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Shel & Bill

Hello, we are Bill and Shel!

Before you get to know us, Bill and I want to say we appreciate you!  You are considering what the best option is for the child you are about to bring into the world we hope that whatever decision you choose lays easy on your heart.  The family you choose will forever be blessed by placing your child in their care.

The choice to adopt for Bill and I was lengthy and after quite a few soul-searching conversations we knew that there was a child out there that we could love unconditionally, and we wanted to lavish that on a little nugget.  While our process to get here may not have been typical, adoption is not new to us.  We have family and close friends that grew their family through adoption.

As a couple we knew that we wanted to have children after we were married in 2011.  After facing miscarriages, we took some time for ourselves to cope with our losses.  Deciding to adopt took us nearly two years.  We are excited to become parents as we already have a home filled with love so having a child(ren) to shower that love on is so worth the wait.  Long sleepless nights, dirty diapers, first smiles, first steps, first words, we can’t wait

Having people in our lives now who have adopted and have young children, talking to them about their experience and seeing how wonderful adoption can be has given us the strength and hope that one day soon we will be as lucky and blessed as they are and have been.

Our Story


Have you ever heard that opposites attract? That is us!  Bill will never admit this, but he is quite the extrovert.  Have you ever been in an environment where people are getting to know each other?  Bill gets to know everyone.  He loves to talk to people and I so love that about him.  I on the other hand tend to be a bit of an introvert initially.  I love people and will socialize but it comes on slowly.  After that I’m off to the races with being friends.  With individuals so different I know you are wondering how it works in our marriage…I have no idea, but it does.  The common bond we have of comparable upbringings, values, goals and love for each other continues to strengthen us as we continue to grow with each other.  We love spending time with friends and family, listening to music, concerts, movies, traveling and bike riding. 

Let me shock you…we met on eHarmony.  Our relationship grew and out of nowhere as we were living in the DC/Virginia area after moving from other cities, love blossomed and a proposal for marriage (with a very nervous Bill) came the day after Thanksgiving 2010.  We were married in Las Vegas March 2011. We decided to round up friends and family and head to Vegas for the happy nuptials and a fun filled weekend was had by all.

My wife Shel (Bill wrote this)

I waited until later in life to marry but when I found Shel, I knew I waited for the right one for me.  We challenged each other on so many levels.  The conversations held if others listened would make one think, we were incompatible.  Those conversations gave me a glimpse of the woman I would call my wife less than two years after I met her.  Shel is a dedicated, loyal and an amazingly loving person.  When it comes to work her level of integrity is profound, with respect to family her loyalty is unquestionable, and she loves me!  Those same qualities are what I know will make her a great mother.  Shel will more than likely be on every parent committee and be the best advocate a child can have.  While these are all great attributes to make her a great parent, she can be quite silly also.  You should know…she can’t dance at all!  Shel loves music and dances like no one is watching and sings even if it might hurt your ears.  My wife loves some of the worst Sci-Fi movies ever made but she watches SVU reruns with me for hours on end.  I truly can’t wait to see my wife as a mother.

My husband Bill (Shel wrote this)

When I met Bill, marriage was not on my mind as I was in a new city after having just moved for a new job.  Bill is the sweetest man I have ever known besides my daddy.  You know my husband is in the room by that deep bass voice and the laughter that follows.  When I met this IT nerd with the Biology degree one of the first things, I said to myself is what have we got here?  Bill is the most caring, generous, giving, and protective husband.  Many would be surprised to know that during Bills college years he supported himself by being a DJ amongst other jobs.  His music of choice was House.  Since Bill still has all the equipment, he puts on impromptu sessions and that smile comes out.  Bill is my rock and was the person who told me of my mother’s passing.  Because my father and sister knew that I would need that unconditional support they called him first and Bill drove to my office at 7:30 In the morning to break the worst news of my life to me.  I cried so much on my husband’s shoulder that I don’t know what I would have done without him.  Bill is an amazing and wonderful husband and I can’t wait to see him in the role of daddy.

On Parenting

Through our marriage and this process, we have really looked at how we want to parent and while we have no idea who will be the stern parent and who will be the pushover what we know for a fact is that corporal punishment will have no place in our home. 

We pride ourselves on being hard workers, but we know with a child we will have to work harder.  To care for our child, we are blessed in that one of us works from home entirely and the other can work from home part time.   Bill, an IT professional works from home every day.  Shel, who works for the Federal government has a very flexible schedule and can schedule what best fits the family’s needs.

Everyone leads a busy life these days, but we have already decided that spending quality time in a new expanded family will always come first.  Be it sitting on our deck relaxing, running around a park until dark or going to a museum.  We know those memories only come once and we want to make as many as possible. 


Openness in adoption is in the best interest of the child and raising a happy, healthy well adjust child is primary and that can’t happen if children don’t know their own story.  With that in mind that means being open about the family they came from and the family they are now in.  We are prepared for age appropriate conversations to be ongoing.  The decision to adopt is a lifetime decision so that means these conversations will be had for years to come and we will be open to whatever level of openness you feel best suits you if you choose our family.  The home we have now is filled with love, laughter and support this will continue and expand as a child enters our home.

Fun Facts

  • I have never eaten cereal in my life.
  • I have a problem with buying shoes that I am not really trying to solve, I love shoes.
  • Dancing is not a gift I was given but it does not matter since I will still dance like I am Beyonce no matter who is watching.
  • I heat my ice cream in the microwave.
  • I secretly desire to be an editor of romance novels.
  • I like oranges but can’t drink orange juice, I like apples but can’t drink apple juice.
  • I read close to 50 books a year. 
  • There is no genre of music I can’t find some joy in while I am listening.
  • I think I have seen every episode of House Hunters and House Hunters International ever produced since HGTV is my go-to station.
  • I will never in my life eat Brussel Sprouts…nope, not going to do it.
  • I have watched every Law & Order and every follow up show at least five times each.
  • My secret dream is to live on a Caribbean island and wake up to a beach and play 18 holes of golf each day.
  • When I was a young child, I use to think I could fly.
  • I want to become a certified scuba diver but having seen Jaws one to many times leads me to believe I may not meet goal.
  • I was lucky enough to attend a party at a club and when I walked in Prince was dancing on the dancefloor.
  • I’m working my way up to running a 10K.
  • I’m the best grill master in the world.
  • I like to surprise my wife even though she really does not like surprises.
  • My favorite movie is the Sound of Music.  I know every song and I sing them loudly.
  • My wife thinks I’m color blind, but I know I’m not.  Burgundy does match with red!

"Shel & Bill" Family Photos

  • About to do my favorite pizza!
  • Bianca and I having some lady time
  • Biking is one of my go to exercises
  • Bill trying to explain that I too can be a golfer
  • Family life - Mom and I visiting Christmas exhibits
  • Family life - Shel and Dad
  • In another life I would have been a pro golfer
  • Just landed and already loving the warm DR weather
  • Kelli is moving to San Diego & saying our farewells
  • Maximum relaxtion in direct sun with all the sunscreen possible
  • Mexico life was fun
  • MIL and I plotting
  • My MIL and I enjoying our time at Disney
  • On nice day in the summer we poked around downtown
  • Run Bill Run...5K here i come!
  • Ruth Chris is our original proposal location
  • Shel is trying to outride did not work
  • Two of my oldest and dearest friends, Ayanna and Matt
  • WE LOVE THE BEACH, especially in the Caribbean
  • We played a human size chessboarfd...I won!

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