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Melissa & Jeff

We hope that through this profile you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our families, and our future children. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us.  We have so much respect for you and your difficult decision and we wish you peace during this very personal and challenging time. Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves to you and letting love open all doors!

Our Story

About Us 

We met at Indiana University, but did not begin dating until we reconnected at a friend’s birthday party after graduation. After getting married in 2012, we expanded our family with the addition of 2 pugs and our son, Max, whom we adopted in 2017. Our relationship is a balance of activity and quiet.  We love trying new restaurants, movies, and being outdoors. But we equally love finding a new Netflix show and camping out on the couch in our sweatpants with Max and our 2 adorable dogs.  Our relationship is filled with laughter and love, which we would love to continue to share with a growing family. 

Melissa (By Jeff)

Melissa is kind-hearted, outgoing, & genuine. I especially admire her positivity and she remains the high energy and bubbly person I fell in love with.  Melissa is a dedicated special education teacher who loves her job and working with children.  In her free time, Melissa loves to practice yoga and spend time with friends and family. Melissa is the type of person who manages to be everyone's best friend and has always been very social and maintains a large but closely knit group of friends.  She's brought that same energy to parenting, always researching and coming up with new & creative games to play with Max. Melissa shines as a mother using her creativity and compassion to bring joy, comfort, and fun to our lives every single day.  Our family always feels supported and encouraged to pursue our interests.  Melissa creates a home full of love, warmth, & tradition and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Jeff (By Melissa)

Jeff is dependable, loyal, caring, smart, and responsible.  He is true to his word and is always there when someone is in need. Jeff is also very loving, kind, and sensitive to the needs of others. He is also very funny and silly.  We are constantly laughing and love to joke around.  He is honestly my best friend and "better half" and I learn from him every day.  It has been so wonderful to see Jeff as a father.  He can always make Max belly laugh with silly voices or faces.  He is accepting, inclusive, supportive, sensitive, and loving towards Max and will be this way for our future children.  In the future, I can see Jeff attending all sports or school programs.  Any child would be lucky to have Jeff as a father.  He will make them laugh, protect them, and love them.  Children with Jeff as a father will grow up with a strong sense of self, strong morals, and a great sense of humor! Most of all, they will know that their father loves them beyond words.

Max (By Melissa and Jeff)

Max is a fun and energetic toddler. He loves learning and playing. Max likes to play with Play-Doh, trains/cars, puzzles, and coloring/markers.  He is very loving and we think he would be a great big brother. He loves to play with his cousins and friends at daycare.  Both of Max's birth parents said that they would love for Max to have a sibling, as they were both close to their brothers and sisters. 

Max joined our family in 2017 when he was 2 months old. We are so grateful to have an open adoption with Max's birth parents and regularly communicate through monthly text/picture updates and in person visits. We love and respect them so much and couldn’t imagine Max’s life (or ours) without them!

Child Care Plans

Melissa will stay at home with the baby for at least the first 3 months.  Jeff will stay at home with them for the first few weeks and then will work from home a few days a week. 

Max will likely continue to go to daycare.  After Melissa goes back to teaching and depending on the time of year, we will either have a nanny at home with the baby or enroll the baby at a wonderful daycare near our house.  We will have arrangements made for both, but want to make our decision based on the needs of the baby.


We are so grateful you are considering choosing adoption for your baby and we respect this difficult decision. You are and will always be an important person in his/her life.  If chosen, we want to have a meaningful relationship with you, if and when you feel comfortable.  We hope to have an open adoption including photos, phone calls, letters, and visits.   We look forward to meeting with you to work out the best open adoption plan for all of us.  

Our Promises to you:

We promise that we'll always and forever love our child fiercely and will always make sure that he/she knows your love.  We want to give our children pancake weekend breakfasts, early morning trips to the park, summer crafts and vacations, many pug cuddles and kisses, support and encouragement for their interests, and promise that they will be our heart and our life. 

Thank you for taking the time to meet us and get a glimpse into our lives so far. We can't even imagine all the emotions you are experiencing, but we empathize with and support you completely.  We have yet to meet, but want you to know that you are not alone.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite animals: Pugs (of course!) and Pigs
  • Can juggle!
  • Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (O-H…..I-O)
  • Currently loving Chicago Hot Dogs and Sour Patch Kids (Not together though….)
  • Loves spicy food and puts Sriracha or hot sauce on everything.
  • Favorite Animal: Moose
  • Has Season Tickets with the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Plays Guitar
  • Goes on an annual trip to Canada to watch Hockey with brother
  • Current favorite food is Italian Beef from Al’s

"Melissa & Jeff" Family Photos

  • Melissa, Jeff, and Max at Hollywood Beach near our house.
  • Melissa’s family on their yearly trip to South Carolina.
  • Jeff’s family lives nearby and we see them often.
  • We have 2 beautiful nieces on Jeff’s side of the family.
  • Our pugs, Penny and Quinn, love to cuddle and play.
  • Chicago is home. We love the city’s activity and culture.
  • Melissa loves books and reading bedtime stories.
  • Jeff loves to be active and play in the backyard.
  • Max loves to be outdoors and to explore together.
  • Our friends are excited and supportive of our growing family.
  • Hot dog vendor on Halloween. Complete with actual hot dogs!
  • Celebrating Love is Love is Love at the Pride Parade in 2019.
  • A night out to support The Cradle Nursery.
  • Visiting the Christmas Market downtown is one of our favorite holiday traditions
  • In Saint Lucia on our honeymoon. We love to travel!
  • We love to travel with our friends and their families!
  • We’re big Chicago sports fans and love going to games!
  • Max taking care of his baby.
  • Feeding the birds on a trip to the pumpkin patch.
  • Max is waiting for his best friend!

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