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Mesmin & Michael

Welcome! Thank you for looking at our profile. Our names are Michael and Mesmin, and we have always shared the desire to build a family that is full of love, support, and happiness. We hope that this little look into our lives gives you a bit of an idea of the type of home that we might provide.

Our Story

Our story

We met over nine years ago out and about in Chicago, and we are very grateful for the life that we have built together. Michael’s passionate personality and sharp sense of humor complement Mesmin’s calm and thoughtful disposition. We recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and we look forward to having children in our family.


What we care most about

We both have large and close knit extended families, and we have felt very lucky to have all of their love and support in our lives. There are lots of little ones in our lives but we spend the most time with our niece and goddaughter, Parker, who has solidified our shared priorities in how we hope to raise our own child. We have also both devoted our lives to kids and education. Michael was a science teacher and is currently an elementary school administrator, while Mesmin also works in education as a college professor. 

Home, community, and openness 

Recently, we bought our historic dream home in the Edgewater neighborhood. It is a diverse community where we feel safe and comfortable, and it has been great to be able to host our friends, family, and gatherings around the piano. We are fortunate to be able to provide a loving home and excited to put a new member of our family first in our lives. Our mothers are already making plans to take over the extra bedrooms from time to time and share all of their grandmother wisdom with us.

We know that this process has its challenges for everyone involved, but we believe that the Cradle's tradition of openness provides a range of options and possibilities to help us surround a child with as much love, security, and opportunity as possible. We feel very open to many forms of potential contact including exchanging photos and updates, keeping in touch through phone and email, and planning visits. We are glad that you have found the supportive community that the Cradle provides, and we sincerely hope that there is clarity and peace in whatever road lies ahead for you.

Fun Facts

  • I try to visit Haiti once every three or four years
  • I love trying new vegetarian restaurants and recipes
  • I play in a recreational soccer league
  • My favorite piano composer is Frederic Chopin
  • I aspire to be a digital minimalist
  • I was born on St. Patrick’s day in New York City and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska
  • In nice weather, I enjoy biking along the lake to get to work
  • I read tons of sci-fi novels and keep up with a handful of the latest sci-fi tv shows
  • I studied abroad in Spain and South Africa during college
  • T. Rex is my favorite dinosaur
  • I drag Mesmin and all of our friends to the renaissance faire for my birthday
  • My entire Polish family does the chicken dance at every family wedding
  • I am constantly adding to both my outdoor and indoor gardens
  • I take pumpkin carving and holiday decorations very seriously

"Mesmin & Michael" Family Photos

  • We always enjoy a beach vacation at places like St. Martin, Hawaii, and Key West
  • Michael is a pretty big science nerd, and it has started to rub off on Mesmin
  • Our loving moms
  • Gathered around the piano at our place
  • Mesmin with his mom and older brother
  • Michael’s siblings and family
  • Our group of best friends in the city
  • At Andersonville’s Midsommarfest with Parker
  • At the renaissance fair
  • Our home
  • We love New York

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