“The future is so bright, we gotta have shades!”

This is a quote that Ross has jokingly said for years and something we have both adopted as a life motto.  This quote has excited us through our careers, getting married, the adoption of our son Will, and our decision to adopt another little one.  Our future is bright and can only brighten with parenthood.  We are excited for the bright future of becoming a family of four and our partnership with you, the birth parent.  Throughout all of this, we want to welcome you in whatever way you may be open to share in all of these moments.  We want to build a comfortable and joyful relationship with you in the best way possible for your child.  For us, an open adoption can mean many things, from letters and picture sharing to in-person visits.  We want you to feel comfortable and we are open to all definitions.  We know that you are making a difficult decision, a decision that we can’t even imagine.  We are grateful for your thoughtfulness and time as you make this choice and we look forward to building the best relationship for your child and you. 

About us

Ross moved to Chicago for graduate school from Minnesota in 2008. Matt moved to Chicago for a job from Ohio in 2009.   Luckily, soon after, we met at a Red Line stop on February 15th, 2010 and have been happily together ever since.  We consider each other our best friend and love spending time together.  Matt loves to make Ross laugh with his horrible puns and his great energy.  Ross loves to make Matt laugh with his awkward expressions and funny stories.

Our enthusiasm and excitement for life is what has brought us together and what has kept us constantly laughing over the years. Now, we want to share that joy and laughter.  We want to bring another little one into our lives to share the love and build a sibling bond with Will  We want to share the giggles and smiles, as well as the tummy aches and booboos, with our new family and with you, as we all grow and decide our future relationship.

Family and Friends

Our family and friends are extremely important to us.  Both Matt and Ross grew up close to their extended families and it is why our cousins are still some of our closest friends.  Each of our families gets together throughout the year to catch up, play euchre, relax by the lake and enjoy each other’s company.  We cherish this time with our families and they are so excited to welcome a little one into the mix.

We are also fortunate to have supportive friends who are equally excited to become aunts and uncles.  Our friends living here in Chicago are debating on who will get to babysit first and our friends living far away on who will get to come and visit first.  Some of our friends even have gifts stocked away, ready to give to the little one to welcome them into the world. These friends come from many different walks of life and we are all excited to not only share these cultural experiences with a little one but also to celebrate the little one’s unique cultural heritage and background, reminding our child they are unique and special because of who they are and where they came from.


We have been so fortunate to have Will in our lives.  Will loves to play, pet puppies, run around at soccer each Saturday and say hi to babies.  Will is excited to welcome a sibling into his life.  He can’t wait to share his kisses and hugs and try to share, we are still working on that!  We know he will be a great big brother.  Will’s mom is happy that Will is going to become a big brother and we want to replicate a happy and healthy open relationship that we have with Will’s mom.

Our Home Away From Home

Ross’ family owns a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota.  We spend our summer vacation here every year, celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends.  We fish, kayak, hike, and swim in the lake.  This is always an important time to catch up with family and enjoy each other’s company.  Ross’ parents can’t wait to have a grand baby who can enjoy swimming, learning how to fish and learning about the loons swimming on the lake.

Our Jobs

Matt is a high school French teacher who has been teaching for the past 10 years.  Matt loves his job and loves working with his students to share his passion for French.  This experience as a teacher has taught him patience, kindness and respect for differences and has allowed him to study in France and Africa.

Ross is a child and family psychologist who recently entered the profession.  Ross is passionate about helping others overcome adversity.  This experience as a child psychologist has taught him empathy, compassion and strength. 

Our jobs also provide us with lots of flexibility, especially with summers and holidays off.  This gives our family the opportunity to travel and celebrate holidays together.  With that flexibility, Matt will also take the first 12 weeks off when the baby arrives.

What we do for fun

We love our jobs but we also love to celebrate our time off.  We spend lots of time with family and friends but we also love spending time together.  We love apple picking each fall and then coming home and baking apple bread and eating it in front of a good movie.  We love grilling out and enjoying the sun during the summer evenings.  We love snuggling up and watching Netflix with hot chocolate on a cold winter night.  Taking time for our family and making memories and new traditions is important to us.

We also love to travel and explore.   We have had the luck of visiting a lot of the USA and Europe, both together and on separate trips.  Ross even surprised Matt by proposing in Paris! When not with family or traveling, we love trying new activities together.  We are running our first half marathon together soon. 


We are excited to welcome a little one into our home and our hearts.  We are also excited to welcome you into our lives in a way that makes you most comfortable.  We are excited to send pictures, drawings and cards but would love to have in-person visits, we are willing to work with you to make you feel comfortable and welcome as a part of your child’s life.  As two dads, we will have lots of women, from friends to our mothers and grandmothers who will be an important part of the child’s life, but we also want our child to understand their background and all those who also love them.

Thank you for taking your time and considering us while making this incredible decision.


Fun facts

  • I lived and studied on 3 continents: Africa, Europe, and North America.
  • My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love to cook and eat.
  • I love Saturday donut dates with Will!
  • I constantly sing but have been booed off stage because it is so bad.
  • I went skydiving with my entire family for my cousin's 21st birthday.
  • My tattoo saying Laffi Bala meaning 'Life is Good' is to remember my time in Africa.
  • My favorite food is watermelon.
  • I studied American Sign Language for 6 years.
  • I love superhero movies, especially X-Men.
  • I wrote my dissertation on fathers' attachment to infant children.
  • I love early morning coffee and milk dates with Will!
  • I have been finding and collecting pennies off of the ground for over 8 years and have found over 200 dollars so far.

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