just wouldn’t do it!
  4. I saw a picture of my grandmother in the Civil Rights exhibit in Field Museum over 10 years ago while visiting a friend here for the weekend.
  5. I lived in Abu Dhabi (near Dubai) for 3 years before moving to Chicago. I convinced my mom and my 75-year-old granny to go sand dune bashing when they came to visit me! It ended up with car sickness for them, but they still love me!

Fun Facts About Diva!

  1. My middle name is Dallas after my mommy’s hometown.
  2. My favorite game to play is tug. I’ve won against dogs 3 times my size!
  3. My mommy knew she wanted to take me home after I peed on her but then gave her the biggest cuddle when she came to see me.
  4. I take the cutest pics for everyone but mommy! I’ll turn my head when she pulls out her phone, but I pose like a model for anyone else.
  5. My best trick to date is that I know how to pick up and put all my toys away on command. Mommy taught me herself!

Dear Expectant Parents,

I want to express gratitude to you for stopping by our profile. I hope that as you gather information to make this very important decision, this profile helps to give you a glimpse of who I am, how special Diva is to me, and why together we can provide a loving home to a precious child.

Me visiting Zoo Lights for the 1st time

About Me:

I have lived in Chicago for the past 5 years, enjoying Summertime Chi and making it through the cold winters by finding fun things to do like museums, concerts, dancing, and experiencing the food scene. I live near the lakefront, and my favorite thing to do when it’s warm out is to hang out close to the water.

Diva is my pandemic puppy, and she made me a dog person. She’s calm but energetic, funny, sweet, and makes everyone she meets fall in love with her like I have. She means the world to me and will make a great friend and playmate to her human sibling!

I’m an educator and have been taking care of children in some way since I was 7 years old. I was raised by a village, and that’s how I will raise the child that joins our family.

Me and the Diva

Why Adoption?

My village was my extended family when my parents were not able to care for me. I’ve wanted to adopt since I seriously began considering parenthood because I want to help be a loving source of guidance and support for a child the way my village was for me. I am unable to have biological children, so I am choosing to pursue motherhood the way that I first envisioned anyway; through adoption. As a future single parent, I plan to rely on the friends who have become family that I have cultivated here in Chicago, and my family back home in Dallas to provide that village for us.


We are open:

I intend to have an open relationship to our birth family for a few reasons. First, I’m just a very straightforward, honest person, and I couldn’t imagine being any other way with our child from the very beginning. Second, I understand how important openness is for the child’s well-being and development. Third, our child will benefit from knowing as much about their birth family and culture as possible, and I am excited for the discovery.

I imagine this to be one of the most difficult choices of your life; to entrust the loving care of your child to someone that you have no prior connection with. I want you to know that you are always welcome, and I want to earn your trust over time. I want our child to always know that they are loved and that our family was formed in love. Together, we will figure out what this looks like for us, and our village will be even stronger.

Mama, me, and Gran


For even taking the time to learn about me and Diva, I am grateful. I wish you peace, and pray that you truly feel supported as you make your decision.


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