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Matt & Amber

HI! We are Matt and Amber. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We commend you and thank you for your bravery and courage as you embark on this adoption journey. Our hope is that we can meet you and grow with you through this adoption journey as we grow our family.

Our Story

About Us

We are looking forward to some time off to bond and enjoy the time with our child after the adoption is finalized, after that, Amber and I will be returning to work as a forklift service writer and an occupational health and safety advisor, respectively. Once we return to the workforce Matt’s mom will staying with our child 5 days a week. We love the idea of Matt’s mom growing with our child and know the child will be in great hands.

During our off time we are looking forward to playing with our child in the backyard, taking them on walks and exploring all that nature and our community has to offer weather that is going to the local park, walks on our local nature trail or going out our garden to pick fresh vegetables. We are looking forward to sharing those experiences with you, and the rest of your family, no matter what our plan for openness looks likes. We are sensitive and flexible to the fact that the plan for openness may change and are committed to finding the system that works best, first and foremost for our child, and then for us as a family.

Parenting philosophy:

As Amber and I have discussed our parenting philosophy at length over the past couple of years since we started the adoption process, we have affirmed that in addition to learning and understanding about the history and culture of our child’s birth family, education is one of the most important things for us as a family. Weather that is in the traditional setting of a school or education learned through life experiences. We want to parent by example and teach our child that hard work, a strong work ethic and having fun can lead to wonderful life experiences. 

Fun Facts

  • I am working on developing an online car blog that details how cars actual drive, ride, and handle for the everyday person.
  • I love cars of all kinds. I had the pleasure of driving an off-road dune buggy during our last trip to Mackinaw
  • I loves to take the back roads while driving home from his work trips to find all the best off the beaten path restaurants, historical markers, and cars that the Midwest has to offer. The goal is to find a project card to build with and pass on to our child.
  • I love shopping for nursery items online including cribs, mobiles, and the perfect reading chair for the nursery. One of the memories I am looking forward to making in the coming months is building child's bed/crib. It is almost like a rite of passage for a father. 
  • I have traced our family tree back to 1765 and our current tree has over 300 people identified. It is a true passion of mine to research family history and figure out where we came from.
  • I completed workplace health and safety training in front of 350 people in one session while at work.
  • Adoption has always been a huge part of my life. I was adopted by my dad and he helped many families in the Chicago land area complete adoptions through his private practice as a psychologist and grammar school principal in the city of Chicago.
  • My signature when I paint is a green dot somewhere in the painting
  • I have been published in a poetry book
  • I love to build a Halloween village every year. It is my favorite holiday, and I cannot wait to go trick or treating with the kids
  • I cannot wait to read to the child, sitting and reading is how I love to relax at the end of the day.
  • With a little bit of help from my dad I rebuilt a car engine, it was not easy, but it was worth every minute of hard work.
  • I love to cook for friend and family whenever they are in the neighborhood. My specialty is fajitas!
  • One of my holiday traditions is to buy a case of stuffed bears and donate it to the children’s hospital in Chicago.

"Matt & Amber" Family Photos

  • Matt, Amber and Matts mom
  • Matt, Amber, Boots and Bear
  • Winter, Xaviar, Chase and Amber picking pumpkins
  • Matt and Amber at the 2019 Adoption walk in Illinois
  • Matt and Bear watching football. GO BEARS!
  • Amber, her brother and sister at our wedding
  • Mike, Amanda, Amber and Matt Christmas Eve 2019
  • Da Bears…in December in Chicago
  • Matt on his hike around Mackinaw Island 2018
  • Matt and Amber and Matts Childhood best friend’s wedding
  • Matt and Amber and a new hiking trail in Michigan
  • Matts first Hawks game, they lost, the game was a blast!
  • Us relaxing at home binge watching one of our shows

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