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Meet Juliane & Angela

Juliane & Angela

Fun Facts

Juliane’s Fun Facts

  • I have dual citizenship in both America and Germany, and I’ve lived in both countries now for about half my life. Commonalities between the two countries: beer and brats!
  • I once helped build a treehouse together with my Dad, which was very cool, though certainly not ‘code compliant’ by today’s safety standards. I still consider this my first architectural success.
  • My happy place is in the big mountains — both hiking up and skiing down!
  • Growing up near the North Sea, I got an international motorboat license when I was 16. These days, this doesn’t come in handy too often, but we’d love to have a small boat someday with a slip on the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • I elaborately proposed to Angela on top of the “London Eye”, a giant Ferris wheel in the center of London. While it took a few ‘white lies’ to get us there ‘by coincidence, ” in the end, she agreed the ‘trek’ was worth it!

Angela’s Fun Facts

  • I played piano competitively, but I can’t carry a tune!
  • I wish every year was an Olympic year. NBC always gets me with their human-interest stories. I’m obsessed with the U.S. gymnastics team, and Kerri Strug is forever my hero.
  • I’ve worked 16 different part-time jobs early in my life. My first job was serving ice cream at Baskin Robbins. At that time, I truly believed that Baskin Robbins ‘invented’ the waffle cone (and I doubled-down on that story long into adulthood).
  • Fall is my favorite season, maybe because I love stormy weather, maybe because of the colors or maybe because it’s actually just football season.
  • As a child, my dream was to live “off the land” in the woods with my cousin. Ironically, I became an architect instead.

As you reflect on this decision, we hope that our personalities and values will resonate with you, offering a small glimpse into our lives and the future life of a child in our home.

Our Story

Sometimes the world really works in mysterious ways. We feel blessed to have been brought together, from the farthest corners of the globe, and given the opportunity to create a life and home together. Juliane comes from an old castle-town in Germany. She learned English and moved to the United States as a teenager to study architecture, following in the footsteps of a long line of architects in her family. Angela was born in a small South Korean fishing village. She was adopted as a baby and grew up as one of few Asian Americans in the great American Midwest. We found each other a decade ago, while working closely together at an architecture firm in Chicago, a special place where we both still work today! Our lives are forever changed by one another, and we can’t wait to share our joys and passions with a child in our lives.

Getting to Know Us

Angela (in Juliane’s words)

Angela is simply my favorite person, someone who brings joy and laughter to everyone around her. I love talking to Angela about complicated topics because she is thoughtful and logical in her approach to big conversations. She has a quick wit and an open mind, which brings insightful responses to questions that don’t always have easy answers. Angela is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. She will stand up for what she believes in, defend the people she loves and be there with immediate strength for anyone who needs it. I cannot wait to experience Angela as a parent. She has so much to give, and I know she’ll be an extraordinary teacher.

Juliane (in Angela’s words)

Juliane is my best friend and soulmate, the person who I trust with all my thoughts and feelings and who inspires me to make the most of every day that we’re together. I feel truly lucky to have found someone who is so present with me. Juliane doesn’t live in the past, or on her phone or in her head. She is always in the moment, hands-on, and right there with you. She makes you feel seen and heard because she’s truly paying attention. Juliane is a very natural caregiver. She’s protective, and I always feel that she’s looking out for me, or trying to make my day a little brighter or a little easier. Juliane is a kind and selfless partner and these same qualities will make her an incredible parent.

Things We Love To Do

We both passionately love being outdoors. Whether hiking 10 miles on a mountainside or 10 steps into our backyard, our favorite moments are kicking back outdoors. Our house is the perfect place for lounging on the porch or relaxing by the fire pit. Fresh air feeds the soul! We also share a strong desire to discover new things. In the last few years, we’ve gotten into tennis, e-biking, ping pong, and wood-working. Maybe this is also why we’re so enthusiastic about our vacations. We take at least two long trips every year, once to Europe and another to someplace new. Often, we end up in a national park, but we also love museums, beaches, wineries, sleepy towns and big cities. Of course, at the end of the day, our favorite destination is to be with friends and family, home for the holidays.

Our Promise To You

We promise to create a family grounded in love and support of one another. Our home will place trust, kindness and joy at the heart of our values. We promise to give our children a safe and solid foundation from which to dream their dreams — a childhood full of small delights and big opportunities.

Adoption & Openness

In preparing for children, adoption has always been an essential part of our planning. Angela is an adoptee herself, along with her sister, so the idea of adopting has always felt quite natural and right, a very special form of parenting. We know firsthand how important it is for a child to have pride in where they come from. We will honor you and your heritage by embracing their background in our everyday lives. Should you desire it, we are committed to sustaining an open relationship with you, including visits, photos and/or regular updates. We believe that adoption can be a journey of hope and growth for everyone touched by it.

Juliane & Angela

Juliane & Angela Family Photos

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