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Shannon & Paul

Hello! We are Shannon and Paul.

Neither one of us would be here if it wasn’t for adoption. Paul’s mom and Shannon’s grandpa were both adopted and we hope we can grow our family this way.

Family is the most important thing to us. We have been married for 3 years and together since 2010. We met playing softball and were friends before dating, which gave us solid ground for our marriage. Now, we hope to provide a loving home for a child, as we have had trouble conceiving on our own.

Our Story

So how did we get here?

After living in the city for many years, we recently made the transition to a suburb north of Chicago. When we moved into our new neighborhood, two families brought us food to welcome us. That doesn’t happen much anymore, so we knew that we moved to a place with kind people.

Paul works in information security for a bank and Shannon is a kindergarten teacher. Paul is thoughtful and quiet. Shannon is enthusiastic and tenacious. Together, we bring out each other’s best and complement one another. We promise that your child will be loved, cared for and valued for who they really are. We will raise your child to be kind, tolerant and to value family, education and hard work.

Our backgrounds are different, but we meet in the middle…

We grew up differently, but share the same values. Paul grew up with a single mother and never knew his father. Shannon grew up with both parents and an older brother. Paul also lived with his grandparents in his high school years, so he is especially lucky to be close to his grandmother still to this day.

From Shannon About Paul:

Paul is very dependable and whenever he says he will do something, he always follows through. He is steady, never complains, and has quiet strength.

Paul has a dry sense of humor. He keeps his feelings close to the vest until he knows you well. When he opens up to you, you’ve found a rock of a person to lean on. He’s a keen observer and very thoughtful. When giving gifts, he’ll remember an oft-handed comment from several months ago or after a day of window shopping he’ll secretly go back and purchase that item he noticed you really liked.

Paul loves playing cards, reading articles online, playing video games and caring for his fish tank. His favorite is a Cichlid, named Oliver. Paul will be a good father because he offers a good listening ear and never jumps to conclusions.

From Paul About Shannon:

Shannon is outgoing, confident, quick to laughter and friendly. She loves being busy and working with small children. Her students like her silly sense of humor, but they also say she is fair and kind. She’s not a push-over and the kids respect her. Shannon is a loyal friend and confidante. She is someone her friends always know they can trust.

Shannon is also very creative. She loves to paint and garden. She grew vegetables for the first time this summer because we now have the space...beans, onions, tomatoes and zucchini. She’s been trying to feed me more vegetables (sigh). We turned the sunroom off our garage into an art studio. We both like to read, watch movies and travel. She loves the water and any day near the beach or lake is a great day.

On Parenting:

If you had to categorize us, we would probably fall in line with “traditional parenting”. We believe that problems should be talked out as a family. We believe in bedtimes and brushing your teeth twice a day. Shannon will push the vegetables and Paul will keep a straight face when the kiddo asks for chicken nuggets. We say “I love you” throughout the day and give hugs and encouragement.

What are we excited about?

We’re excited to cuddle with your child and read with them every night. One of Shannon’s favorite childhood memories was listening to her parents read Charlotte’s Web. We’re excited to go to the beach as a family to play in the waves and look for rocks and other treasures. We can’t wait for first steps and gurgly baby talk. We won’t mind dirty socks on the floor and hope to hear the thud, thud, thud of little feet early in the morning. We really want to see a little one grow into a person and develop their own mind and ambitions. We’re excited about adoption because we’re really eager to see who that person will be as they develop into an older child and young adult. We know that there will be tears, scraped knees and struggles along the way, too, but we’re ready and hoping that this is our time to parent.

Our Childcare Plan:

Our neighbor owns a licensed at-home daycare center and can help us during the day once the baby arrives. She is incredibly kind and terrific with kids. Her daughters brought us cookies when we moved in! While we initially plan to both work full-time, we are prepared to modify our plans if we need to and have Shannon stay at home. Paul also has the flexibility to work from home a couple days a week in case of emergency.

Other Fun Things to Know:

Education is very important to us, as we have both obtained post-graduate degrees. We promise to keep your child’s education in the forefront of our minds. We want our child to blossom into who they really are and live life to its fullest. We hope to support them in pursuing their interests, connecting with their background and finding out what makes them happiest. We will raise your child to be kind, tolerant and to value other people and relationships. We have been so lucky to find each other and we hope to share the love we have with extended family.

Open Adoption:

We value open adoption because it’s a collaboration to help the child grow and succeed in whatever they hope to do in life. We hope to come up with a plan together to fit everyone’s needs in terms of communication and ongoing contact.

We very much appreciate the time you took to read our profile and hope that you want to get to know us better. We also hope that we've expressed how excited we are to grow our family through adoption. We wish you well in whatever decision you make.

Take good care,

Shannon & Paul

Fun Facts

  • Hobbies: Painting, Reading, Gardening, Cooking
  • Food:Cheese
  • Ice Cream:Chocolate
  • Pizza:Pepperoni and mushroom
  • Card Game:Euchre
  • Band/Music:Alternative, Classical
  • Vacation Spot:Cape Cod, MA
  • Book:To Kill A Mockingbird
  • TV Show:Downton Abbey
  • Movie:Inception
  • Color:Periwinkle Blue, Sea Glass Green
  • Dislikes:Lima Beans
  • Other Fun Facts:Loves coffee; needs caffeine in the morning; always feels better after exercise, but sometimes needs a nudge- LOVES to walk
  • Hobbies: Reading, Video Games, Sports, Listening to Podcasts
  • Food:Chicken and anything with Lawry’s Season Salt on it
  • Ice Cream:Oreo
  • Pizza:Sausage
  • Card Game:Euchre
  • Band/Music:Pearl Jam/All Music
  • Vacation Spot:Cape Cod, MA
  • Book:Band of Brothers, The Pacific
  • TV Show:The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones
  • Movie:Shawshank Redemption
  • Color:Green
  • Dislikes:Mustard, Mushrooms
  • Other Fun Facts:Is a better cook than Shannon; is not a morning person; doesn’t need caffeine in the morning; practices Krav Maga (Israeli Self-Defense)

"Shannon & Paul" Family Photos

  • Dinner downtown with Becky and Brian
  • Christmas holidays
  • Enjoying Mayfest!
  • Ice Skating at Millennium Park
  • Dinner with friends
  • Paul's grandma with cousin Alia
  • Summer 2017
  • Summer 2017 at the Beach
  • Class Field Trip to Lincoln Park Zoo!
  • Paul on the computer

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