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Mike & Erin

Greetings & Salutations! We understand you have so very much to consider and your time is precious. We would be grateful if you would kindly take a few minutes to get to know us, as we are now and who we strive to be as parents. Adoption has always been an incredibly open and welcome topic in our lives. Erin was adopted along with her twin sister and younger brother. Mike’s mother was adopted, as were many of our closest friends. We are honored to carry on a family tradition of adoption. Should we be chosen, we would like you to know that we will teach our child their beginnings. Before their very first breath, their story began with you. We will raise our child to know who you are. We cannot comprehend all you might be going through right now, yet we sincerely hope you can find solace. We earnestly wish you well as you explore your options, and hope that maybe our two paths might cross. 

Our Story

We met at a coffee shop through a meetup group of people with similar interests - Science Fiction & Gaming. We developed a good friendship before our relationship became closer. Our first date was at the Shedd Aquarium and soon after we were O-Fish-Ally in love. If you can think of a better aquarium pun, let minnow. Erin is looking forward to telling more eye-rolling yet giggle worthy "dad jokes." We had our wedding celebration on Erin’s father's birthday. He had passed away, but he was there in spirit. Her mother walked her down the aisle to join with Mike's family. We are together now and forever. We returned to the chapel where we were wed for our ten-year vow renewal. We are still silly in love. Life is a journey, hand in hand.

About Erin

 Erin is incredibly creative. She is a baker, an artist, and a crafter. She has a big heart and is always using her skills to spread happiness. She loves to read and looks forward to story time with our child. Erin is a manager for a large medical office. Her personality type is Diplomat - Advocate (INFJ). She displays introspection, imagination, idealism, and integrity. She is compassionate and devoted to improving the lives of others.

Erin’s Favorite Quotes

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to dance in the rain."
"If we can love the stars without knowing the vastness of the sky, then we can believe in the promise of miracles."

About Mike

Mike is remarkably supportive and caring. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is gloriously geeky and an encyclopedia of interesting facts. Mike is also excellent with accents and good with telling stories. Mike is a senior product analyst and a member of the IT department for a life insurance broker. His personality type is Analyst - Debater (ENTP). He is witty, bold, knowledgeable, and creative. He displays open-mindedness and enthusiasm.

Mike's Favorite Quotes:

"What is learned without pleasure is forgotten without remorse."
"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God."

Our Interests

We are Renaissance Festival enthusiasts! We look forward to bringing our child to all the family friendly activities. Our family also loves to see musicals and other theater performances. We are always on the lookout for interesting experiences, i.e. viewing the total solar eclipse, and visiting origami exhibitions. We also enjoy gaming – board games, tabletop games, and video games. Imagination and adventure bring joy to our lives.


 As we think about parenting, we know we are open to adopting transracially. We have been thoughtful on how we might approach parenting and keep coming back to how much we value diversity in our lives. We like to discover, with positive delight, the differences which make everyone uniquely wonderful. We have bilingual friends of different racial backgrounds. We like learning about other cultures. Our heritage will only be half of the story for our child, we also want to share with them your traditions and cultural values. 


We are very patient and understanding regarding behavioral and physical health conditions. Some of our good friends have experienced depression, bi-polar disorder, severe social anxiety, heart conditions, organ transplants, and other difficulties which we have offered our wholehearted support regarding. Practicing self-care involves the mind, body, and soul. We stand for equal civil rights for all people. We will teach our child the ABC's of Equality. Inclusion extends beyond racial background. We are accepting of sexual and gender identity choices. We have friends who are gender non-binary (they/them) and we have friends who are LGBTQ. We are happy to support them and we love them dearly. Hate has no place in our hearts.

Our Home

Playgrounds and schools are only a hop, skip, and a jump from our spacious two-level house in the Chicago suburbs. It is a merry stroll to reach the nice outdoor mall which hosts fun events throughout the year, and a little jaunt to explore the multiple local parks. In anticipation of childhood fun, not only does our home feature a starry night themed nursery but also a craft room and amazing library! We have a fenced in backyard with trees but plenty of room to frolic and play, even the bunnies and squirrels like to romp about. We live in a diverse neighborhood with lots of children; the joyful jingle of the ice cream truck is as common as birdsong. The schools are also diverse with no single majority. Our family has a vacation house in the rolling hills of Galena, IL, where we enjoy spending weekends.

