Hello, we are Sarah & Jon,

Thank you for choosing our profile to explore further. We want you to know that our hearts are with you as you explore, likely, the most difficult and emotional decisions of your life.

We wish for your strength, courage, and compassion as you make this difficult decision for yourself and your baby.

How We Met:

We met on on online dating site. Jon found Sarah’s profile and responded. We met on July 1, 2009 at Stir Crazy in Schaumburg. We had a fun first date, and Jon had fun trying to teach Sarah how to use chopsticks, still a work in progress! We decided to go see fireworks on Fourth of July, and then spent the rest of the summer getting to know each other and exploring different parts of Illinois and Indiana.


We are committed to sharing with our future child their life story, in doing this we would like as much information as you are willing to share. Our child will always know they were adopted. We are comfortable with whatever openness looks like to you, whether it be pictures, letters, phone calls, updates and/or visits.

Child Care Plans:

Sarah will be a stay at home mom, she is looking forward to taking our future child to the park and different places in the community and surrounding areas. Jon’s workplace offers him flexibility in requesting time off or being able to work from home. Jon is excited to be able to be there for our future child’s life events.

Meet Sarah:

Sarah has a very loving heart, as she has worked with many children with special needs, helping them learn essential self help and life skills. Sarah enjoys baking and trying new recipes. She is structured and organized, which balances well with Jon’s occasional technical mind. She enjoys organizing closets and cabinets. Sarah loves being an aunt and spending time with her nieces and nephews and is excited to introduce our future child to our family.

Meet Jon:

Jon lives for a good adventure, and loves a good drive especially with Sarah as his navigator. Jon is a problem solver; he is always thinking or tinkering around with something. That could mean rewiring an antique stoplight as a game-room decoration, fixing a computer, or changing the oil on our Jeep. However his being a Software & Cloud Engineer, might explain some of his geeky tendencies. Jon enjoys being an uncle to his nieces and nephews. Usually this includes playing in the pool or otherwise entertaining with juggling, balloon animals, or delighting them with his geeky tech tricks. He is able to see things as others would see them, which also gives him great patience, and makes him a great teacher.

The Dinner Table:

Growing up, regardless of how the day progressed, or where we were, we always were together over dinner at the family table. There, good food was shared, while both the parents and children talked about their day. The conversations were usually about projects including planning for the weekend or the next holiday, the night’s tasks or entertainment, or even, occasionally, about school work and grades. Talking over a meal, and generally discussing the day’s activities is very important to the both of us. We are looking forward to expanding our family through adoption. We are eagerly embracing this adventure and opportunities. We are excited to meet you.

Many Thanks,

Fun facts

  • Grew up on a farm, even had a peacock as a pet.
  • Twins run in Sarah’s family, she has a twin sister and her younger sister has twin boys.
  • Sarah’s whole family joins in to make Taffy every winter from scratch.
  • Was in 4-H and won numerous ribbons, which allowed many opportunities to show projects at the Illinois State Fair.
  • Had many tournaments at her grandparents’ house playing Super Nintendo and Sega with her many cousins.
  • Volunteers regularly with Easter Seals.
  • Holiday birthdays run in Jon’s family. He shares his New Year’s Day birthday with two cousins, and his father’s was on the 4th of July.
  • Jon’s grandfather, mother, and father all worked at the company where he now works.
  • In high school and college, Jon worked as an entertainer and performer.
  • Jon and Sarah take a shopping trip every December for Toy’s for Tots, something he enjoyed doing as a kid.
  • While on a family vacation, he actually camped overnight on the Great Wall of China.
  • Has been banned from making gingerbread in his mother’s kitchen, after building a 100% edible, scale model of his cousin’s house.

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