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Scott & Susan

Scott himself was adopted as a child, and his brother and sister were also adopted (both from The Cradle!).  We believe that having firsthand experience will help us understand and support an adopted child, as well as provide them with an even stronger sense of belonging in our family. 

We can only imagine the different types of feelings you might be experiencing during this time as you consider adoption. We hope that our family background with adoption will help us be sensitive to what you’re going through, and that together we can figure out what open adoption may look like for all of us. We also hope reading our profile will help you learn a little about us and our strong desire to welcome a new member to our family, and that knowing the kind of home we will create might bring you comfort.   

Our Story

About Us

We have known each other for over 15 years and have shared many incredible times together. We love each other very much and, more than anything else, would like to share our love with a child. We are both college professors and value the power of education. However, we also strongly believe in the benefit of balance, diversity and choices in life. In raising a child, we would hope to provide them with as many opportunities and experiences as possible and allow them to grow into the person that, ultimately, they want to be. Along the way, though, we would hope to share our love of movies, sports, books, travel and especially, the outdoors.

About Susan

I am very close with my sister and especially bonded with her two boys who I see as often as possible.  Ian couldn’t pronounce my name as a toddler, so he called me “Aunt Tuzy.” To everyone else I’m known as Susan (except for Scott with his range of pet names).  I have photos of my nephews all over my desk, along with their recent art projects.  I often volunteer to babysit my friend’s kids – just this week I took two out for ice cream Sundays.  For several years, I worked at an elementary school afterschool program which really helped me learn to talk with children about their feelings, dreams and concerns.  I especially like playing kickball, doing arts & crafts and making up games with children.  My love of people, and watching movies, helped me decide to become a college film professor. I travel whenever possible. This spring I took a group of college students to Italy, where we learned about Pompeii and other Roman ruins. I've been zip lining in Costa Rica and recently hiked up Machu Picchu, Peru. I over photograph everything I do, particularly when travelling and spending time outdoors. I have juvenile Type I diabetes which is well controlled.  Because of the attention I give to my health and well-being, I feel able to help take care of any health issues that a child might develop.

About Scott

I am the youngest of three children.  My father passed away at a young age, but my mother did a wonderful job making me and my siblings feel loved and supported.  I've had a wide ranging life that has included crossing the country on a motorcycle; working my way through college and grad school as an auto mechanic; producing educational TV shows for kids and adults; and eventually settling into my love of teaching which led to my current position teaching film and video production at a local art college. Sports have always played a large role in my life. Growing up I played organized baseball and soccer, as well as any other pick-up or intramural activity I could find (basketball, hockey, tennis, etc.). As an adult, I continue to play soccer and softball and I try to get out and golf, when time allows. I also love music, movies and working in the yard or on any number of woodworking or home improvement projects. I grew up with a multitude of pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, etc., although thankfully, not all at one time. I love my nephews and nieces very much and proudly watched my niece, Jaclyn, graduate from TCU not too long ago.

Family & Friends

Our immediate families are spread around the country and we visit them frequently. They include Susan's parents in New York, along with her uncle’s and sister’s families in San Francisco. Scott's mother and sister are in Florida, and his brother, and many nieces and nephews are in Massachusetts and Colorado. Our families have expressed much excitement about our decision to pursue adoption, and we know we can rely on their love and support throughout all the joy, challenges and triumphs that would come with being a parent.  Our friends have supported us in more ways than we could possibly name and we would consider them an integral part to our raising a child.


As both of us teach college, our schedules allow us to be at home with great regularity.  We are based at home three to five days per week, which is great for being able to spend time with a child.  We live in a suburb just north of Chicago where we appreciate the quiet, tree-lined streets, wide range of foods and coffee shops (we enjoy coffee more than we should admit).  Our neighborhood is wonderfully diverse and children are usually out biking, playing, or this week’s big excitement, having a water balloon fight.  Having so many kids around also makes for a great Halloween (a favorite of ours), of guessing costumes and deciding who gets to hand out the candy. During the warmer weather, we like to spend time on the deck, listening to music, grilling, reading, or having a campfire. 

Fun Facts

  • I like to do arts & crafts.
  • As a child, I was on a swim team, did gymnastics and took dance classes. 
  • In my 20s, I began biking, hiking and playing Frisbee. 
  • My favorite foods/drinks are coffee, watermelon and chocolate.  I also like Thai, Indian, Italian and Mexican food. 
  • I enjoy spending time listening to live music and going to picnics and street festivals.
  • My favorite artist is Van Gogh.
  • Self-admitted (but recuperating) shoe hoarder.
  • Known to occasionally binge watch new TV shows on Netflix.
  • I was born and raised in Massachusetts and love New England.
  • My favorite movie is Goodfellas, but not far behind is Finding Nemo.
  • I was once held captive in a tent by a family of skunks.
  • I have a small scar from a motorcycle accident (in my teens) and another small one from a golfing accident.
  • Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays.
  • My favorite author is John Irving.
  • I'll take anything apart to fix it, but don't promise that I can get it back together.
  • Iced coffee makes any day better.

"Scott & Susan" Family Photos

  • Favorite camping spot in Wisconsin.
  • Susan zip lining in Costa Rica.
  • Why rake leaves, when you can just hide under them?
  • Susan hiking with (or rather carrying) her nephews in California.
  • Scott & Theo at the driving range.
  • Scott in his man cave ‘fixing’ something.
  • Susan’s sister cooking up goodies.
  • Scott and Mom at Botanical Gardens.
  • Taking in a game at Wrigley.
  • Leaving on a jet plane… our favorite pastime.
  • Our friend Molly’s first trip to Blue Man Group.
  • Susan’s family at Uncle Charlies.
  • Scott flirts with a lizard in Puerto Rico.
  • Susan, cousin Karen & Elmo.
  • Susan taking in the Colosseum in Rome.
  • Scott & Molly stop to ‘smell the roses’. (Or some type of flower.)
  • We’ll go ANYWHERE for coffee.
  • Sometimes you need to win a purple giraffe to prove your love.
  • Thanks for looking!

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