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Marc & Crystal

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about our family.  While we do not pretend to understand what you may be feeling during this time. We do pray that God (or whatever higher power/universe you believe in) provides you with guidance and comfort through this journey.

Our Story

Team Allen!  

Our evenings consist of cooking together, all while singing and dancing in the kitchen. One of our favorites songs to dance to is anything from the Trolls World Tour soundtrack.

Sunday is family day. We meal prep, have family meetings to discuss the calendar for the week and any other topics in which we need to get aligned. We pray together, laugh together, play together.  We are a team in this thing called life!

Our Adoption Journey

Before getting married we both knew we wanted to have a family.  Marc wanted 2 children and I always imagined that I’d have 3 children. The later we waited to have children, the more I accepted the possibility that I may not   be   able   to   have   the   large   family   I envisioned. Once we were married, we agreed that we would wait two summers before trying to conceive. I did not feel that I was ready to be a mom and needed two summers to cement our new marriage, travel and grow professionally. 

We took for granted that we would be able to conceive whenever we decided the time was right for us. Boy, was I wrong.  What was supposed to be 2 years ended up being 5 years.  We had no idea that we were unable to conceive without needing fertility assistance.

When we started discussing growing our family with an additional child, our minds and hearts were opened to how that would happen.

As soon as we learned more about the possibility of   adoption, it's like the flood gates of information opened up for us. Unbeknownst to us, many of our friends and associates had a story of adoption to share with us. We are strong believers that the universe will meet you where you are.  That was a sign to us that adoption was the right path to grow our family.

Thoughts on Openness

After our first class at The Cradle we learned what openness entails and how it may look differently for each family.  We plan on being extremely flexible in figuring out an arrangement that is comfortable for you.  We would love for you to become an extended part of our family, which to us means open ongoing communication, scheduled visits, social media sharing, attendance at family functions and milestone events i.e. birthdays.  We look forward to discussing what openness may look like for you.

Fun Facts

  • Loves cars 
  • Grew up skiing 
  • Collects flashlights 
  • Lives in the same neighborhood he grew up in 
  • 2nd generation entrepreneur
  • Loves to paint and color 
  • Collects baseball hats 
  • Loves to host family and friends at our home
  • Cooking while having a glass of wine is my idea of a good time

"Marc & Crystal" Family Photos

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