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To the beautiful soul reading this… My name is Susanne.  I am humbled and grateful for the honor to introduce myself to you.  The furry guy in the photo? Ranger!

I wish you peace and love as you consider the journey of adoption. You have a courageous and profound love for this child; to be in this moment right now.  Our unique journeys brought us to share this experience together: time, thought, struggles, joys, tears, dreams, heartache, love.  Thank you for learning about the life I wish to build as a mom, and the joy, love and care I dream of sharing with a child!


Our Story

My Journey

My story began in Colorado, and just like hiking a mountain in the Rockies, the path has been full of adventures, peaks and valleys, difficult terrain and moments in pure awe of this life.  The arrow pointing toward adoption as my purpose has been there all along, peaking out of the clouds when I was lost, reminding me: this is my story. 

I vividly remember being touched by the power of adoption at an early age within our family.  I felt a deep level of respect for the birth parents who make such a difficult and brave decision.  I celebrated in what a gift a baby is to the parents who adopt and love a child unconditionally. I observed children in the adoption circle grow up with an authentic understanding that love is love…. I dreamed to someday be the chosen mother to navigate such a profound experience.

Life happened- the journey of growing up, building dreams, experiencing triumphs and tragedies.   Time after time, the clarity around building my family through adoption surfaced… and re-surfaced.  I was married, then divorced, in my twenties.  Heartbroken, yet strong and independent, I chose to embrace the unexpected single life! I prioritized family, friendships, and my career.  I dated (& dated)... yet something in my gut knows Mr. Right will not show up until the time is right!  I am going through the adoption process as an individual, and think this is how it was always supposed to be.  My dad, brother, uncle, cousins, and all of the wonderful husbands of friends will be incredible male mentors for a child.  I do hope to fall in love and be married in the future, and will be extremely thoughtful in the who/how/when of dating as a parent.  I am inspired to build a family with just me and my little one at this time!

A challenge I am honored to tell you about is how my family and I have navigated an emotional experience, reinforcing the arrow pointing toward building my family through adoption. My mom was diagnosed with cancer at age 42 and then again in her 60s. She tested positive for a genetic mutation, BRCA-1, a predisposition for breast and ovarian cancer. I, too, tested positive for BRCA-1. With this knowledge, my mom and I both opted to have elective surgeries to prevent breast and ovarian cancer.  I confidently underwent surgery, and the corresponding removal of the option to birth a child.  I never looked back and here I am now, reaching out to you, with the hope to give my love to a child.  I believe my purpose is to adopt.


Preparing to be mom

The day I become a mom is a day I not only dream of, it is a day I have prepared for with purpose and intent. When I first realized I was committed to becoming a parent on my own, I thought about the type of mom I want to be; the environment my child will grow up in and the community he or she will be surrounded by.  As a mom, I will love generously, speak truthfully, learn constantly and do my best every day.  Together, as a parent-child team, we will live with a sense of humor and adventure, embracing curiosity and leaning into JOY!   

To feel truly prepared for the lifestyle of a single-parent household, I established a routine conducive to raising a child. I thrive on a good daily routine and know that children do, too… planning, organization, schedules> love it all!  Additionally, creating an active, healthy, secure and safe childhood will be of the utmost importance.   A big part of my preparation for parenthood was to build upon my career to take care of a baby on my own. I am a District Brand Leader for a lifestyle retailer, a company I have proudly worked for almost 15 years!  My days are filled with collaboration, creativity and connection. I truly love what I do, and do what I love.  It is a unique and a precious gift! I am surrounded by good people with shared family values who have happy, full and harmonious lives.  To be prepared for a baby, I have made a conscious effort to grow a network of childcare options for life's expected and unexpected plans!  For the day-to-day, I am exploring both daycare and in-home options to ensure the environment is best at each stage of growth.  I feel very supported by friends, family and the community to provide love and care to my child! Finally, and most importantly,  I have been studying and researching mommyhood for as long as I can remember! I have prepared to be a mom by spending time with children- the joy, the reality, the love.


City Mouse / Country Mouse

Chicago is my kind of town!  This city mom-to-be is honored by the possibility of raising a city kid!  I have lived in the same place in the heart of Chicago for 10+ years.  With natural light and views of the city, river and a beautiful green park, home sweet home is a cozy and peaceful environment for a child.  The neighborhood feels like the “suburbs in the city” with so many families and dogs.  The park (our backyard) has a lively playground for warm days and turns into a sledding hill in the snow!  Summers will be full of movies-in-the-park, festivals, the river-walk and neighborhoods of Chicago.  In the winter, we will learn in the incredible museums and spend cozy time indoors- reading, cooking, games and dance parties!

I plan to incorporate the energy of the city with the peaceful existence of nature in my child's life. The country mouse in me dreams of time with my child in the great outdoors- hiking mountains, exploring forests, sailing on lakes and watching sunsets over the ocean!  The downtime away from the city will fuel our soul. I envision road trips and vacations with friends both near (suburbs) and far (the mountains, the beach, the country) so our kids (and dogs!) grow up together, building strong and lasting relationships as I have done in my life. We will spend time by loved ones’ fireplaces, have a cold drink on a porch, look at the stars and fireflies, play in yards and roast marshmallows (all luxuries for us city mice)!


