It was on our second date that we realized we shared a similar plan for the future: adoption.  While we had planned to expand our family biologically first, the twists and turns of infertility changed the route of our path.  And here we are---7 years later, writing to you.  Ready to start the journey we spoke of after knowing each other only a few weeks. 

We are Patrick and Megan- an outgoing, family oriented couple that prides itself on communication, trust, humor, and basketball.  As you consider whether adoption is the right path for you, we hope you find comfort and strength along your journey.  

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We met the ‘new’ old fashioned way--through an online dating website in 2009.  After emailing back and forth for a few weeks, and a few late night expensive phone calls (Pat was traveling out of the country when he finally got the nerve to call Megan!), a first date was scheduled.  Knowing that things on the internet are not always as they seem, Megan turned the first date into a group date, bringing a handful of girlfriends to meet Pat and his buddies.  The girls even had a rehearsed exit strategy, just in case.  Turns out, that wasn't needed.  Pat and Megan hit it off from the get-go, and within a few weeks were meeting each other's families.

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Pat has always been one to go out of his way for others, whether they were close friends and family, or strangers. Like the time he gave up his seat on a plane so an elderly man who was traveling alone could be closest to the door. He is generous, dedicated, and has a great sense of humor. Pat also has a hidden talent: Singing along to songs that he doesn't know. This guy LOVES to jam, but has a horrible memory for lyrics. Honestly, he butchers the most familiar, traditional songs. On a really good day, you might be lucky enough to see a few shameless dance moves, too!

Most importantly, Pat is an amazing father. Although he often travels for work, he is the first one to jump out of bed when he hears JoJo make a peep. He and Jordyn start each morning with a dance party- usually to Whitney Houston or Backstreet Boys. Without fail, whether it's via FaceTime or in person, Jo is always laughing at his goofy antics.

Growing up in a single parent home, finding a man who was responsible and would be committed to his wife and children was so important to me. Luckily, with Pat, I’ve hit the jackpot



Megan is a strong, independent woman who puts others before herself. She is innately affectionate. She often slips cards into my suitcases before a business trip, or leaves little notes for me around the house.

One of my favorite qualities is her self-belief and confidence in herself. She's not afraid to embarrass herself in front of others, or take risks which might be difficult to achieve on a first attempt. She has a go-getter attitude, and uses that strength to help others achieve their goals too.

Megan has a servant heart. As a special education teacher and school administrator, she goes above and beyond to connect with every child in her school-and help them to reach their full potential. Just recently, she was invited to a graduation ceremony by a student she had 5 years ago, who was in foster care. The child had only one ticket. Her impression on others sets a permanent seal.

What I love most about Meg is her relationship with Jo. She makes sure that Jordyn starts and ends her day knowing she is beautiful, smart and kind. Everyone is always commenting on how happy Jo always seems- that is because of Megan. She is patient, kind, and a constant source of love and support.  If you ask Jo who her best friend is, her first response is always “MOMMY!”

Megan is an incredible, supportive, and loving mother and wife. I am honored to have her as my co-captain in this family!



When Pat was 11 years old, his sister, Jenna, was adopted.  Since the day Jenna completed their family, Pat knew adoption was something he wanted for his future family.  Megan always imagined adoption in her family, too.  In fact, when she was little, she spoke about it often to her Mom.

Once they were married, they planned to have one biological child before starting the adoption process.  Struggles with infertility changed that plan, but their destination is still the same.  JoJo has brought such joy to their lives- and they can’t wait to expand again!



Open adoption is important to us. While maintaining communication and visits is a desire, we are ready to be flexible based on your needs and wants, which may change for you over time. If you need more time, we will send updates to The Cradle until you are ready.

We hope that you will agree, in someway, to share this journey with us.



"When I first found The Cradle, I was convinced I wasn't ready for an open adoption. While I knew they wanted more, we met before Jo was born and agreed to occasional emails. They accepted my wants and I trusted they would follow through.

As we got to know each other, my wants changed- and I was ready for more. They treated me like family, and still do. From phone calls, to visits, to birthday invitations- they always make an effort to include me.

They follow my lead, and love me without judgment. We really are a forever family!

No matter what kind of relationship you want, or if that changes over time, they will respect it, follow through, and love you unconditionally!"



We are a multi-cultural family, celebrating both Chinese and American holidays and traditions. We also have a diverse group of friends, and feel lucky to have been exposed to so many different cultures. Through purposeful relationships and exposures, Jordyn is being raised to have pride in her cultural and ethnic background. She is also exposed to a variety of children and adults who provide racial mirrors for her. We would do the same for her brother or sister.



Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  Whatever you decide, we hope you find peace and strength as you make your decision.  If you have any more questions about us, we'd love to chat!


Fun facts

  • Megan loves to do DIY projects around the house.
  • Favorite Spotify station: Ja Rule Radio
  • Megan is an Assistant Principal at an elementary school
  • Megan is musically inclined and has learned to play 4 instruments-though singing was always her favorite past time.
  • Megan is 5’11 and played basketball through high school.  She was also in show choir!
  • Favorite Sweet Treats: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • Favorite Part of Parenting: Bedtime stories, learning how to style Jo’s hair, and shopping with Jo.
  • Pat loves to cook—he often gets up early to make breakfast for Megan and JoJo.
  • Favorite Spotify station: Earth Wind and Fire
  • Pat is a National Sales Account Manager for a food company
  • Pat loves to sing along to songs on the radio—but he never knows the lyrics.  Makes them up as he goes!
  • Pat is 6’4 and played basketball and golf in high school, and golf in college. He still meets up with guys at the gym for a weekly basketball scrimmage.
  • Favorite Sweet Treats: Sour Patch Kids
  • Favorite Part of Parenting: Dance parties, cuddle time, and starting new holiday traditions.

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