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Cristina donated her piggy bank money to The Cradle babies
November 25,2015
Back in 2001, Cristina Dombrowski spent nearly three weeks in The Cradle Nursery before going home with her parents Vicky Dal Santo and John Dombrowski, so she has a special place in her heart for the Nursery.
October 28,2015
Just saw this question in a popular advice column Ask Amy and had to add our 2 cents. 
October 22,2015
Adoption can sometimes add a layer of complexity to lives. Interviews with adopted people reveal some common themes, common trigger points and topics of interest. Here are a few we've noticed: Figuring out what “adopted” means
October 04,2015
If you’ve ever been inside The Cradle, chances are you have met the fuzziest member of the family, Avery. The Cradle’s comfort dog, Avery, joined The Cradle family in May of 2014 when he was just three months old.
September 12,2015
It is very common for adopted children to have biological siblings who are living with their birth parents. However, for some parents (adoptive and birth parents alike), talking to their children about siblings who don't live with them can seem tricky.
August 11,2015
Tylenol is running a very cool, very powerful, very relevant campaign called #HowWeFamily.
July 24,2015
For adoptive and birth parents alike, the more people who are around to love and watch a child grow, the better.  That’s why open adoptions can be so beneficial.
July 24,2015
After an open adoption placement, both adoptive and birth parents may be eager to develop their relationship, but aren’t sure where to start.  Not all open adoptions are the same—and that’s OK.  Here’s three things you might expect in an open adoption relationship.
July 21,2015