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Hi. I’m Stasia…

No one can really know what it is like to walk in your shoes right now.  And I imagine that while you are struggling to make one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, you feel overwhelmed and anxious about making the right choice. However, I can say wholeheartedly that I am wishing you peace, guidance, strength, and love as you make the decision that is right for you. 

As you explore families, you may question why you would choose a single mother. In choosing me, you will know that my love will be fierce for our child and that my life has been filled with a million lessons preparing me for motherhood. Pictures and words cannot tell my full life’s story, a story that has been touched by diversity, by race, by immigration. I do not live in a box. I have built my life in the city of Chicago because diversity on all levels is so essential to who I am. I have chosen the school district I work in for this reason.  I have traveled the world for this reason. I have a deep sense of adventure and wonder and I want a life that is inclusive, not just for me but for all my nieces and nephews and most of all my future child. 

When I reflect on my journey towards motherhood, words do not do it justice. Words cannot fully convey my love for children and my desire to be a mother. I have had the honor of helping mother my siblings, as well as one of my nieces. The intense bonds formed in these relationships have brought such joy to me, and have prepared me so much for motherhood. Family means the world to me, and the love I feel in my soul when I am with all my nieces and nephews excites me and confirms I am meant to be mother. I am very passionate about my job as a social worker, and all the children I have been blessed to work with and all the hours I have spent listening, nurturing, and caring for them. I cannot wait to do all of this and so much more for the little one that calls me mom. I am so ready to be a mother. I know the journey will not always be easy but my village is vast and my love is fierce. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I wish you so much peace on yours. 

Our Story

Why adoption

All my life, I have loved being around children and always imagined I would have some of my own. As life continued to unfold and I didn't meet the right one to have children with, my desire to mother only got stronger. Even after choosing a career of working with children and loving and giving to my nieces and nephews, I have realized that the void will not be filled unless I have a child of my own. Since the day I realized I could attain my dream of being a mom on my own, I have felt so much happiness and peace.

I have explored many options of how to bring a child into my home and have decided on adoption. My job is my passion and every day I work with children who inspire me to love more and give more. I have studied child development and trauma and know the importance of each child having a secure, loving, and safe home. I have what it takes to provide that to my future child and I have a strong support system to help me along the way. So now I am excited to start the next chapter in my story, my journey to motherhood by adoption.


As a social worker, I understand that children need to feel emotionally secure and loved. To me, openness is a way of celebrating my future child's story from the beginning. I want my future child to live a life in which he or she knows where they came from. While life experiences play a large role in who we are, where we come from also makes up a piece of our story. I believe in honesty and transparency. I hope that we can develop a relationship that will connect us so our child will always know about you and his or her beginnings, as well as know you as they grow up. I am open to staying in contact through texts, pictures, and/ or in person visits.  I can imagine that this might be hard for you, and I am willing to work together to create a relationship that fits best for all of us, should you choose. And if you are not ready for contact right away, I will ensure that my future child knows about you and will keep the door open should you ever want to reconnect.  Openness is a journey that we will embark together.

Who I am

I am a daughter, sister, auntie, friend, social worker, traveler, and baker. I like to read, listen to music, bake, exercise, and spend time with family and friends, especially my little nieces and nephews. Summertime is when I shine. I love going to the beach. I like to be outside and take advantage of all the benefits of living in a city like Chicago. I enjoy the city festivals, the beaches, the parks, the restaurants, and the museums. I feel that hands-on experiences are the best way to learn. And mostly I love to travel.

I have parents, 6 brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins and countless friends who are all a wonderful support system, who nurture and inspire me, and who cannot wait to love my child.

Preparing for Parenthood

Being a single parent will bring its own challenges and you may be wondering how a child fits into my life. I envision raising him/ her in the city.  We will take advantage of all that Chicago has: the parks, zoo, beaches, museums, restaurants, playgroups, and festivals. I cannot wait to show my future child what the world has to offer, starting in my own back yard. We will spend countless hours with my friends and family and many more snuggling in our cozy home, reading books and baking cookies. I also cannot wait for the day when I can take my future child swimming in the turquoise water of the Caribbean, to visit the historic sites and taste the bountiful feasts in Europe, to safari in Africa, to explore the volcanoes and beaches of Hawaii, and to continue my love and exploration of Latin America. These adventures will not cease when I have a child. My future child will never go a day without feeling loved, secure, supported, and accepted.  I look forward to spending the days with my students and then coming home to my child, to our life that will be filled with adventure.

I wish you peace

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me. Know that my heart is full of love and I cannot wait to share it with a child of my own.  I am a genuine, good-hearted woman who does not want to wait any longer to be a mother. I look forward to the day my future child comes home to me, a home that is filled with love, stability, emotional security, adventure, and lots of laughter. I cannot imagine the turmoil you are experiencing at this time in your life. I wish you peace of mind and healing as you continue on your journey.

Fun Facts

  • My name means star in Polish (I’m named after my paternal grandma).
  • I have 6 brothers who are loving, silly, unique, playful, and great with kids.  
  • I have been to 39 of the 50 United States. I love to travel and have also traveled around the world. Italy, the Greek Islands, and the Caribbean are some of my favorite places.
  • My favorite treats are chocolate, cheese, and pizza. I also love to bake and cook. 
  • My nieces and nephews call me Tia.
  • I went to the University of Notre Dame and love college football.

"Stasia" Video

"Stasia" Family Photos

  • Christmas Night with my Cousins.
  • Mom and I in a Tuscan vineyard during our trip to Italy
  • Clowning around with my niece
  • Dinner overlooking the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.
  • Hiking the waterfalls in Jamaica with friends.
  • New Year's Eve in Panama.
  • My dear friends Brian and Jean.
  • Fun with friends on the 4th of July.
  • Special one on one time with my niece celebrating her birthday.
  • My summer sidekick
  • Family photo at my cousin's wedding
  • Family Birthday Piñata Fun
  • Siblings
  • Road trip to South Carolina with mom, dad, and niece
  • First post pandemic/ vaccine vacation
  • Brothers, cousins and best friends
  • Spa sleepover
  • Two of my best girls
  • My heart: All my nieces and nephews

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