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Meet Mary Ann & Luke

Mary Ann & Luke

Fun Facts

Mary Ann
  • Loves Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice cream from Baskin Robbins
  • Has traveled to Australia 2 times
  • Loves to read- including Harry Potter
  • Ran the Princess 1/2 Marathon with her mom in Disney
  • Rides a motorcycle
  • Once was in training to fly airplanes
  • Is a big Star Wars and Marvel fan
  • Enjoys video games

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.  We began our family through the process of adoption and were blessed with our son, Aiden.  We are now looking to complete our family and hope this will give you an idea of who we are, where we come from, and the life we hope for both of our children in the future.

We acknowledge this is a difficult time and decision for you, and we wish you well as you explore your options.  We are committed to open adoption and feel it is beneficial to all involved.  Should you choose adoption in our family, we would look forward to learning more about you and developing a relationship with you.

Our Story

When we met in 2009, we both knew we had something special when we closed the restaurant we had our first date at.  We had a special connection from the beginning and were married in the summer of 2012.  We’ve shared our love of travel and exploring and made many good memories while we were waiting for our family to grow.  Mary Ann knew she could not have children when we began dating and was open and honest as our relationship grew and marriage became a topic.  Adoption was always in our plan and we knew that would be how our family would grow.  We were blessed with our son Aiden in 2018 and look forward to growing our family again.

Luke by Mary Ann

I have always known that Luke would be an amazing father. From very early on in our relationship he has demonstrated patience and kindness with nieces and nephews.  He is willing to move mountains for his family and friends.  Luke always makes time for us- even with his work schedule as a Police Officer.

It warms my heart to see Luke sharing his passion for movies and Star Wars with Aiden.  Luke is also sharing his passion for music with Aiden, with dance parties and teaching him new songs.   To see Aiden light up when he sees Luke makes my heart so happy. Watching Aiden learn corny movie lines and laugh with Luke is the best and I look forward to seeing this bond grow as we expand our family.

Luke encourages Aiden in his interests- when Aiden showed an interest in the moon, Luke was more than happy to share his knowledge of space with him.  I look forward to seeing this as both Aiden and his sibling grow.

Mary Ann by Luke

Mary Ann is a sweet and caring person who has truly excelled as a wife and mother.  She gives all she can to Aiden and myself and to see Aiden’s face light up when he sees her makes my heart melt.

Mary Ann is a Speech Pathologist and helps others in her job.  This has shown through in her time as a mother.  She is caring and patient with Aiden and has helped him thrive as I’m sure she will with any future sibling.

Mary Ann loves to be busy and has taken being a mother right in stride.  She fits in time for everyone and everything in her life and shows the same care and compassion to everyone.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and shows Aiden care and compassion on every level.

Mary Ann brings an energy to our family that keeps us going and experiencing new things as a family and as a couple.  She is the glue that keeps us together through good times and trying times.  She has been an amazing wife and mother and I know she will continue to be for our future family as it grows.


When we became Aiden’s parents in October 2018, it was more than we ever expected.  He was immediately welcomed into his family, from day one.  Aiden had what we called his coming home parade. We stopped to introduce him to his grandparents and great grandparents.  When we arrived home, he was welcomed into the neighborhood by his other grandparents.

He was instantly welcomed into our family by everyone.  He has a very strong, caring personality.  He definitely wants to do things his way and has always wanted to figure things out on his own.  He is quick to give hugs and share his toys with us.

He has been a joy every day, even on the most challenging of toddler days!  He learns by seeing us and trying out what he sees.  This keeps us on our toes so we’re always setting the best example we can for him to imitate.

He is always kind with other kids and he will be an amazing big brother.  He always wants to help out and he’ll be quite the little helper to his little brother or sister.


If you decide to choose an adoption plan for your child, we will welcome the level of openness with which you feel comfortable.  We welcome the possibility of visits, letters, phone calls, emails and or pictures.  We would also respect your wishes should you choose otherwise regarding openness.  We have great respect, appreciation and gratitude for Aiden’s birthmother and respect her level of openness. At this time, she is not ready for direct contact, so we send updates and pictures to the Cradle for her.  We share Aiden’s birth story with him and have books about adoption that we have read to him since he came into our family.  His birthmother shared one picture with us that is in his lifebook and is shown to him when we tell him his story.

Mary Ann & Luke

Mary Ann & Luke Family Photos

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