Lisa Discusses Adoption in the African American Community

Lisa discusses how there is a lack of adoption education in the African American community

Choosing Adoption in the African American Community

Video Transcript

I just feel like for young African Americans there are two options when you get pregnant. You either abort or you raise your child. There is not even consideration for adoption. That’s baffling to me, because it is such a great alternative for when you’re finding out that you’re pregnant.

You know, my family was like ‘What is wrong, we don’t do this with our kids!’ I just think it’s wrong for us to not to be educated, not to be privy to the knowledge of all our choices.

It’s all about getting all the information and being able to see the best choice for you and I just feel like in the African American community, it’s either not presented well enough, or . . . it’s not presented well enough, that’s basically what it is.