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Matt & John

Hi, we’re Matt, John, and Max and we’re excited to show you a glimpse into our lives! We’ve been dreaming about growing our family and are ready for all the adventures that another little one will bring. We want to show you a bit of our journey together as a couple, our life as family of three, and all of the love we have to give a child.

We know there must be a million things going through your mind right now and we want to show you that your child will grow up surrounded by a loving family, countless adventures, and tons of laughter.

Our Story

About Us

Our story began at a Halloween party in 2005. Matt was dressed as a giant cardboard text message and John was dressed as a polar bear. Aside from our ridiculous costumes, what really stands out from that night was the amount of laughter we shared as we discovered our mutual love of Taco Bell, Harry Potter, and cheesy movies. Our first official date was the very next weekend and ended up being the start of a journey filled with grad school, traveling and learning how to build a home together through compromise and partnership.  Nine years later, Matt finally got up the courage to ask John to marry him and we said “I Do” in November 2014.

After a couple years of marriage, we started on our journey to start a family. After a few years of waiting, we finally were able to adopt our son, Max in July of 2019. He has brought us so much joy and laughter and keeps us constantly on our toes. We always knew that we wanted to have multiple children and we know that Max is going to be thrilled to welcome a new brother or sister.

Our relationship is built on communication, trust, and laughter that has seen us through good and tough times. John makes sure to push Matt outside of his comfort zone, traveling to new countries and trying new foods, while Matt helps John stop and smell the roses through each new experience and appreciate the small moments like a beautiful mountain view or a freshly baked cookie. This balance comes through in our parenting styles with John encouraging Max to explore the world around him while Matt makes sure to live in the moment and appreciate every day.

A little bit about John

I grew up as the middle child of seven kids in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With that many kids, my childhood was very loud and chaotic but always filled with fun. I was a curious child with an overactive imagination that led me to explore as much as possible through books, movies, and biking around the neighborhood. As an adult, I’m lucky enough to work in a job where I get to use this passion to create new candy and snack products! It’s hard not to smile while testing out ideas like flavor changing gum, spicy gummies, or chocolate covered pecans. Even though I spent years studying business to be where I am today, I’m still just a big kid at heart and love a relaxing Saturday afternoon playing video games (especially Mario Kart) and watching the latest Marvel movie. I tend to be the planner in our relationship and in my spare time you’ll find me searching online for vacation ideas and new restaurants. I am excited to show our kids the world, whether through trying out a new meal, diving into a Harry Potter book, or by taking them to a far-away land.

A little bit about Matt

I grew up in a tiny town in northern Minnesota with a population of 500 people, no stoplights and one gas station. While there wasn’t a mall or movie theater, I was surrounded by forests and lakes and loved water skiing through the summer and spending the winters building giant snow forts. I moved to Chicago after college for medical school and residency to become an ER doctor, and after years of training, I’ve learned how to handle anything life throws at me.  After working in ER’s across the Chicago suburbs, I now work in healthcare administration, creating solutions to help improve healthcare for all patients. In my spare time you’ll find me experimenting in the kitchen with giant bowls of frosting, towering cakes, and buttery pie crusts while I explore my favorite hobby of baking. I love being able to mix my creativity into a birthday cake and pour my love into a box of holiday cookies and I can’t wait to teach our children how to use their own imagination to make anything their mind dreams up.  

A little bit about Max

We adopted Max when he was two days old and we fell in love with him the moment we saw him. Max is an adventurous little guy who is a big love-bug. He has no fear and is constantly trying new foods and exploring new places. He loves to read and can be entertained for a long time with his favorite books. He also loves the parks nearby our house and always requests time on the swings and a few trips down the slide. We have an open adoption and frequently send pictures, videos, and messages to Max’s birth parents who are so loving and wonderful.

Our Family

We have a very big family with 32 immediate family members that are our biggest support system. Our thirteen nieces and nephews can’t wait to have another cousin to play with. With most of our extended family just a few hours away in Milwaukee, we’re lucky to get to spend a lot of time with them, whether it is for small events like movie nights or big family vacations to the beach. Being together for so long, we’ve developed traditions within our family that we can’t wait to share with our new child, most importantly, the FAMOUS annual family Olympics. Each summer we spend a weekend divided into two teams for a massive competition filled with three-legged races, watermelon eating contests, and water balloon fights to see who wins the giant candy trophy.  John is obviously the planner and referee while Matt usually ends up being the on-site doctor for sprained ankles and bug bites. These weekends have created some of our most cherished family memories and we can’t wait to develop even more traditions with our new family to celebrate all the pieces of our child’s identity.

Our Future

We’ve spent a long time daydreaming and planning on the next chapter in our lives.  Our biggest hope is for our children to grow up understanding and loving their own story.  We are committed to supporting our children as they reach for their dreams through all the ups and downs. We can’t wait to bake with them, introduce them to Spiderman, teach them how to catch a water balloon without breaking, and how different cultures are beautiful.

Open adoption is important to us and we’ve seen firsthand with Max, the benefits for the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents. While we desire to have regular communication and updates, we are ready to be flexible based on your needs. We hope that you will agree in some way to share this journey with us so that our child knows that they are surrounded by love.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. Hopefully you can feel the love we have for our family and that we have to give to a new child. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know, and we wish you all the best, no matter what you decide.


Fun Facts

  • Has seen every Marvel movie at least three times
  • Can beat almost anyone in Mario Kart
  • Had my childhood dream job of managing the Skittles brand
  • Have traveled to over 20 countries (China was my favorites)
  • Lived in Dublin, Ireland and Milan, Italy in the past
  • My most embarrassing job was touring Wisconsin as a cow
  • Have run and survived two marathons
  • Invited to audition for two tv baking shows
  • Ran the 2018 Chicago marathon and almost beat John
  • Personal on call doctor for friends and family
  • Certified scuba diver and dived with sharks at night
  • Have successfully removed a Barbie shoe from a toddler’s nose
  • Got my snowmobile driver’s license at 12
  • Make world famous cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning

"Matt & John" Family Photos

  • Married in downtown Chicago!
  • Avengers ready for trick or treating!
  • Test driving the Skittles NASCAR
  • Family vacation in Florida
  • Game night with our nieces
  • Hanging at our corner park
  • First half marathon complete!
  • Hanging with siblings always means something competitive
  • Meeting Santa
  • Night dives on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Annual Chicago Pride celebration is always a great time
  • Baking with Dada
  • We are known to love a photo booth at weddings
  • Making new friends at Universal Studios
  • Visiting the local Christmas market
  • Biking through Amsterdam – we love exploring new cities
  • The three-legged race is a favorite in the Family Olympics

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