Our childcare plan

We both work full-time, yet we have flexible hours to ensure we can be there for our child. Erin is a night owl and Mike is a morning lark, so no matter what hour of the day or night we will attentively be there to offer love and support. We are extremely close with our family, even the in-laws get along fabulously! Our parents are retired and plan on being lovingly active grandparents. Erin’s twin sister and husband will be godparents to our child. Our supportive family all live within twenty minutes of our home. Our jobs also offer great benefits and childcare resources.

Our Faith

Erin was raised Catholic. Mike was raised Lutheran. We consider ourselves to be Christians in unity. We are accepting of other religions and respect people's decision to choose for themselves which paths of faith to follow. We would take into consideration our child's ethnic and cultural identity to discover a place of worship which will bring them closer to the divine.

Our Promise

Joy & Laughter. Inclusion & Acceptance. Love Always.

Our adoption symbol is a trinity heart to represents the eternal love binding together the three points of birth parents, adoptive parents, and child. You are an equal part of our adoption trinity. Our child would be raised with love for you.

Respectfully and with warm regards,

Fun Facts

  • His favorite childhood memory is a trip to Scotland, Ireland, and England. He got to see the Loch Ness Monster!
  • He has an appreciation for antique cars. His dad owns an electric blue 1938 Chevy Coupe.
  • He surprised me with a Ballroom Dancing Weekend at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island as I love swing dancing. Mike has two left feet, but I love him dearly for trying to learn how to dance.  
  • He looks very dapper when he dons his top hat or a bow tie. On casual days, he wears geeky t-shirts.
  • Mike accomplished the National Novel Writing Month Challenge not once but twice! We both enjoy creative writing.
  • Mike's favorite Marvel Comics superhero is Captain Marvel, and his favorite DC Comics superhero is Batman.
  • Her favorite childhood memory is skiing down a glacier and black diamond slopes in Whistler Blackcomb, Canada, with her father.
  • She enjoys crochet, knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, origami, jewelry making, glass painting, creating dream catchers and more! She makes amigurumi (crochet toys) for children.
  • Her favorite books (to name a few) are The Hobbit & the Lord of the Ring, Treasure Island, The Princess Bride, The Last Unicorn, and Dune.
  • She participated in a fund-raising fashion show for a couple years running to raise money for people with disabilities.
  • She has her grandma’s vintage sewing desk. Her grandma made a bunch of adorable children’s clothes for her, her sisters, and her brother, which were all gifted to us for our future child.  
  • Erin's all-time favorite superhero is Spider-man.

"Mike & Erin" Family Photos

  • Our affectionate and playful kitty cats Paidin and Clover.
  • Renaissance Festival! Enchanting Erin in her Venetian mask.
  • Lads and lass in tartan pride – Mike and his parents.
  • Welcome to Hogwarts! Erin crochets toys for children.
  • Mike with his infant cousin, getting in practice for parenthood.
  • Disney Day! Erin joyfully celebrating with friends and coworkers.
  • We host a family-friendly Halloween party each year.
  • Set Sail to Treasure Island! Swashbucklers at the Renaissance Festival.
  • Fun Slide at the Pumpkin Farm – Erin & her family.
  • Apple Picking! Mike’s mom makes the best apple pie.
  • Erin loves to bake and decorate cookies.
  • Winter lights show at the arboretum.
  • Our family includes both White Sox and Cubs fans.
  • Mike on the way to the football game. Go Bears!
  • Mighty Mike & the house remodel project!
  • Dragon Lights paper lantern festival before heading to Chinatown.
  • Attending Erin’s favorite musical. We often go to theater performances.
  • A bike trip in autumn’s splendor on Mackinaw Island
  • Erin learned horseback riding when she was little.
  • Family fun with board games? As you wish!

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