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Kim Perez, Cradle CEO
November 03,2016
We are so excited to announce that Kim Perez will soon be joining The Cradle as the new President and Chief Executive Officer.
September 30,2016
Saturday, September 24 was the annual Walk for Adoption Chicago and the Cradle Crew came out in full force to celebrate! 
Racial discrimination in school; African American Adoption
July 26,2016
A critical decision every parent makes for their child is deciding where they will go to school. We want the best for our children and know how foundational a good education is to reaching their full potential.
July 20,2016
Update 8/19/2016:
July 15,2016
July 08,2016
Dori Fujii, LCSW, MSW, is an adoptive parent counselor and a post adoption therapist at The Cradle.
The Cradle | Our Children: An Education & Empowerment Series
May 20,2016
The conversation has begun and it is a powerful and important one.