Family & Friends

A child welcomed into our crew will be surrounded by good people with strong faith, values, traditions, optimism and lots of laughter!  The little one will be welcomed with open arms (snuggles!), hearts and homes in our circle of love.  My family members are friends, and my friends are family: the love runs deep! The introduction of a child, the one my family and friends have prayed for, will be a significant moment to cherish forever. 

I am blessed to have a loving relationship with my family- my rock. My parents, John and Stephanie, have been married for 50 years! Known as Papa John and Grandma Steph, I observe their commitment and love of my brother's kiddos. The hope-to-be uncle (my brother, Steve), aunt (Tara), my niece Ella and nephews, Brady & Carson, are over the moon to welcome a new addition to our family! It is so sweet how passionately the entire family dreams my dream with me… I am far from alone in this journey! My child will experience an abundance of family time with regular visits to our respective homes and family vacations (always a highlight of the year)!

Building and nurturing friendships, relationships with shared experiences, longevity and loyalty, is at the core of my happiness! Connection and time with friends and family includes storytelling, activities, exploring, music, dancing, singing and games. When not together, the phone, video calls and texts are how we will stay connected. We all love knowing about our respective daily lives, cheering one another on, hearing stories and celebrating milestones. The purpose of life is to love, and be loved: my child will feel this love from day one from my family and friends!


Ranger (the dog)

Woof woof!  My name is Ranger Tugg.  I am Susanne’s 3 year old dog; a miniature golden doodle.  We are honored you are considering US to intersect our lives in the most courageous way imaginable. We have so much love to give! Upon the placement of a child, I will be his or her watch dog.  My mom has been saying "you are going to have a big job..." I look forward to this very important duty!  I , Ranger, promise to….

  1. Snuggle & cuddle.  I love kids so much and… what can I say? Kids love me!
  2. Teach the little one how to sit, stay & high five. I am a pro.
  3. Sniff out anything suspicious & bark loudly when a guard is needed (safety!).
  4. Know the difference between dog toys and baby toys (this will be a challenge!).
  5. Play, play, play! Hide & seek, ball toss and puzzles.

Now… back to my mom, Susanne!



Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to you.   I am grateful for the potential of loving and nurturing a child with my heart and soul.  Should you choose the journey of adoption, trust that you will be honored and loved, always.  I promise to champion the power of openness, and respect your wishes in how we experience this journey together. 

My heart is with you!

Fun Facts

  • Music fuels my soul: any song that strikes the place in my heart where I feel the music…. inspiring & profound.
  • Screen time?  Netflix, Top Chef, Fixer Upper & Planet Earth (I love animals!).
  • My dad, sister-in-law and I all graduated from the University of Illinois. Go Illini!
  • I love, love, love the mountains.  I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, and lived in Breckenridge & Boulder.
  • Ideal breakfast? The "Susie Sunrise"- eggs, salsa, pickled jalapeños, avocado & lime (+cold brew coffee!).
  • I am ridiculously scared of sharks, yet most at peace by the magnificent ocean?  Fear, awe, love, courage… it’s all connected! 
  • Christmas is my favorite time of the year, followed closely by summertime country music festivals!  Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving are up there, too… Yes, I love the holidays (and my western roots!).
  • Every day, I dream up a new business idea.  My mind is always in motion about “what if…?!”
  • On family vacations, we love to end our evening together by sharing our “highlight and hiccup” of the day.
  • I did a sky dive in New Zealand- an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience!

"Susanne" Family Photos

  • Oh baby, it’s cold outside! We love to bundle up and go for a family walk at Christmas time.
  • Cheering our Cubbies on to victory! Love spending time with my mom & dad in Chicago!
  • Ranger and Addison (daughter of friends Kris & Dave) sharing toys. Ranger loves kiddos!
  • There is nothing better than the giggles of my niece & nephews!
  • Christmas time fills my soul with music, lights and the joy of life.
  • Kara, Dan & their California crew visit Chicago often (and vice versa)!
  • This is my crew: "the girls" are family!
  • “Hiking” in the Midwest!
  • Mom time fills my heart with love and laughter!
  • The walks with my dad are full of education, laughter, exploration & good times!
  • Love my time with girlfriends and kiddos!
  • My neighbors, Jen & Corinne, are incredible- we are lucky to have found a beautiful friendship next door!
  • Girlfriends will be thrilled to welcome a little one to the group- speed dial for loving care!
  • Life is an adventure: kayak, golf, bike, run, hike, yoga, ski> looking forward to all of these experiences with a child!
  • A proud member of the AUNT SQUAD: every year, I make a photo book for my niece & nephews!
  • A selfie with my furry guy! Thank you for looking @ our photo album! - Susanne & Ranger
  • Outside & in the sun? All smiles!
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain family reunion: hiking, games, cooking, bonfire stories & dancing!
  • The uncle, aunt and cousins-to-be @ the beach in Florida! Everyone is looking forward to family vacations +1!
  • Hosting family in Chicago at summertime!

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