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Meet Michael & Bobby

Michael & Bobby

Fun Facts

Bobby’s Fun Facts

  • Bobby is an official Iron Man, having completed the Iron Man Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Bobby spent summers in high school painting murals in children’s hospitals.
  • Bobby has a huge collection of thousands of comic books that he started as a kid and continues to collect today.
  • Bobby has amazing cookie recipes from his grandmother that he loves to make for special occasions.
  • During COVID, Bobby spent thousands of hours meticulously restoring the original woodwork in our home.

Michael’s Fun Facts

  • Michael has travelled to 15 foreign countries and always learns how to say “hello,” “thank you,” and “no, please,” before he goes.
  • Michael spent t10 weekends replanting the front yard landscaping last summer.
  • Michael completed seven years of college and 7,923 hours of internship to become a licensed architect.
  • Michael is currently redesigning part of the family home, including a playroom in the attic.
  • Michael has gone on summer vacations with his parents and brother’s family every year of his life. 


While we are a family of writers and artists, we can’t find the words or pictures to describe the hope and love we’re feeling. Your strength and love in considering adoption means everything to our family.

Though we’ve never met you, we’re thinking about who you are every day. It’s our hope that you’re feeling respected, loved and supported right now.

We also hope these pictures give you a sense of how much our family means to us, and the unconditional love we would be so grateful to share with your child.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Bobby, Michael & Tatum

We are a family of adopted siblings, cousins and friends

Adoption Has Made Our Family

Adoption has long been an important part of our family. Through adoption, we became fathers to our daughter, Tatum (age 2) and uncles to Bobby (10), Emmy (7) and Theo (6).  We also have several family members and friends with young children who are adopted, and some with adult siblings who were adopted. Along with our entire family, they are all loved and have brought us so much love. We are grateful to have them in our family and for their ability to understand and share the experiences of adoption with your child.

For us, adoption means more love, more joy, more happiness – we can’t imagine our family any other way.

Michael Through Bobby’s Eyes

Michael loves to learn about the world and share what he knows. He loves reading, researching (for his job), travelling and is excited to explore the world with your child. Thoughtful and open-minded, he respects the ideas and experiences of others and loves to be supportive. Friends and family often come to him for advice. Michael believes that providing a supportive, optimistic and safe environment for your child to grow and discover themselves is the best way he can be a good father. 

Michael is thoughtful, open-minded and loves to be supportive

Bobby Through Michael’s Eyes

Bobby believes that a person’s emotional journey is the most important aspect of themselves. He comes from a family of social workers (both parents and all three of his siblings), so empathy, compassion and support are central to his understanding of fatherhood. He is big on “I love yous” and always there for a hug or words of encouragement. A big kid at heart, Bobby is a fan of game nights, organizing arts and crafts and kicking off dance parties in the living room. He is excited to play with our new child, both to help them learn and just for fun. Bobby is an attentive father and a passionate defender of individuality. He will provide a safe and loving place for your child to discover who they are and support them in their journey. 

Bobby believes empathy, compassion and fun are central to fatherhood

Tatum Through Her Fathers’ Eyes

Tatum is very social two-year-old who likes to make sure everyone’s included. Whenever she’s having fun, she’ll stop what she’s doing to invite others to join – whether it’s bringing in grandpa to join a singalong or getting her cousins into the play room. She can’t wait to invite her little brother or sister to join the fun! Tatum has a lot of empathy and is very affectionate. Even when we read books, if a character looks sad, we have to pause so she can give them a kiss before turning the page. We know she’ll be a very loving big sister who looks out for her younger sibling.

Tatum is excited for a little brother or sister

Home and Community

We selected our community for its safety and diversity. Our neighborhood has a high concentration of LGBTQ and adoptive families, and good schools known for both their diversity and academics. We believe our community is a great place to discover your child’s interests, dreams and personality. In our home, we value family, education and the arts. Our larger family – three grandparents, eight aunts and uncles and eight cousins – are all within one hour driving distance of our home.  We are all very close and typically together for holidays, birthdays and summer vacations. The school system in our community is geared toward diversity and preparation for college beginning at the elementary level. Our community is also known for its many arts and athletic children’s programs, all of which we are excited to share with your child. We live within walking distance of several parks and playgrounds, the elementary school and the town center, where there are many community events and celebrations.


We know firsthand how important it is for adopted children to know their birth families love them, even if they cannot be present all of the time.   

We also understand that every open relationship is different and changes over time. We appreciate that it can be difficult for a birth family to keep in touch. We are grateful for any level of openness that you can provide. We have seen how Tatum, Bobby, Emmy and Theo have benefitted from information about their birth families and contact with them, even if limited.   

While we’re hopeful for openness, we are not approaching this adoption with any expectations. We want to hear your thoughts about it, what you’re comfortable with and what you hope for. Whatever your feelings now, we are fully committed to keeping a line of communication open regardless of how our relationship develops. 

Thank You

Thank you – While we can’t find those perfect words or pictures to express our love and hope, we thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. It means a lot to us.

Thank you for considering us as you explore adoption. We understand the decisions you are making aren’t easy ones, and we wish you the best.

With love,

Michael & Bobby

Michael & Bobby Family Photos

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